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The American Medical Association is a professional association, and it does meet the definition of an economic interest group. It was founded in 1847.

How do you report a doctor to the American Medical association?

First - The AMA does not have anything to do with reporting a doctor regarding conduct etc. The AMA is an organization, which allows doctors (if they choose so) to become members of their (AMA) organization. The AMA then delivers medical data regarding the medical industry. If you want to report a doctor regarding misconduct, the best thing to do is contact your state medical board ( by writing a detailed, nice, professional "Registered or Certified Letter" regarding your situation.

What are positive roles of interest groups in American politics?

The positive roles of interest groups in America are that theybring awareness of problems to lawmakers. Political parties aremore broadly based. Therefore less interests are actually lookedover, so with the interest group's topics get noticed more. Theyeducate political people. Some groups have looked out for our freedoms. The NRA is oneexample. The ACLU has often tried to do the same thing. Othertimes, they botch things terribly. The ability to power our countryhas been strangled, and we have needed to go to war for oil basedon misguided environmental policies that refuse to allow nuclearpower or drilling on land. This forces companies like BP oil intodeep water for oil or into Iraq. Special Interest groups rarely have any good value to them. Thefact that they look out only after their special little niche keepsthem from being an overall good force.

What does it mean to safe guard the American economic interest?

In general terms, the phrase 'to safeguard the American economicinterest' means 'to do whatever must be done in order to ensurethat America's commercial and industrial activities are notdisrupted by external interference.' What the phrase (and publicpolicy) has often led to in very practical terms are variousactions by the American government to warn other nations away frominvolving themselves in the Western Hemisphere; or, as in World WarI, to warn Germany that any interference with American merchantships would result in negative consequences.

Is homosexuality considered an illness according to the American medical association if so how is it considered to be and when was it determined?

Homosexuality used to be considered a psychological disorder but that has not been true since the publication of the 3rd Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) in the 1980s. The American Psychological Association considers any attempt to "treat" (i.e., get rid of) homosexuality to be unethical. An exception is when the homosexuality is a source of considerable distress or anxiety for the patient/client, but in such a case, it is the anxiety that is treated, not the sexual orientation.

What purpose do interest groups serve in American politics?

Interest groups attempt to influence politicians so that they act in the best interests of their group. They do this through advertising, lobbyists, political contributions, and other means. They advocate for a cause, industry or organization in much the same way that a lawyer advocates for a client. Ideally, conflicting interest groups will advocate for their respective causes, providing a lawmaker with enough information to make an informed decision one way or the other. If an interest group is able to gain access to a politician through the use of a lobbyist, they will be able to argue their position with that politician on a one on one basis. On the plus side, this can give the politician access to information that he might not have received otherwise. However, it can also give an interest group a disproportionate amount of influence which can benefit the interest group at the expense of the general public, especially if the interest group is able to contribute large amounts of campaign money or has well organized blocks of voters who can affect the outcome of an election.

Does the American medical association support medical marijuana?

They are currently reviewing their position. They were presented with the recent randomized controlled trials evidence and considering whether the evidence supports reclassifying marijuana's status as a Schedule I substance. Several groups within the AMA have already voiced their support. . The short answer is no because there are many money squandering lobbyists that can easily manipulate the American Medical Association into believing things that aren't true. This is done by the government who doesn't support it because they are embarrassed that they have spent over 15 billion dollars on a war against a plant. Its similar to the mess in Iraq, the U.S. is embarrassed to pull out because they have been proven wrong, again. . Medical use was intended for terminal patients to ease their pain. Smoking the plant by non-terminal patients causes terminal illnesses identical to smoking tobacco. Smoking anything, causes problems with the respiratory system. Also, how does one control the dose of a smoked drug?

Why do some American interest groups oppose immigration?

One of the most un-American things imaginable is to be opposed to immigration. No red-blooded American does this. Every single citizen of the US has an immigrant background, and immigration has made the US a great nation. However, illegal immigration is another matter altogether. I don't think there is any reason for the US to have open borders with any other nation. Persons should not be granted US citizenship just because they were resourceful enough to enter the US and live here for some length of time. Can you imagine persons doing this in Iran, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, or any number of other countries? "I've lived here illegally, yes, but I have been here for 15 years. I demand citizenship." I don't think it would go well in most cases. Immigration should be a lawful and orderly process for everyone, and illegal immigrants should be treated respectfully and fairly according to the laws of the land. Peoples indigenous to North America are a special case. There is no excuse for the way that most tribes have been treated by European descendants over the centuries. But the fact remains that when the US was established, every person who initially claimed citizenship was born outside of the United States.

What was the first special interest group for African Americans?

I am not sure what you mean by a "special interest group." There have been various groups, both political and non-political, that have advocated for African-Americans. There was a black newspaper as far back as 1827-- Freedom's Journal-- which advocated for better treatment for black people. During the slavery era, a group known as the Abolitionists (some of whom were black, some of whom were white) fought very hard to secure equal rights for black people. There were also civil rights groups such as the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)-- it was founded back in 1909.

What political social and economical group are Cuban Americans in?

As Cuban American indicates a United States citizen, then they would live in a Representative Democracy specifically a Federal Republic and economically a Captialist system. Cuban Nationals however, live in a Socialist Nation, specifically a Communist State which also governs its economic system.

Why did the American medical association fight against proposals for the government to fund medical care?

The new health reform law maintains the private and public mix we've long had in our nation's health system. It extends coverage to millions more Americans while providing insurance market reforms and administrative simplifications to help physicians care for patients. The American Medical Association supported health reform and continues to work during the implementation phase of the new law to ensure the best outcome for patients and physicians.

What are Britain's economic and political interests in the American Civil War?

The British upper classes were still sulking about the American Revolution, and were quite happy to see the young democracy split in two. The Confederacy assumed that the British would be so desperate for cotton that they would be willing to export weapons in exchange for it. But there happened to be a glut of cotton on the market in 1861. Also the cotton workers in Lancashire were willing to sacrifice their jobs, rather support slavery.

What are the disadvantages of special interests groups in American politics?

There are three main avenues of critique of special interests: . Vote-buying: some critics believe that special interests groups purposely manipulate political processes by using monetary compensation as a reward for supporting their interests. This is considered unfair versus poorer people or groups who lack the ability to do the same. . Legislative Misrepresentation: some critics believe that, since the people have a general will , manipulation of the political process is not only unfair in terms of ability to sway outcomes but also that special interests subvert the public's will by doing this. This means that inherently undemocratic results occur. . Legal status of special interests: special interests groups count as 'people' in the legal sense, including corporations, and some critics argue that artificial combinations of individuals are unfairly protected from scrutiny by having rights as individuals do.

Where can one join the American Medical Writers Association?

American Medical Writers Association is the leading professional association for writers, editors, and other communicators of medical information. If someone would like to join them, then should go to their official website and fill in Secure Online Membership Application.

What was Alexis De Tocqueville impressed by with the American interest groups?

Alexis De Tocqueville wrote in his book called Democracy in America, how well Americans could get things done by forming various associations. These were interest groups, that worked for a common goal. If government action was needed to support a particular goal of an interest group, orderly steps were taken to petition the local, State or Federal government that was best able to help the group. De Tocqueville found no such associations active in Europe. Changes came about as the result of a powerful individual and his friends or by the government.

Why do poor Americans in the heartland vote against their economic interests?

Poverty tends to bring on greater religiosity. Todays Republicanscater to the religious with political stands, sometimes extreme,that are bible based. The Republicans want a solid base ofsupporters and the fundamentalists will almost always choose abrother under the Christian flag. In short they are being used byothers to gain power and so they vote against their own bestinterests.