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Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is the author of many popular young adult fiction titles. These titles including This Lullaby, The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, and Dreamland.
Sarah's books make you think about life. Most people compare themselves to the characters and think about what they would do and then wait and see what he/she does. Some people use her books for advice if their in this situation, I just enjoy reading her down to earth stories!
Yes.Yes, they are.
June 16, 2009 Along for the Ride was published
Man vs. Self: -Scarlett learning how to deal with a dead boyfriedn while planning for a baby -Halley becoming independant and findng her own identity Man vs. Man: -Halley arguning with her mom about her freedom, and her relationship with Macon -Scarlett and her mom debating over abortion -Halley...
The first one says "Go F*** Yourself" and the second says "Or Not". His friend Rolly made them for him the first before he went to Anger Management and the second when he completed Anger Management.
Sarah Dessen was born on June 6, 1970.
They get aids, its just like the mvie "Philidlphia"
Will is the person who almost raped Annabel. Will was Sophie's boyfriend (Annabel's best friend). Sophie thought that Annabel was sleeping with Will so Sophie got very angry at her. That single night at the party cost Annabel and Sophie's friendship
In JUST LISTEN, the themes include the importance of honesty, the value of facing conflicts rather than avoiding them, and the vast differences between appearances and reality.
Sarah Dessen is 47 years old (birthdate: June 6, 1970).
His name is Ione Skye and his lives in north caroilna
Present day lakeview north carolina
Just Listen is a book that is pretty much baout a girl who is has it all, but no one can see that she is fighting her own battle inside. Then the outcast that everyone ignores out of fear, opens up to her and shows her that she isn't alone, and gets pretty close to her kinda thing. Really good,...
literacy terms used in the book just listen by sarah dessen
She's somewhat short for her age, with a round face, brown eyes, and faint freckles across her nose. She has blond hair that gets lighter in the summer time, slightly green if she swims a lot.
macy is very upset about her father dying, and instead of mourning, she acts as though she is fine, even though shes not. she thinks everything will be better if she becomes perfect, but eventually she learns that its much more important to be happy and let go. being perfect is actually no fun, and...
I think the climax is when Remy and Dexter get back together.
Amazon ranks it as: Books > Children's Books > People & Places > Family Life > Siblings > Fiction
Remy Starr ( main Character ) Chloe ( Remy's Friend ) Jess ( Remy's Friend ) Lissa ( Remy's Friend ) Dexter ( Remy's Boyfriend Ted ( In The Truth Squad Band ) John Miller ( In The Truth Squad Band ) Lucas ( In The Truth Squad Band ) Don ( Remy's Moms Husband ) Barbara Starr ( Remy's Mom )
Yes! She has two dogs!
When love is true you can never shake it.ome single person can change your life forever .
. Scarlett has fallen in love with a boy named Michael Sherwood at the beginning of summer, and the day after she sleeps with him for the first time, he is killed in a motorcycle accident.
The abuser gets arrested and she goes to therapy. I think.
it's a comedy and romance... :) the story is so cute
She should be about 4 years old, almost 5. Sasha was born at September 8th or 7th 2007
no it is a real life drama
That Summer is a book about a teenaged girl, Haven, who is 15 and trying to cope with the many changes a summer has brought to her life, especially her older sister's past breakup with a boy named Summer.
Yes Sarah dose have a new book and it is coming Out I'n June and it is called "what happend to good Bye"you can look on the web and get some more Info. *She also has a book coming out in 2013 titled " THE BEST AFTER EVER"
The Book is very unclear on the setting. But some of the places is in Halley's house and at school and at a neighborhood called Lakeview
There are many similarities between the books such as how some of them reference to each other and how they have somewhat of the same plot line.
Sarah Dressen's first book was That Summer , which waspublished in 1996.
yes there are some figurative language in Sarah Dessens' book Along For The Ride
A golf cart to resemble the fun times Haven had with Sumner. A bouquet or an engagement ring. A map of Europe since that's where her Mom wants to go.
Sarah Dessen's next book will be coming out in May 2013. It will be called, "The Best After Ever".
Nope, Sarah Dessen has only written young adult novels.
This is a interesting book about a girls life that takes a drastic turn after one summer night. Read to find out more..
Unfortunately, it is not. The only movie adaptation available for Sarah Dessen's books is How To Deal.
The story is told from Macy's point of view, and the central plot and conflicts revolve around her life.
I believe the main idea for this story would be how love can affectpeople's lives and how it can influence it. For example, Remy's mom belief in love influences the way Remy'slife is shaped because she ends up not believing in it since sheconstantly sees it falling apart. This ends up affecting all...
