Does the Secret service have booby traps or secret passages?

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What does the Secret Service do?

The United States Secret Service ( USSS ) is a federal lawenforcement agency under the U.S. Department ofHomeland Security . Until 2003, the Service was part of the U.S. Departmentof the Treasury . . The U.S. Secret Service has two distinct areas ofresponsibility: . Financial Crimes, covering (MORE)

He hid it in a secret passage?

Hiding in a secret passage is what saved many Jewish people fromthe Nazis and many African American people from the slave traders.Many of the older homes in the U.S. had secret passages.

What are boobie traps?

Boobie traps are traps that could come at any time withoutnotice. ________________________________ A boobie trap is a system that is activated by some sort of hiddentrigger and that is designed to harm or ensnare the one whotriggers it. At least in fiction, they have been used to keeppeople from e (MORE)

Secret passage ways on Pokemon diamond?

Well, can get a secret passage.....(you need the national dex OK, go to veilstone city go south and youll sooner or later notice a passage. its called sunny path. there will be a cave called turn back cave. note: you need a Pokemon with defog and rock climb. In the cave (MORE)

How do you get in the secret service?

The U.S. Secret Service hiring requirements are listed on USAJOBS. Generally one needs a bachelors degree. Experience in security work is generally not required as well as police experience. You DO NOT need someone with "influence" or "pull", that is ridiculous. NO ONE gets "recommended" for a " (MORE)

In you ski and snowboard wii is there a secret passage?

On Wii Ski, go to deer step or whatever it's called. Look left and find the tree that looks like antlers the path is right next to it. Side step over the little hill and you will see a person nest to a hole in the fence. Go through. It is called yetti canyon. It's very cool.

Where is the secret passage on Astro Knights Island?

There are three secret passages: one underneath the library, one underneath the fountain, and one underneath the hay bales (Mordred's secret laboratory). To use the hidden stairway in the castle library, get the gold coin from the fountain, and pay your admission to the Mordred Museum. Get the Li (MORE)

Where is the secret passage in the treehouse on Build-a-Bearville?

Well click on the long painting in the coffee shop it is of a cat and you go to the secret coffee shop. At the entrance there is a hole in the bottom of the big tree you go to the treehouse. Go to town square by bearville outfitters there is a trampoline click on it you go to bearville outfitters ro (MORE)

All secret passages in Build-a-Bearville?

yes . the secret coffee shop (click on the cat pitcher in the coffee shop) . the secret tree house in the enterance (click on the big hole in the tree) . i no more but not telling :)

How do you find a secret passage in your house?

First of all, you might want to ask your parents or who built the house. It is called a SECRET passageway for a reason though, so they WILL PROBABLY say no or give you a sly grin. That most likely means yes, so then you go around tapping on walls and looking for hidden springs or buttons. Try to get (MORE)

How do you make a secret trap door?

There are hundreds of ways to do it. The main thing is you have to somehow conceal the hinge and any gaps around the edges. If you don't mind having your trap door in a closet, then a small closet is the easiest way t do it. The whole floor can swing downward and the edges are concealed by the walls (MORE)

Where is the secret passage in the stage on club penguin?

Go to the Plaza and click on the door of the Stage. When you walk upon the door of the Stage, you will be struck by light then you can into the Stage. As I say there is a brand new secret room on the Stage. How to get into the secret room on the Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Play? Check out th (MORE)

How do you get into the secret passage way on cp?

first you have to go to the coffe shop. click bean conters and then go to ur iggy. when it says play press yes. get as far as u can go. then x out. it will logg u off, but than log back on. then say ur name and then "is the green comander of crap." it should be visable

Where are the secret passages in Mario Kart Wi?

There is almost secret passageways on every single course in the whole game. One is on Maple Treeway where at the beginning between 2 tree branches on the right there is a gap. Follow it to the end and it takes you all the way to the beginning. Also, if you take this, I prefer the Tiny Titan kart fr (MORE)

Why is the Secret Service secret?

