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Pseudonymous Bosch

Pseudonymous Bosch is the author of the popular children's 'The Secret' series.
Bosch will make 5 books in the secret series All have to do with one of the 5 senses. The next one which is the fourth is called This Is Not What It Looks Like. It will come out Sept. 21, 2010.
To find books in the Secret series, consult a bookseller or librarian. .
Searching the title ("This isn't what it looks like") with the word "book" on an image search engine seems to provide a reasonable result.
I don't believe so, but Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfourtunate Events, is also Daniel Handler.
Yes, Pseudonymous Bosch is a man. It has been confirmed by inside sources.
The second book is called " If your reading this,its too late" They are really good books if u didnt know
Yes, P.S. His favorite foods are dark chocolate and Swiss cheese.
he has a lot of them but I think it's bosch.pseudonymous@gmail.com I don't know if this is his actually it but I think so :)
yes its called "this isn't what it looks like"
No, Pseudonymous Bosch's real name seems to be Raphael Simon,whereas Lemony Snicket is apparently known to his friends as DanielHandler
Nobody knows. But I know everything about him because i`m, er, never mind! If you want to know more about, er, never mind. Ask someone else or in look it up in Google! Don`t forget to read my, er, forget what I just said! Pseudonymous Bosch
The names of the books Pseudonymous Bosch has written for the secret series are . The name of this book is secret (number 1) . If you're reading this it's too late (number 2) . This book is not good for you (number 3) and last but not least... . This isn't what it looks like (number 4) He is...
He keeps himself hidden because (if you read the secret series) he does not want to be caught by the midnight sun members. Therefore, he must keep his name a secret.
The identity of children's author Pseudonymous Bosch is believed confirmed as that of a man named Raphael Simon. Following three years of successful anonymity, or pseudonimity, a search of the USCO (US Copyright Office) for the authorship of The Name of this Book is Secret revealed the name...
In the real world, Pseudonymous Bosch is the pseudonym of the author responsible for the middle grade Secret series. . In-universe, hints are given that suggest Pseudonymous Bosh might be Max-Ernest because in the book This Isn't What it Looks Like, Max-Ernest looks through the Double Monocle and...
Yes. However, it will probably be the last book in the series. It is called "You Have to Stop This."
yes, the book is BAD MAGIC from THE BAD SERIES
"You Have to Stop This" by Pseudonymous Bosch is coming ou on September 20 th , 2011. o(^_^o) (o^_^o) (o^_^)o
Not alone, but he did contribute to Half-Minute Horrors.
You Have To Stop This is rumored to be the title
There will most likely be a 6th book because the end of book 5 leaves so many questions unanswered. If there is no 6th book, well, that's why it's called the secret series isn't it? I know, I wish all good series would continue forever!
Yes, Max-Ernest is. And just so you know that PB's real name is Raphael Simon
The Name of this Book Is Secret
I don't know. They are making packs of the first 5 books, so that a bad sign ,but there could be a sixth book.
Pseudonymous Bosch became famous when he released The Name Of This Book Is Secret.
This is a very difficult question you've asked. i don't think anybody has an answer to that but i can help you figure stuff out. See it can be fake because it is a fiction book but who knows possibly it was published fiction but the story was real! It will be scary if it is real though. Watch out...
Lemony Snicket is famous for being the author of the "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Series. His Actual name is Daniel Handler and He was born in Los Angeles, 1970, February 28th.
February 28th 1970. Making him 40 this year (2010)
Okay fine, fine! It's closest to Immortality, but we don't know EXACTLY what it is YET\n. \nYou think I'm kidding...sure, we'll go with that. \n. \nThanks, Code name: Cass
He has written 3 books as of 2009. He is currently writing a fourth book called This isn't what it looks like. I hope you benefited from my answer.
The author of the "Secret Series". His name may be Raphael Simon . One of the other websites for the series says that HE is a SHE named Edie Bilmann . You decide !
The real Pseudonymous is said currently to be hiding in a cave in a remote jungle (although there are contrary reports that he is somewhere in Greenland).
I think that he is actually Pietro and he is telling a story from his friends and family... and enemies I think his real name is Max-Ernest because Max-Ernest is afraid of mayo and so is pseudonymous bosch . Raphael Simon
Yes, actually pseudonymous bosch's third book, This Book Is Not Good For You, just came out somewhere in September or October this year of 2009. Becuase his first book, The Name of This Book Is Secret, is about smell (Symphony of Smells), his second book, If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, is...
I don't think anybody knows. But what I do know (or think) is that he is the magician. Notice that the magician's and the authors initials are the same. Wierd... not to be mean but everyone knows that if you read the books thourghly. I've read every book at least 3 times not inclding the 4th...
I don't know why I took a while to look up who he is, because that takes the magic out of the secret series, but I'm 75% percent sure that his name is Raphael Simon.
Pseudonymous Bosch was born in Minnesota.
lemony sincket is not dead a.k.a. No, lemony snicket is not dead and by the way lemony snicket is not his real name it's Daniel handler...
No. Pseudonymous Bosch is a man, as he is often addressed as "Mr. Bosch".
the title is called this book is not good for you
Lemony Snicket's real name is Daniel Handler. Its says so in Lemony Snicket Wikipedia.
Daniel Handler, or Lemony Snicket, is married to Lisa Brown who is an artist.
Yes.\n. \nLemony Snicket is a pseudonym used by author Daniel Handler in his book series A Series of Unfortunate Events, as well as a character in that series.
The Name of This Book is Secret If You're Reading This Book It's Too Late This Book Is Not Good For You This Isn't What It Looks Like You Have To Stop This
Pseudonymous Bosch is an author from the books of " The Name Of This Book Is Seceret"(book 1)"If You're Reading This,It's Too Late"(book 2)This Book Is Not Good For You"(book 3)and also,"This Book Is Not What It Looks Like"(book 4)!=)
The fourth book is called This isn't what it Looks Like and it's about sight.
Yes, we believe this is true!! However we have no verifiable evidence yet.
Pseudonymous Bosch is the pseudonym for Raphael Simon. for those who have read the series you would be smart enough to know that he is really Pedro. also , Dr. L is obviously lord Pharaoh . Cass sighing out :] cass again , giving updates on the secret series. although it says "fiction" on the...
Yes, its going to come out in September of 2010 yes its a loooong time but if your a faithful fan you will wait! Like me! No.1 Fan ever
He is DEFINITELY making a 4th book! It's called "This Isn't What it Looks Like." It's coming out September 21, 2010!
He states it's due to fear, but what's fun in a series of mystery when he reveals everything? I hope he tells us at the end. :) :0
No no yet not that I know of
Well yes, that's why it's called "The Secret Series", and why P.Bosch kepps mentioning a secret. The Tereces Society is dedicated to protecting the Secret from the Midnight Sun.
It will come out in September. I got an E-mail from Mr. Bosch himself confirming this Fans will know I'm telling the truth, Fan#1
Hey Bryan M. here he is 46.
It is unknown who he is. Some names people believe he is: Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) Edie Bilmann Jon Scieszka Raphael Simon Morgan McDonald Some believe he's actually a she. Others hypothesize that a highly intelligent chimpanzee is responsible. Others, noting that even a...