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Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of the best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy.


Suzanne Collins was born in Connecticut
Gale tells katniss that there is no more district 12 because the Capitol drop fire bombs on district 12
There is no 'Suzanne Collins collection'. Two series that she has written are the 'Underland Chronicles' and 'The Hunger Games.
suzanne collins childrens names are jack and susan collins
Yes. she has one son who is 15 and one daughter who is 10.
she lived as a person
Child Life: Suzanne Collins was one to get in the game. She loved Gymnastics, Reading, and Running around in the woods with her friends. She also loved cat's. Never thought about writing, until James Proimos inspires her to write children's books, but that was later in her life. Her father was an...
She was married to Charles (Cap) Pryor in 1992. They now have two children.
Sandy Hook, Connecticut
Suzanne Marie Collins
The title is Mockingjay , not Mockingbird . And it comes out August 24, 2010.
Suzanne Collins, best known for writing The Hunger Games series, has been the author of the following: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay Gregor the Overlander Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods Gregor and the Marks of Secret Gregor and...
Catching Fire is the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy. The books are in this order: . Hunger Games . Catching Fire . Mockingjay They are currently all out and easy to find in most bookstores and libraries.
2011 - California Young ReaderMedal[15] 2010 - Georgia Peach Book Awardsfor Teen Readers[16] Publishers Weekly's Best Booksof the Year: Children's Fiction [17] An American Library AssociationTop 10 Best Books For Young Adult Selection [18] An ALA Notable Children'sBook [19] 2008 CYBIL Award...
try going her website suzannecollinsbooks.com/
her husband's name is Cap Collins
Yes, Suzanne Collins has two kittens.
She said that the idea came to her when she was channel surfing late at night. She was flicking between a news about the war in Iraq and reality show where young adults were answering questions and she said that they started to merge in a very unsettling way and that's where the Hunger Games came...
In the 75th Hunger Games, there is no victor since the arena was "destroyed" by Katniss when she shot an arrow through a force field. However, the people who died: District 1 Gloss - kills Wiress. killed by Katniss after the Careers ambush the rebel group. Cashmere - Gloss' sister....
suzanne collins as born in 1962
Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children's television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. For preschool viewers, she penned multiple stories for the Emmy...
She has $12 million.
There are many theses for the Hunger Games. Some are: . Who will survive the Hunger Games? . Who will die first? . Who will die last? . Who are the main adversaries that will give Katniss problems? . How will the adversaries try to survive and how will they fail? . Are adversaries going to group up...
Suzanne Collins most likely named her book Catching Fire because of the main characters reputation. (that's my best guess, and I'm pretty confident in it!)
The climax is when he goes to get his dad and is met by the rat king Gorger.
I don't know about her publisher's email, but hers is suzannecollins1964@yahoo.com. She likes to make a point of answering each and every email, if she has time.
her husband name is Cap. : )
Suzanne Collins has two kids. A boy and a girl. The girl is 12 and the boy is 18.
She said that she got the idea for the Hunger Games one night when she was channel surfing. She said she was very tired and she kept flicking back and forth between a war documentary and a survivor type show with kids and the two shows started to merge in a very unsettling way.
Rosemary B. Stimola.
Katniss hates Panem, especially the Capitol and the Gamemakers.
w/ her husband and 2 children
Suzanne Collins went to a High School Called "Alabama School Of Fine Arts"
Because the districts can't afford it and aren't worthy of it. Only the "wonderful" Capitol citizens get it. Just like the Districts have to participate in the hunger games but the Capitol citizens don't have to send anyone, they enjoy watching the games!
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Suzanne has written the hunger games books which there is 3 and she has also written the Underland Chronicles. She has written 63 books.
um.....Suzanne has not posted the "official" chapters online...so.....there are many fanfiction ones that are great.... good luck!
on Google books just click it and you can read it anytime. but you have to pay to read the full book. i believe it was 8.99 to get the full book on Google. plus pages are missing. Optionally: You can download one of the free Kindle or Nook readers available for the Mac and PC, and purchase...
Her husbands name is Charles (CAP) Pryor and he grew up in Indiana
U can't read it online unless u pay money or u can get it at a library and it might be a little bit of a long wait but it will still be worth it.
Here's the link to the full story you can read the whole book page by page and even bookmark your saved progress. You can find chapterss 1&2 online, and on youtube the audiobook, but as the audiobook is missing some parts from the uploader, I recomend buying nthe book more. Not only will it help...
Not about the Hunger Games Series, but she may write more books.
Mocking Jay, the last book in the Hunger Games series, has 390pages.
You can get it used for five dollars, new on amazon for ten, fifteen at most bookstores, and twenty dollars in varying locations. --m.c.
The Hunger Games takes place in the fictional future of Northern America.
She Loves To Write....The Hunger Games Series and it was popular
She has written the underland chronicles, a picturebook titled when charlie mcbone lost his power, and is currently writing the Hungergames trilogy.
she wrote the gregor books first
In districts 1-12, the capitol, and the Hunger Games arena.
Suzanne Collins graduated with her masters degree.
I think they are jews
katniss choses peeta not gale lol
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suzanne collins has 13 awards. the two most recent awards are 1. the california young reader medal , and 2. the georgia peach book awards for teen readers
Her husbands name is Cap.
She has two older sisters and an older brother.
Because she liked writing TV shows, she gave it a shot.
collins went to the Alabama School of Fine arts Suzanne Collins went to college at Indiana University with a double major in Drama & Telecommunitcations. She also earned an M.F.A. from New York University in Dramatic writing.
Simile: "He ran. Like a house on fire" Metaphor: "There. He's done it again. Droppeda bomb that wipes out the efforts of every tribute who came beforehim" Personification: "We watched as the fogconsumed her body"
There are no current plans for the Underland Chronicles to be made into a movie.
The Hunger Games series was wildly successful, and although Mockingjay HAS been stated as the final book, I'm assuming that Suzanne Collins won't let the fire die out just yet, so maybe we can get a prequel explaining what happened and how the districts were formed, or an entire sequel series?
I know Suzanne Collins started writing the Hunger Games trilogy because one day she was flipping through channels on her tv, and she saw a commercial about hunger problems in poor countries, and she saw a tv show about the Vietnamese war, and she thought of the idea for the Hunger Games. I LOVE...
He rose like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, He ran like a house on fire, It hurt like a fire ant sting, It burned like raging forest fire
I'm sorry, but the fifth book was the last installment. i am upset that the fifth book was the last it was a terrible ending but a great series the fifth book did not yell anyone if they were moving back to the regalia or Virginia and how can he just leave luxa behind
Assuming that Suzanne Collins started high school when she was 14 (1976), and again assuming that she graduated when she was 18. she would have graduated in 1980. She graduated from Alabama school of fine arts in 1980
From what I've read no I'm disappointed by that so many questions left unanswered.
yes she did! the world famous author wrote my favorite show as a little kid!
I sure hope so, but she probably won't. She is busy with beingfamous for the Hunger Games
There is no answer since her biography has not listed the names
The Hunger Games. Catching Fire. Mockingjay.
you can't contact her by her own address but you can mail it to the scholastic press and they can send it to her. here is the address: Suzanne Collins c/o Scholastic Inc. 555 Broadway New York, NY 10012-3999