Does miniclip give you a vires?

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So far nobody has had any problems with Miniclip so I believe it is currently a safe site. Also, Norton gave it the thumbs up.
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Does miniclip give you spyware?

Yes... Yes, Miniclip gives you spyware, trojans and other malware. The best way to defend against these threats is to download windows live onecare from the link in the "Rela

What is miniclip?

As this site states in the Miniclip section is a website known for their many browser-basedgames, launched in 2001. The site is known for providing ORPGs suchas

Does miniclip give a virous?

If you mean virus, no absolutely not. It is one of the best game websites. It is 100% free from viruses and has all age appropriate games.
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What are miniclips?

Miniclips may refer to the games available on the website Miniclip. It is a privately owned company that offers browser based games, as well as mobile games.