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Does the government earn money for suicides?

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No, that would be immoral.
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How do you earn money?

You can earn money by working or making investments with money.Earning money is by using your services or financial funds as your investment or capital. Investment can make yo

Where can you earn money?

Anyone can earn money anywhere, anytime as long as they are willing to work harder than their competition.

How does the government earn money?

Governments earn money mainly through taxes. Each time you pay some taxes (on things you buy or your income), that money goes directly to the government.

How can you earn money?

There are many ways to earn money. The most basic one is to get a  job. You can also earn money by starting a business.    You can earn money by selling things, either

Do radio stations get money off the government or do they earn it?

Every radio station is a business. It sells a product and experiences profit and loss, just like any other business. The product it sells is: Ears. It sells ears to depar
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How do I earn money?

You can do many things to earn money. Such as doing chores for yourfamily or trying to earn money a fun way, like selling candy at aschool.