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Mobile Broadband

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Mobile broadband is wireless access used for devices such as hotspots, cell phones, and tablets. There are different generations of coverage, such as 3G (third generation) and 4G (fourth generation).
It could just mean that you are having temporary connectiontrouble.
I don't. I ams still using 2.5G because the price rate of 3G in ourlocation is quite too expensive. And I think 2.5G is the best forme.
When you see 2g and 3g on your cell phone, your car is travelingthrough different signal strengths.
Yes, it will work but some of features of 3G services will work in 2G phone instead you can buy good 3G phone
3G - a mobile communications standard that allows cell phones,computers, and other portable electronic devices to access theInternet wirelessly. 4G - a mobile communications standard intended to replace 3G,allowing wireless Internet access at a much higher speed.
Yes... HSDPA 850/ 1900/2100. HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100.
Mobile broadband is way sloer that wi-fi.
3G is a third-generation wireless networking technology thatpermits faster transferring of data and performing video calls byvirtue. It is mostly used in data cards (dongles) and mobile phoneswith the latest technology such as Android, Windows or Apple iPhoneand tablets.
Dongles have a primary that they use for primary storage of data sothat they can transfer it to the device it has been connected. Andthe primary storage has a partition that is specifically devoted tostorage of some log files, serial codes, manufacturer's digitalsignatures and probably passwords.
A 1G Phone supports just the facility of voice calls in really lowquality and an internet speed that won't be enough to even loadGoogle in a feature phone. Wheras, 2G Phone is the successor of 1G and it has improved networkvoice quality over voice calls, improved bandwidth speed and thefacility of...
There is 3000 megabytes in 3 gigabytes. A thousand in each.
The G is not Generation, as most people think and say. It is the the IEEE 802.11 protocol for wireless technology
Around $215.00 Note: I won the 3g that i own so the price may be around $5.00 higher. The 3g is not that common anymore so it is not likely that you will find it in your local electronic store. Instead there are now better 5gs on sale. I think for the same price.
Yes, all iPhone and iPod Touch models use the same operating system, meaning the same software updates.
Second Generation, 3G networks are now starting to be more popular.
---2G Network---\n. \nThe second generation (2G) network uses digital signal to transmit voice. Compared with analog signal, digital signal is more accurate, reliable, and scalable. As a digital network, the 2G network can carry text messages along with voice. Those text messages, known as SMS ...
Yes but only on the mobile version. You can purchase a micro sim on pay as you go, that will provide access to the Internet.
There is a free iTunes App called My Contacts backup. The app allows you to export all your iPhone contacts and to send it to yourself via Email, making it quite easy to import the contacts on the new iPhone.
if you are a hardworking person then yes, it is very useful for on the go. but if you are just going to mess around with some apps for school, then no don't get it
not that i know of but you can downgrade to 3.1.2 (get the software here: http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ ) but you have to put your iPod in dfu mode (turn it off then hold down both home and lock buttons for ten seconds, then release the lock and hold down the home button for another ten...
It depends on the hard drive capacity you buy. The 8 gigabyte 2nd generation will cost $199 brand new.
First of all, you need a 3G supported handset and a 3G supportedSim card (some 2G Sim cards also allow to use 3G networks) thenactivate 3G by contacting customer care of the SIM's manufacturer.Then you may make use of HSPA or other network connections toconnect to the internet.
nope, only 8gb,32gb,and 64gb.
No, they are not the same. The 3rd generation 8 gigabyte iPod Touch should have a built-in microphone. The 2nd generation does not have a built-in microphone.
400 songs Or less depending on the length of the song
Cellular systems are described in multiple generations, with third- and fourth-generation (3G and 4G) systems just emerging: . 1G systems These are the analog systems such as AMPS that grew rapidly in the 1980s and are still available today. Many metropolitan areas have a mix of 1G and 2G systems...
Yes, a 2nd generation iPod Touch case will fit a 3rd generation iPod Touch.
3G is a cellular network, and wifi is a wirless network.
Practical between 20-80 Mbps.
