Does the university of Arkansas have an occupational therapy program?

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No it does not. The University of Central Arkansas is the only college in Arkansas with an OT masters degree. Other schools have occupational therapy assistant programs.
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What is occupational therapy mean?

Occupational Therapy (OT) retrains the body and brain to function more easily and efficiently with the tasks of everyday life. Treatment focuses on the use of functional activ

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Barry University does not appear to offer this program. However, if you are interested in other schools in Florida that do, I have listed some below. Chipola College Mari

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Is Occupational therapy curerable?

Do you mean are people who require it curable from their conditions? Or do you mean does OT cure the people to whom it is given? This is a rundown on OT . This is how
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Is occupational therapy program hard?

It's definitely not a major that anyone can sleep through, but any program leading into a masters degree won't be easy. If you are good with science courses and social skills
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How does occupational therapy help paralysis?

focuses on daily activities such as eating and bathing. Occupational therapy develops special tools and techniques that permit self-care and suggests ways to modify the home a
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When is occupational therapy used?

Occupational therapy may be prescribed to rehabilitate a patient after amputation, arthritis, cancer, cardiac disease, head injuries, neurological injuries, orthopedic injurie
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What is an occupational therapy program?

An occupational therapy, or OT, program enables one to train as an occupational therapist. The courses are usually offered by universities and colleges and can take up to se