So they could protect the president. They are supposed to keep the code names of the president and his family secret. This way, possible assassins are not given additional information.

Did medieval castles have secret passages?

Many did, many didn't. It often came down to what culture was building the castle, and in what time period. Most had a dungeon of sort below them, and these could have passages. A particularly common time for them to have secret passages was in Spain during the inquisition, where there was a "lot (MORE)

What do you do in the secret passage on Big Nate island?

You need the blueprint from Nate's locker to end the passageway in the detention room. Assemble the comic strip pieces and show them to the guy at the comic shop, and get some gum. The locker combination is written on the strip. You also need to make a stink bomb in the science room (yellow + blue + (MORE)

Where the secret weevill service bubbles?

I will only tell you 3 but you have to find the rest your self ok deal 1. the place were you do cross words and word search. 2. inside the shopping mall remember INSIDE! 3. tum's dinner by Matilda ikomi

Where do you get a secret trap for venomweb?

there is yet a trap for venomweb but ill keep looking myself for u but they better bring one out because i need venomweb. do u have online so we can get moby and boneshell. they are my last 3!! how do u get online it wont let me!

When does Phineas and Ferb find the secret passage?

If you mean when they foound the secret passageway to Perry's lair, then I have your answer! Isabella Garcia-Shapiro your service! Anyways They found Perry's secret passage way in the episode Ready for the Bettys. I still don't know why Pets are in an Agency

What are requirements to be a secret service agent?

Logically speaking you must have a clean criminal check, score high in security techniques, be well established, preferred military status, an American citizen of the United States or territories, good physical health, maintain high moral standards of living while employed and thereafter.

How do you be a member of the secret service?

You apply for a job. They have vacancies that they want to fill and need people with a large variety of skills. Their web page (see the related links) says to please contact the Secret Service Recruitment Program at 202-406-5830, or TTY 202-406-5390 if you have questions. They also offer internshi (MORE)

What is the other job of the secret service?

Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury department and have duties for maintaining security there. Although the Secret Service is widely known for presidential security, they are under the direction of the Treasury departme (MORE)

Why are booby traps called booby traps?

The word "booby" may be an extension of the Spanish term bobo or bubie meaning dunce, or it may refer to seabirds (boobies) that are clumsy on land. In either case the term "booby trap" would indicate that it is intended to affect someone who is either foolish, unwary, or ill-prepared. The ear (MORE)

Does Obama hate secret service?

No, he does not. in fact, he depends on the Secret Service to keep him safe, and he has confidence in them. (All presidents, and the presidential nominees of the opposing party, rely on the Secret Service for protection; thus, it has a very important function.) Undoubtedly, there are times when poli (MORE)

Will there be a Sandra of the Secret Service movie?

Sandra of the Secret Service is a DC Comics character from the 1930s.There are a few comic book fans that have hopes for her to return and be in a new movie adaption but at this time it would appear that this is very unlikey to happen anytime soon.

What is the secret passage on Fantage?

Click on the Pet shop road and click on the mountain in the background it will then automatically take you down a road with a signpost then you click on where you want to go and it leads you straight there...or type into the chat box and someone might answer.

Can you get a secret passage on temple run?

When you go into the application, go to options. Then, it will have the option to do tutorials, and say yes. Then, you play. When it says to turn, turn really fast moving your finger across the scream twice. This will let you run straight the rest of the game. If you do not understand this, I am sur (MORE)

How can you get into the secrete service?

Applicants should have either a four-year college degree or a combination of education and criminal investigative experience, be in good physical condition, and have a record that is clear of criminal behavior. Lots of people apply to become Secret Service agents, so the process is very competitive. (MORE)

Where is the secret passage in feed us 4?

On the left side, break the rock that is closest to the bottom. Then, jump into the second chamber. You will see a black spot on the ceiling/wall that has light shining out of it. Jump into that and the objective will be completed.