It depends on the area or city you live, the average speed of the 2g network is around 160 kbps and it varies during peak hours (7.00 am to 11.00 pm)
The iPad 3G is a model of iPad with both a WiFi and 3G radio. You can connect to the net wirelessly from anywhere with a 3G account from your local wireless provider and a micro-SIM card.
i have a ipod 3g that i updated yesterday to 4.1 and when i tried limera1n the raindrop didn't pop up meaning it wasn't jail broken. so basically i don't think limera1n works for ipod 3g. Today i decided to try greenp0ison and i just followed what it tells me to do and i jail broke it. i hope this...
I would recommend Blackra1n. :)
Yes, since 3G networks are the next generation of 2G and 2.5G so a3G sim shall support EDGE and GPRS connections too.
No!! Lol 2g is very little but I would not contine to eat foods that have over 2g of fat on a everyday diet
To understand the difference let us first define the parts. The number is just that a number that holds the standard significance of defining where in a chronological time line each one falls. So that said, 1G came before 2G etc. . The G stands for Generation. Based on the fact that your asking the...
4G refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is a successor to 3G and 2G standards. The nomenclature of the generations generally refers to a change in the fundamental nature of the service. The first was the move from analogue to digital (2G), which was followed by multi...
You can search iPod firmware on Google, it should be the first link.
an easy way to tell is the second gen has 8gb and doesn't have 16gb and the 3rd has16gb but not 8gh
Yes, there is an option for a limited or unlimited data plan. Currently you can either get a plan with AT&T or Verizon.
the new one come out with 3.1.3 firmware
no it doesnt i went from a 2g to a 0g the best thing to do is massage ur ear after taking a hot shower and put some vasiline on the gauge and ur all good man im up to 00s now so good luck bro
it works like 3g but is faster.
3G is a Free Wireless Signal ("Network"), sometimes when 3G is good, it also holds GPS signal. 3G is fast but not as fast as Wi-Fi signal, when you're driving, 3G is very bad (and holds even less then 1 GB!), when you're not driving, 3G holds around 12 GB.
Type your answer here... third generation
4G is short for the fourth generation of cellular technology, which is faster than 3G.
No it will not work, I tried doing that myself when I was repairing an iphone because i thought I used the right screen. It turns out that the digitizer layout is different. So if you do switch the screens up, if you click on an app, it will go to the one next to it.
Original Answer by Chohw0916 Edited by Arianna Lovendino Trust me. I have tried this. The case does fit the iPhone 2G.Though, there is one problem. The case will be very tight becauseiPhone 2G is a bit thicker than iPhone 3G.
An iPod Touch 3rd Generation has many more features than the 2nd Generation offers. The 3rd Generation has the internal components from the iPhone 3GS. These include the processor, graphics processing, and memory. This makes the iPod 3G a much faster device than it's 2nd generation predecessor. The...
Alrite. First of all,China does not have iPhone 3g..it is most likely a fake clone iPhone that is freaking slow..The only china city that sells the actual iPhone is Shanghai..it is exactly like the American iPhone 3g,but it is slower
it depends wich netoworks mobile network you are using. it also depends on how much gb you are buying
ok, go to the apple store and throw it at someone head. it works for me
Yes, just not perfectly snug.
Unfortunately no...you see apple originally came out with the ipod camera in 2002, but the model had many issues and was recalled. They decided to try it again on the 3G ipod, and it was successful because of the improvement in technology over the years.
i am sorry i dont think you can change them because they are not the same are they but if they have the same thing that you need to replace have a go it is worth a go but touch screens are crap mine only lasted 4 month and the screen broke for nothing when i diddn't do anything and it was working...
If you aren't getting any internet access whatsoever, then you should make sure the iPhone has been activated with AT&T. If you are only getting a connection through "Edge" (the letter E will appear in the top bar), then you are either not in an area that has 3G available or it is simply disabled. ...
Yes, it supports 3G network.
The Microphone on 3rd generation Ipod touch's is in the ear-buds. If you get the 16 gigabyte or 36 gigabyte you get the microphone with the ear-buds but not if you get the 8 gigabyte.
