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R L Stine

R L Stine is a well known horror story writer. His books are sold worldwide.


Stephen King and R.L. Stine are not the same person. They both write in the same genre but R.L. Stine is mostly directed towards kids while Stephen King has "older elements." This is why Stine is known as the "Stephen King" of children's literature.
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R.L Stine is an only child.
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Stephen King, Jovial Bob Stine, Robert Lawerance Stine...and more
Yes, R.L. Stine has one child.
he loves to write and read
Never mind those jokers... R.L. Stine began writing at the age of 9 when he found a typewriter in the attic of his place. A good reference for his life is the biography section on his page in wikipedia.com. There is a link below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rl_stine
R.l stine had been only a witer and editor. No other jobs besides that.
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Yes, he is writing books yearly and every now and then.
R.L. STINE Loves to relax at home in new york working on his new book. I know he chills with his family :]
he won a Nickelodeon kids choice award
rl stine became a author when he was nine yrs. old
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well r. l. stine has a dog named King Charles/minnie... one of those.
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Author Robert Lawrence Stine is an American horror fiction writer. He is most famous for writing children's horror books such as the Goosebumps series.
yes 9 awards i think
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Robert Lawrence Stine win the best male horror fiction writer ever see youtube for more details
RL Stine's works are still a fairly new as far as books go, so they are not yet available in the public domain. This means that they cannot be read for free online legally. However, they can be purchased in e-book form. See the related link below..
R.L. Stine is 65 years old and in 5 months and 3 days he will be 66. . Colombia Ohio Massachusattes!. Colombia Ohio Massachusattes!.
I'm afraid he isn't scared of anything. Well, that's all I know.
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yeah, he has 1 dog named minnie
The first Goosebumps book was published in July 1992.
US author Robert "R.L." Stine is 74 years old (birthdate: October8, 1943).
He has written about 6
Well, I prefer you go to Google.com and look up rlstine.com. He has his own website and it shows all the the books and movies that he has created. Mostly Goosebumps but some other ones that are very interesting.
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when he was 9 years old he started writing stories but did not published it but later on on his life he published it that's how he become famous! (sorry that i didnt have much detail) i hope i gave you enough information that you NEED!
Yes. R.L Stine is still alive.
The Goosebumps series is about different kids ( sometimes the same character) who go on adventures after something terrifying starts happening.
he has one boy named Matthew
Well, there are 62 goosebumps books, 39 give yourself goosebumps books, 25 goosebumps series 2,000 books, and 25 goosebumps horrorland books. Goosebumps horrorland books are in order: 1. Revenge of the living dummy, 2. Creep from the deep, 3. Monster bood for Breakfast!, 4. Scream of the haunted...
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R.L. Stine became an Author when he was 9 years of age! He found an old type writer in the attic of his new home when he moved and started writing books from when he found it.
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Goosebumps is a series of horror books - depicting all sorts of frightening things such as ghosts to werewolves and deep sea monsters to monster blood.
He gave "Goosebumps" to his readers. Robert Lawrence Stine, often called the "Stephen King of Children's literature," is probably the world's most prolific writer of horror fiction novels, most famously the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series, as...
R.L. Stine is an American writer. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, United States.
R.L. Stine's full name is Robert Lawrence Stine.
This is from Wikipedia. According to Forbes List of the 40 best-paid Entertainers of 1996-97, Stine placed 36th with an income of $41 million for the fiscal year. [11] His books have sold over 400 million copies worldwide as of 2008, [12] landing on many bestseller lists. In three...
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He has a son named Matthew Stine.
R L Stine is afraid of amusement Park rides
He caught attention of young kids, and made them enjoy reading the books he wrote.
Some of his accomplishments include having a humor magazine, writing the Goosebumps series, and engaging childrens' imaginations through his writing. .
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R.L stine writes a series of books called GOOSEBUMPS. He wrote the origanals and still writes the same types of books called GOOSEBUMPS HORRLAND. He is a world famouse arthor that has a passion for writeing. I still read his books and I am twenty-three years old!
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R L Stine is still alive. he wrote many books and now came up with a new series of move called the hauntung hour.
Assuming the books are out of copyright, they can be downloaded in many places.
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R.L Stine played Tennis on his free time.
RL Stine is a children's Goosebumbs author. He did not do such a thing. Check facts before spreading rumors.
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Author R.L. Stine wrote the Goosebumps series, the second most successful book series of all time. There are also several spin-off series of Goosebumps by R.L. Stine, such as the Give Yourself Goosebumps series and the Goosebumps HorrorLand series.
he wrote the goosebumps series and has over 100 books writen
he made a good impact on others because he is an amazing writer
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yes he tried to keep his family intact with him
No he is still living and is writing new books
All authors get story ideas from the same place - see the link. he got his ideas from everywhere started with the tittle he gott them from dreams,childhood and imagination
It is a series ,a show kinda like goosebumps you know it`s a show about creepy stuff
Its about 2 brother and sister Margaret and Casey whose dad Dr Brewer is doing creepy experiments in his basement.
yes,it's called rlstine.com. i think he also has a list of his books there including goosebumps and fearstreet. you can even email him about whatever and he said he reads all of his emails
because he was always mad when he was younger so he wanted to let his anger out
no he doesnt he is health
Robert Lawrence Stine Lives In New York I Know He Does He Said In One Of His Books I Think It Was Goosebumps; Night Of The Living Dummy.
chucky the killer doll... (a rated R movie)
R.L.Stine faced problems
He has a son named matthew
He has many hobbies he likes writinq books ridinq his bike and tennis
R.L. Stine is not scary , at all.