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Essay co-curricular activities are a waste of time and money?

Co-curricular activities have always been a part of any school's curriculum. A student's participation in co-curricular events after school is necessary. These activities are not a waste of time. Co-curricular activities broaden the educational experience, keep student-athletes' grades up, and keep students away from trouble. The development of co-curricular and extracurricular programs enhances and enriches the regular curriculum during normal school days.
After school activities have broadened the educational experience of students. Participation in these school activities leads to higher self-esteem and enhanced status among peers; especially in high school and middle school were self-esteem is such a large part of a student's life. Experiencing a high self-esteem throughout school is extremely beneficial. The average student does not get the privilege of extra time to do school work. Most students that participate after school often use study hall to their full advantage. Study hall is a term for a place and/or time during the school day where students are assigned to study when they are not scheduled for an academic class. At the study hall students do homework and get help with the things misunderstood in class. Study hall is helpful for the students who don't like to take the quality time at home to do their work.
Many after school programs, especially sport schools, have enacted a no pass no play law. This law forces students to do academically well in order to participate, so students who desire to play on any athletic team must keep their grades up. Students nowadays who put the same amount of effort towards school work and their activities are usually successful. Students realize that if they aren't doing well enough in school they're in danger of not being able to participate in their co-curricular activities. That fear makes students work harder in the class room which pays off in the future. This in turn promotes learning and has a positive impact on students.
Participation in extracurricular activities has helped keep students out of trouble. Involvement in after school organizations are important in fostering the strengths of youth, which helps them steer away from bad behavior. These after school programs keep students occupied and prevent them from going out after school and getting in trouble. Participation in these activities also strengthens the connection between school and the student, promoting a positive outlook on education.
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Being a part of a co-curricular after school is definitely not a waste of time. After school activities broadens the educational experience, keep students grades up, and keep students away from trouble. The point of going to school is learning and after school activities these past years have definitely encouraged kids to learn. Taking away co-curricular activities will have a negative impact on all schools that do so.
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