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Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers is an African American young adult fiction writer. He has written over 50 books and won multiple literary awards.
because he wanted to honor the people who adopted him, so he changed his middle name to his foster parent's last name, Dean.
Walter Dean Myers is famous because he is a very successful author for kids, teens and adults.
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The story takes place in Manhattan and Harlem, New York city.
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I've looked everywhere and can't find one which sucks because its a book a lot of schools make kids like me read. If u really need it like I do and you don't have time try reading chapter notes and writing them down. Hope this helps!
He was Diagnosed with Tuberculosis.
Walter Dean Myers a famous author for children and young adults, attended City College of the City University of New York.
Zinzi is a white boy who brought cigarettes that were stolen fromthe robbery. He gave information to the police to help himself geta lighter sentencing.
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Walter Dean Myers first job was a book writer
1. Monster by Skillet. I chose this song because that's what he portrays towards himself he believes that he thinks he is a monster he. He has got to the point where he has over though every sinaro about the situation he is in. I don't think that he believes that he has the chance to win the case...
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The main characters have to be Greg "Slam" , Ice , Mtisha, Derek, Kicky, Coach Nipper, and Goldstein.
toby did. He saw potentional in his work.
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Walter aint dead.
Because they called Greg Harris slam and he was a good basketball player
Based on how the story went and some hints I would say that if the author elaborated more, Monaco would have a happy ending. There is no point in a plot that he is going to die after he was wounded and combat operations starting to cease at that point. Besides the note that Monaco gave to Perry...
stint at a post office and he was also in the army
the setting of this book takes place in Jamal's apartment. where Randy, Jamal's older brother, was arrested. his sister, Sassy and him are always fighting and their father comes on rare occasions
I think it's about the struggles and pressure the main characterLonnie is going through. I mean, his high school years are almostover. He's just expected to grow up and become an adult in theblink of an eye and that helps him. Also, there's no basketball.Basketball has been Lonnie's stupid place....
He began to doubt himself and the values that he had always depended on. Turning to the streets and his books for comfort.
the theme of the story slam is to follw your dreamsan don't let nobody stop you and vgive up on yourself justbeleive.
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yes, he has two grown children. . what coolege did he attend
first is when Steve is in the cell and listening to the sounds ofthe life of crime Next is when the woman gave Steve the name of "Monster" Then is when Steve is found innocent
Who is the antagonist in the book Game by Walter Dean Myers
16 yr old black boy that is accused of being part of a robbery and he was on trial...is he guilty or innocent? ;) It's a great book! Worth reading :)
IF YOU'RE SAying who then one of them is christopher
The mood of Game is at times tense when Drew goes through badsituations and arguements with coach House, but it is also excitingduring basketball games.
the main characters are Anthony "Spoon" Witherspoon, a seventeen year old who is coming back from his high class prep school to his home in Harlem, and Gabi, his girlfriend, who used to be bright and poetic but is now secretly taking drugs.
well i looked into it and sorry to say but this wonderful book has to be kept on the pages. there is no movie :(
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His website has a "contact" page - link below.
Realistic Fiction, Biographies, Picture books, and Nonfiction that's all i know
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The theme Of this book is idont know the end
The point of view for 'Game' would be first person point of view because it talks about the boy himself (using words like "we" and "I") and talks about other teammates and people, too.
no its a autobiography or in other terms a memoir which means the book is about Walter dean Myers himself
The main characters are Greg slam Harris, Ice, Ducky, Mtisha
Bad Boy is basically about a little boy named Walter, who hadspeech problems and behaved badly in school. Walter knew that hewould get a beating from his mom if he got red marks on his reportcard, yet he never changed his ways. Throughout his life he met atleast three teachers that incouraged him....
the building that there in blows up and everyone dies
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The novel "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers is a story about an African American teenage athlete by the name of Greg. Greg is a highschool student and a star basketball player at his highschool. Greg is so good in basketball he earned the nickname "Slam." Greg lives in the ghettos of New York with his...
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Walter Herbert Florence (mom) Geraldine Mrs.Bower Mrs.Dodson (Wicked Witch of the West) Frank Mrs.Parker Eric Bunny Johnny Brown Mrs.Conway Mr.Irwin Lasher Crazy Johnny Uncle Lee Mickey Stephanie Bena Eddie Mary Finley Pap Aunt Nancy Wilt Chamberlane Langston Hughes Dr.Holiday SOURCES: READING THE...
He does not have step-parents
i am wanting to know this myself but i think it's when he sees kids playing
he is verry funky and dresses ugly. he is guilty in the book"monster"
Scorpions by Walter Dean Myer the conflicts
Richie and the others were promised that they wouldn't see any heavy fighting which turned out not to be true. They end up witnessing alot of destruction and brutality and like most who were drafted or enlisted in the military at that time, wondered why they were even there.
walker dean Myer's is important because, of his book writing
Its basically a man Verses self conflict with Walter with several other man v. man conflicts
Walter Dean Myers and company decided to hang Richard becauseRichard has problems with his visions. This tempted everyone tomess with him in any way possible due to his disability about notknowing who it is.
walter dean myers book 'Bad Boy' won a award in 1976 on august 12th.
because in the boock ther is a lot of evidence the choes that he is guilty. See all of the evidence in page 276,119,140,128,.That is some part of evidence.
The conflict was that walter was having speech problems and hewanted to get good grades and behave much better
i think the climax is when he is in high school, all his mainevents happen when skipping school, writing, reading, and figuringout who he is.
Fallen angels is told in first person mostly in the point of view from perry.
pg 1 'im six four and i got the moves, te eye and theheart. you can take my game to the bank and wait around for the interest. With me its not like playing a game, its like the only time im being for real.'
His mother died when she was giving birth to his younger sister and he has never seen his mother before i think.
the narrator is in prison for the first time.