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Does marijuana show up on a tobacco test?

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No. A tobacco test looks for.. well... tobacco. A marijuana drug test looks for THC.
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Does marijuana show up in a drug test?

  According to the Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Cannabis ("pot," "weed," etc.) will show up in a drug test. It does however depend on the test type and usag

Does tobacco show up on a drug test?

Relax. They will be testing for illegal drugs. Tobacco is still  legal.    Whatever you say, but my workplace has a no-nicotine policy, and  does random drug testing

Does tobacco show up in a drug test?

Some employers test for nicotine product use, by checking cotinine levels (long-acting metabolite of nicotine).

Does marijuana show up in swab test?

  if your talking about saliva swabs yes it does but there not very accurate so there's a possibility it wont show up at all but it might so put a little puddle of water

Does marijuana show up in an etg test?

If all you're running is an EtG test, it won't. But if I've already got a sample I'm going to run at least a five-drug panel on it--maybe a 10-drug panel--in addition to the E

Would hookah tobacco show up on a drug test?

Mostly likely not. but if it has been previously been used for any drugs then traces of it could be left in the hooka making it be in ur system with would show up in you drug

Will marijuana show up in tests as an opiate?

No. I believe that most adults and even a lot of kids know that THC is the chemical compound in pot that makes one high, but since THC is not an opiate, a person who has used