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Mary Downing Hahn

Mary Downing Hahn is the author of many young adult novels. Her works include The Old Willis Place, Wait Til Helen Comes, and her book Deep and Dark and Dangerous.
It's not like, death scary, but it is about a ghost who haunts a cottage where she was drowned in a lake. I liked it, but I don't know if anyone who hates scary books will like it.
This book is about a 13-year-old girl named Ali, who finds an old photograph in the attic of her house. She recognizes two of the three children as her Aunt Dulcie and her Mom, Claire. But, she finds that a third girl has been torn out of the photo. Ali first asks her Mother, but she denies that...
deep dark and dangerous is a great book and I garuntee that you won't want to put it down. it jeeps you waiting and you DON'T know whats coming up next! you should totally read it (:
she tries to get them out on the lake in the canoe so she can tip it over and kill them outher than that belive it or not nothing sissy is a ghost(she is the ghost of t)all sissy wants is to be put to rest and have a proper furnal.she tells ali and Emma where her body is
1)Alli finds out that the sissy girl is Teresa and that she had drown when she got on the canoe with her sisters, Claire and Dulcie. 2)Teresa told Alli and Emma where her body was in the lake. 3)Claire came over to the lake house and they called the police, news reporters, and scuba divers. They...
Teresa is the girl who drowned when she was 10, they call her Sissy
probably Wait till Helen comes
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She got married to William E. Hahn in 1967 and then got divorced
she has written 30 biblographies since 1979. she was a childrens librarian. she grew up in college park maryland.
Ali is a kind, thirteen year old girl. She is good with children and will protect anyone that she truly cares about.
her daughters her husband and her idle, Jim carrey
"salamanders are llike humans, theyre there but when they die they still remain in their predators mind" - sissy
She gets it from the toilet really she looks down her toilet and gets inspiration
A ghost named Sissy is haunting a girls cousin turing the girls cousin into a brat like Sissy, however Sissy plans to kill the girls cousin.
That that third girl who was torn of the picture was Sissy a.k.a Teressa. READ THE BOOK AND YOU'LL SEE IT!!!!
Of course not she got the idea of this book from a librarian in Kansas and it was all a story
2007 because in 1977, Teresa Abbott died in Sycramore lake and some people thought it was Claire and Dulcie who caused her to die. Then, 30 years later, Dulcie brings her 4-year-daughter Emma and Claire's 13-year-old daughter Ali back to Sycramore lake and 1977+30=2007.
Mary downing Hahn wrote all the lovely bad ones because when she was younger she would always see this old hotel and say she heard thing movie she thought if people died there. and they had secrets that no one else could see she thought all the lovely bad ones are comming back
No She Is Not A Ghost .
1st person. It was told by the protagonist, and main character, Ali.
yes she lives in new york with her husband she also has two grown daughters
im not so sure but i know she wrote some books like the ghost of crutchfeild hall and the doll in the garden and deep and dark dangerous i know she writes more but those are the ones i have herd off so if your up for some ghost storys Mary Downing Hahn is great
Penelope Williamson's, aka Penn Williamson and Elizabeth Lambert, last novel was The Accident, written in 2005.
A simile needs like or as in the description. His laugh was like a deep echo from a canyon. His eyes were as dark as coal. His movement was like the strike from a dangerous snake.
locked. it is about a couple who move into a house and when they close the door they are locked in and they cannot escape because the house is alive and won't let them out. when things couldn't get worse they find out they have 24 hours to find the key hidden in the house or else. and the key is in...
mary u write really awsome books i love ur book eep and dark and dangerous and i have been tryin to find ur book wait till helen comes but i cant find it because i live in a small town.
Because as she grew up, she always enjoyed writing books.
Mary Downing Hahn's first book, The Sara Summer, was published in 1979.
Im looking for websites that you can read Deep Dark and Dangerouson and right now it doesnt seem like there is a website to readfrom but im going to keep looking and if I find a website I willget back to you and tell you. If you cant find it either go to aLibrary and check it out. Trust me it will...
From what i have heard, yes, she does. Ive seen interviews and it seems like she is very happy with her job. I have read many of her books such as: All of the Lovely Bad Ones Doll in the Garden Closed for the Season Deep Dark and Dangerous Time for Andrew. She specializes in writing scary and...
First Ali is in Connecticut, Then it takes place in Maine in an old Cottage!
Well.. Logan has moved into the murdered woman's house and when he trys to investigate with Arthor they find out that Ms. Donaldson found out who stole the money so when Logan investigates he finds himself in deep doo-doo.. sorry hope that helped :)
Well, she has blond hair, looks kinda scary, really skinny, and wears a faded bathing suit. That's all I'm sure about!
blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and beautiful according to Ali in the book.
When Ali and Emma and Sissy go in te canoe on the lake. Or when sissy tells them who she really is
The main character is 13 year old Ali.
I don't think she is dead! So, nowhere!:)
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Mary Downing Hahn's newest book is called Promises to the Dead , and was released on August 17, 2009.
Probably Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story , though many of her books have received awards and are relatively well-known.
An author who writes horror and mysterious books.
The Cabin previously owned by their family!!(:
Deep, Dark, and Dangerous are Horror and Ghost stories. It depends on the believer. If you believe in ghosts, it could be realistic fiction. If you do not, it is just fiction.
Heather saw her mother die in a fire when she was three. Since that awful night, she has been very difficult to deal with. Her new step-brother, Michael, and step-sister, Molly are at their wits' end. Heather's lies and competitive nature have put a real strain on them. Moving into a big old country...
Mary insirstion was no one she was insirierd by school she got into her storys and became a story writer (im not sure if that's is true but some say_
to always tell the truth right from the start. the book is about sissy and how she wants to have a burial and basically have Emma and alis mom admit what they did . hope this helps!
The University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
Summary for "Deep And Dark And Dangerous". A 13-year-old girl named Ali finds an old photograph in the attic of her house,she recognizes two of the three children as her Aunt Dulcie & her Mom,Claire. But she finds that a third girl has been torn out of the photo. Ali first asks her Mother,but she...
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Mary Downing Hahn is 80 years old (birthdate December 9, 1937).
well i know she lives in Maryland
All the Lovely Bad Ones (2008) . Anna All Year Round (1999) . Anna on the Farm (2001) . As Ever, Gordy (1998) . Daphne's Book (1983) . The Dead Man in Indian Creek (1990) . December Stillness (1988) . Deep and Dark and Dangerous (2007) . The Doll in the Garden (1989) . Following My Own...
Realistic Fiction and Contemporary Fantasy is how her work is described in book stores.
Mary Downing Hahn has two brothers named Walter and Rodger. She also has a sister named Valerie (Val).
"Deep And Dark And Dangerous" is set mostly in Maine, but in thevery beginning Ali is in Connecticuit.
no that i know of , but i will seach it on google to check , but i hear it is a VERY VERY VERY good book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary's favorite color is blue
no Mary downing hahn is not dead, she was just visiting at walkersville middle school last Thursday!
She lives somewhere in Mary land but if anyone really does no i cant find it
she first published her first book the sara summer in (1979) meaning she became a true author offically.
she is mean because she wants Dulcie and Clare to tell the truth about Teresa (sissy's) death.
She might have because she wrote her first book in 1979 and that was @ the age of 41.
Mary Downing Hahn has written over 20 books. Some of these include: . Anna All Year Round . Hear the Wind Blow . The Doll in the Garden . Witch Catcher . The Old Willis Place See the related link for a bibliography of her work.