Does watching TV make you tired?

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yes it does i was watching tv today i was so tired after watching it for 2 long hours so yes the tv does make you tired
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Does watching TV in the dark make your eyesight weak?

If you are closer than 4-6 ft. from the television screen, whether in the dark or not, your eyesight will slowly become weaker (over time, not necessarily in one sitting). Wat

Does watching tv in the dark make your eye sight weak?

watching TV in the dark does make your eye sight weak but only if your focusing on it too much. your eyesight will deteriorate over time not all at once. the best way to count

Does watching TV make you less smarter?

actually it has no scientific reason behind it ,it is just said cause it makes you get away from your studies but it really has no effect on your brain

Why does watching violence on tv make us behave violently?

I think that watching violence on tv makes normal people FEEL violent and not act on them out of common sense and self control. But some mentally unbalanced people and people

Does watching TV make you hungery?

Watching TV does not directly make you hungry However you can watch something that triggers hunger (like cooking shows) Also some people become hungry or just want to eat
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Can you watch tv with tv card?

Yes. You would need to hook the cable/Satellite box cable up to the computer.
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How can you make your mom let you watch tv?

Well, it depends what you want to watch. Cartoons/adventure: Say that cartoons help a child's imagination. That cartoons are the very soul and fabric of being a child. Without
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Do wall mounts make it easier to watch tv?

Wall mounts don't necessarily make it easier, it just makes it more convenient to have a TV on the wall to save some space. However wall mounts that allow you to tilt and swiv