Does the two dollar bill have something special about it besides being a two dollar bill?

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Not unless they're older than 1953 and in new or almost new condition.

$2 bills are legal US currency. Anything dated 1976 or later is only worth $2 in circulated condition.

There are a lot of myths and legends about $2 bills being rare, or even "cursed". All of them are completely FALSE.
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Why is the US two dollar bill so special?

Because they present artistic beauty like no other bill in current circulation, are rarely used in every day commerce and still carry a tradition of being unlucky objects.

What is the vaule of a two dollar bill?

With the current design (1970s and later), a US two dollar bill unless in uncirculated condition, is worth $2. If you have an older design you need to post the year and condit

Why make a two dollar bill?

The United States two dollar bill was created shortly after the USCivil War to facilitate commerce (same as all other denominationsof currency) and to help with making change

Can a two dollar bill be used to buy something?

$2 bills are still being issued and are absolutely legal tender for any purchase. They're not very common in most parts of the country, however. Some uninformed store clerk

Why are two dollar bills rare?

Uncommon, yes. Rare, no. They don't show up in change very often because for various historical and cultural reasons many Americans don't like to use $2 bills. The Treasury
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Which president was on it THE two-dollar bill?

Thomas Jefferson More Jefferson's picture is still on the $2 bill, rather than "was". The denomination is still printed as needed, but only makes up about 1% of all bills
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What is the value a Two Dollar bill?

In general, their value is $2. I often get some from the bank, andhave found that they will pay for exactly $2 worth of goods orservices. More Many people think US $2 bills
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When did the two dollar bill reappear?

1976 was the first year that the modern looking $2 bill was printed. However, $2 bills have been printed in one form or another since the 1860s