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Verb meaning "clear tables in a restaurant" is first attested 1913, probably from the four-wheeled cart used to carry dishes. The boy who wheeled the cart or bus is the bus boy.
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What is the etymology of hyperbole?

  Hyperbole is Greek word meaning " throwing beyond" or "over-shooting" hence "overstating."

Can a 12 year old be a bus boy at a restaurant?

It depends on local laws. Here in my state, a minor CAN work, but the minimum age is 14, they can only work during non-school hours and can only work a few hours a week, 18 or

What is Etymology?

Etymology is the study of words and their origins and development. The study of the origin of words. apex The official definition of the word etymology is "the study of theor

How much does a bus boy make?

A bus boy typically doesn't make much money, but there are certainly exceptions. Say the bus boy had a second job owning Microsoft, he would make a lot of money.

Where did term bus boy come from?

In the late 19th century, busboys were originally known as "omnibuses", a term which came from the Latin "omnibus," meaning "for all." "Omnibus" was a popular word in the 19th

What does Etymologically mean?

  Chambers gives definition of "etymology" as: the science or investigation of the derivation and original signification of words. So "etymologically" is an adverb meaning

An etymology traces the?

The origin of a word, the study of historical linguistic change,  studing the transfer of words from one language to another. Grom  the Greek word Etymon meaning true sense.

What is the age of being to be a bus boy?

  Answer   It depends on the job and the person hiring you for the job. Mostly you have to be 18. Sometime younger but only with parents permission   
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What do a bus boy do?

a bus boy cleans up after people are done with their dinner, or just cleans up anything that need to be cleaned   bus boys are meant to clean up the leftovers from customer