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Does sperm die when it hits air?

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No, sperm can live outside the body on a surface for about a hour and even longer in the vagina.
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Does sperm die when it hits the air?

Sperm does not die immediately upon contact with the air, but itdoes need a body to live in or else it will die relatively soonafter being exposed If kept warm and semi-lubric

Does sperm die as soon as it hits the air?

 Does Sperm Die As Soon As It Hits The Air?   If kept warm at body temperature (like on the skin or in a warm test tube), sperm remain motile for several hours. Inside the

Does sperm die on contact with air?

Answer   it dies on contact wirh air   Answer   Its not on contact with air, I believe its a few hours.   Answer   Maybe but there is a better chance off

Is sperm dead if it gets hit by air?

help me   Hmmm... well, not immediately, no. As long as there is the correct temperature, and seminal fluid for the sperm cell to live in, it will live for a little while.

Does sperm die when it hits the air prior to the vaginal area?

There is a certain amount of sperm in the semen that is ejaculated and most of it is initial protected by the surrounding semen. However the sperm in it will soon die if the t