Does the world really need to do test tube cloning?

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No we do not need to, we just want to.  
Cloning technology holds the key to solving a lot of the world's problems that might not otherwise be fixable. If you want a cure in the near future for lots of diseases like Parkinsons, cancer, etc, then yes we really need to study cloning.
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What is the difference between a test tube baby and cloning?

Difference Between a Test Tube and Cloned Baby A test tube baby is when an egg is removed from a woman and sperm from and man, and the egg is fertilized outside that mother's

Is test tube cloning accepted by our society?

\n Answer \n. \nExcellent question. Clinton abolished any scientific research regarding cloning and Bush followed suit. However, parts of Europe are still doing some te

How is test tube cloning accomplished?

Easy, it's not.... "Test Tube" babies are a product of a process in which an egg and a bunch of sperm are isolated in one tube (dish) and once the egg is fertilized, it's inse

What is the difference between test tube cloning and test tube fertilization?

First, the term "test tube" is popular, but it is not the terminology used by scientists. They instead use the latin term 'in vitro' (literal definition: in glass; but modern

Who needs test tube babies?

The term test tube babies applies to " in vitro fertilization" where sperm and eggs are brought together in agrowth medium and then implanted in a female patient. Thisprocedur

Why does a test tube need a test tube rack?

Because it is fairly difficult to make them stay standing on their own, especially when they are full of things like acids, bases and toxic chemicals.

Is test tube cloning right or wrong?

In many respects it is morally neutral. From one point of view, it is simply the creation of another life or the imitation of, something that happens on a regular basis natur
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Why tongs need to be kept near the top of the test tube?

Because sometimes in a lab,you use different and dangerous type chemicals so if for example,You pour a very chemical that uyou can't touch the test-tube and then you have to u
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When heating liquid in a test tube what safety precautions are needed?

Before heating it, you should check the test tube for damage (scratches or cracks), and not use one that isn't perfect. You should also wear safety glasses (to protect your