Sorry but no, cydia and ice are only allowed to modify your idevice to great extincts. But you cannot use it to surge into peoples wireless network. Think of it as painting your car red and trying your key in your neighbors lambo. Just dosnt work that way.
Yes they will work. They use same port, so they compatible with each other.
3 gigabits with the G being a shorter way than to say gigabytes
2g + 4 - 6 = g + 1 2g - 2 = g + 1 2g - g = 1 + 2 g = 3 Check: 2(3) + 4 - 6 = 3 + 1 6 + 4 - 6 = 4 4 = 4
Unfortunately, you cannot. Tracfone disables any unlocking of any of their SIM cards of any kind on any network, and you may or may not be penalized if you try. I suggest you unlock the Iphone 2G with T-Mobile, if you want lower-price service. I've heard THAT unlocking process is possible.
Connection too slow. Not ideal for dialups and Android mobile. Butworks fine on low-performance featured phones.
THE FULL FORM OF 3G IS-"3RD GENERATION" ! when mobiles ist came into existence they were referred to as 1G,then after some more elaborate and distinctive features the technology came to be known as 2g,and now with more wonderful features on the list,with a certain full movie download facility it...
3G simply means 3rd Generation of technology.
3G stands for 3rd generation of the GSM technology. GSM is global system for mobile communication which connects all mobiles using wireless network. In initial ages GSM technology was only transfering of speech i.e voice calls. that was the first generation of GSM. IN second generation of GSM...
They now have 4G LTE. It basically says its 4G but there is no true service that has only 4G they estimate it. It would kind of be like 3.5 - 3.9G
3G phones are much more expensive than 2G phones because these phones use much more advanced technology than the ones that are on 2G phones.
3G literally stands for 3rd Generation, it's the 3rd generation of Mobile Services and data transfers, with faster data transfer speeds and other features. Apart from giving you fast data speeds and swift internet, they make sure you don't have to wait for your favourite videos to buffer and lets...
If the density of wood is 2g per CCm does it float in water?
You have to press the home button once and their you have it! Not Tested:[
you get free internet and 300 free texts and 1200 free minutes when you top up and it last 3 months. windows life messenger/msn/hotmail is free all the time. and 3 to 3 calls and texts are always free.
3 g is 3000 mg. So there is 20 x 150 mg in 3 g. The answer is 20
Yes. All of the iphone screen cases should fit expect for the iphone 4.
well you should be able to plug your device into the computer open up itunes and where it says 'check for updates' click it and you should find out
yes only if you top up though it lasts for three months. however windows live messenger/hotmail is free all the time on 3g phones so you do not need to top up if that's what you need .
I've heard about Sn0wbreeze doing it but it is a pain in the neck doing it. This rumor might not be true. Just try Sn0wbreeze, you have nothing to loose. P.S. Most likely in like a month when 4.0.1 comes out there will be a spirit userland jailbreak for 4.0 and up will come out. Hopefully soon.
currently the jailbreak is only for NON-MC models. unfortunately you'll have to wait -7/1/10
Mobile broadband is defined as broadband access (e.g. cable and DSL) in the cellular environment. Mobile broadband is analogous to the cell phone, enabling everywhere access to high speed data - at any range of motion.
No, But it does come with a headset with a built in mic.
It was introduced in 2010 by atnt - Dr. Klonz
I think so. The app is compatible.
Wifi - by a long shot
yes, especially the rubber kind
Wait til July 31 2010. A spirit like jailbreak will be out by Comex. Hoped it helped, By kaijen176
you cant because it is illegal buster jail 4 u no its not illegal new DMCA laws were passed that proove jailbreaking isn't illegal. and your such a goodie 2 shoes, we had limewire for like 8 years.
Go to jailbreakme.com and then slide to jailbreak. If that does not work then go to jailbreakme.modmyi.com If that doesnt work then go to settings, and clear cache, clear history, and clear cookies. If that doesnt work then your screwed