The novel depicts the life of Annabel Greene, a girl who pretends to have everything but actually has nothing. Even her best friend has left her and spread some rumor about her at school. In her despair she gets in contact with a young boy who devoted himself to the truth and even brings her to let...
She has written 10 so far but another one is coming out in July2013 so that will be 11
Sarah Dessen is an American author. She is the author of twelve books including That Summer, The Truth About Forever, and Lock and Key. The 2003 movie How to Deal is based on two of the books by Sara Dessen.
There are 256 pages in the book Last Chance by SarahDessen.
This Lullaby By Sarah Dessen is a great book I just finshed reading it for honors English. It is a book in my opinion written for teenagers and young adults. Its about how one girls fiath and life rides on being a cold harded bit.ch.....but then one guy changes that forever.....it's a good book read...
she became an author because she loved books. When she was young she always had her dream to become an author and hey her dream came true. Sarah Dessen is a really good author and I love her books thank you Sarah for letting all of us read your books because we love them.
The resolution is when Annabel told people about the night with her and will. The ending was satisfactory to me because i just love romance novels.
If you go to her Wikipedia page you can see that she has written 11books (+1 will be out in 2015) and 1 novella. There are 11 listedon her official website.
I would say that the rising action is just before Haven has a break down, and runs away.
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Along For The Ride By Sarah Dessen will be in stores June 16 2009 .
Don't let the past stop you from trying the future. Most things really do happen for a reason.
Sarah Dessen connects all of her books as a way to show thatsomehow we all come into each others lives and never truly knowwhats going on in them. Her books show true things that happen inteens lives and how we each have our own stories.
The primary conflict is Annabel's inability to speak up which leads her to isolation and unhappiness. This would be an internal conflict since she is battling with herself and her own fears. She is unable to tell the truth about what happened to her at the party which causes her to become isolated...
Its about this girl (remy) who's mom has had like 5 marriages and her real father died b4 she was born but he wrote her a song and she hates hearing it. But then she meets dexter the musition
Its about a girl who had no childhood and grew up to act like an adult to please her parents. After her parents divorce she decides to spend her summer with her father and his new found wife and their baby. She meets a strange boy named Eli who then introduces her to the nocturnal world of Colbie....
i would definitely recommend just listen if you don't mind cursing other wise i would recommend keeping the moon... make sure to read to the end of the books the end is what puts everything together.
no one knows the date but keep waiting she is just writing
Sarah Dessen (the best YA author ever) has written: Just Listen ; Dreamland ; This Lullaby ; Lock & Key ; The Truth about Forever ; Someone Like You ; Keeping The Moon (Also known as Last Chance ); That Summer ; and Along for the Ride. (Not in that order, either.)
The father is Alan Charles Dessen and the mother is Lilian Martha Dessen. Hope this helped! :)
I just got dine reading it and it has....... 240 pgs
This is what it says on the back of the book: Annabel Greene is the girl who has everything. At least, that's what she portrays in her modeling shoots. But Annabel's life is far from perfect. Her friendship with Sophie ended bitterly, and her older sister's eating disorder is weighing down the...
yes she lives in a country with her husband,some lizards,and two dogs.
Yes, Sarah Dessen has a daughter named Sasha.
There are 20 chapters, and the book has 422 pages total!
Some people say it is, but I don't know if it's true or not.
Many people take grief in many way of showing it. When Macy's dad died she tried to forget about it. She never talks about his death with anyone. Macy's mom just started working all the time and started cleaning everything out of the house.
I don't really understand your question. XD So I'll answer it the best I can... Bye using Goodreads of course!! Here is the summary... "After Macy's dad dies, she strives to be perfect. Perfect grades, perfect behavior, perfect boyfriend. Even her mother is perfect. When her boyfriend leaves for...
Ruby, Cora, Jamie and Nate are the main characters
To the people that would like to know who Sarah Dessen's husband is. His name is Ione Skye. I will provide the website so you can see for yourself. writergrl.livejournal.com/2009/01/21/ (that is the website) Enjoy!! Uh, Ione Skye is NOT her husband. Ione Skye is ACTRESS in 'Say Anything' - that...
Dreamland was published in 1865 alongside Alice in Wonderland.
Just Listen was on the CD that Owen gave annabelle. The CD was blank.
Someone Like You is about friendship. It takes place in Lakeview, a "Neighborhood of Friends". There is a new airport just down the street so that is what they're hearing constantly; airplanes taking off and airplanes landing. Halley and Scarlett have been best friends for quite awhile in this book...
yes, I read them when I was eleven and it wasn't inappropriate at all. The books do have swears in them though.
Giving in her writing is a smashing idea
she's a writer and teaches writing.
halley and her best friend scarlett go through rough times when scarlett gets pergant. scarlett needs to depend on halley whereas it is usually halley depending scarlett