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Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri, usually known mononymously as Dante, was a 12th century Italian poet. He is best known for his work the Divine Comedy. He is often called "the Father of the Italian language."
Dante is considered one of Italy's greatest poet.
He was the most important Medieval poet.
Dante Alighieri was a Renaissance poet. He wrote many famous poems, but by far his most celebrated are the Divine Comedies, consisting of "Inferno", his journey through Hell, "Purgatorio", his stay in Purgatory (a land between Heaven and Hell), and "Paradisio", when he finally enters the gates of...
Three books, 1. Hell. 2. Purgatory 3. Paradise they are all part of his same storyline which is the divine comedy
\n \n\n \n\n. \n. Yes, Dante was a Christian/Roman Catholic.
For failing to mend a political schism
Dante Alighieri is most remembered for his writing La Divina Comedia or The Divine Comedy) of which the first part, Inferno, is the most well known.
Dante was influenced by Tuscan poetry, particularly of troubadours of his own time. He came to be influenced also by Occitan writers of his time and ancient Latin poetry, particularly of Virgil. Of course, he was also profoundly influenced by the political and religious goings on of his own...
Dante was a prolific writer of the renaissance. There is an article on him on wikipedia. One of his famous works is Dante's Inferno. He was a native of Florence.
Dante Alighieri's major poetic work was La Divina Comedia (or the Divine Comedy), which describes Dante's travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. His writing was greatly influenced by the Bible and medieval Christian theology and philosophy, especially the writings of St. Augustine and...
Dante Alighieri was a famous Italian writer known commonly for writing La Divina Comedia or The Divine Comedy
Disloyalty in Dante's Inferno was portrayed as deliberate betrayal or treason in the worst cases if to one's Lord or country. Those sinners of disloyalty and betrayal were found in the lowest level of Hell in the Inferno. Here traitors are distinguished from the "merely" fraudulent in that their...
1265 to 1321
Ravenna in September 1321 according to "The Norton Anthology" World Masterpieces page #1010.
Well, I'd say he created the physical place of hell, cuz the bible says hell is just to live with out god. Then Dante was all like, fire and devils and rape and what not.
Dante Aligheri is a Italian Hero. He was born in either May or June of 1265 to Alighiero di Bellinclone Alighieri and Donna Belia degill Abita. He is the author of The Divine Comedy , a classic in literature. In the story, he is guided through Inferno(Hell), Purgatory(the in between of heaven and...
Yes, he married Gemma until the mid-1290s.
Yes he was to Gemma di Manetto Donati in 1285
poet, statesman and language theorist
Dante Aligheri is a famous Italian writer. Most famous works include "Hell" (' Inferno' in Italian ) and "Purgatory" (' Prugatorio' in Italian.)
Durante degli Alighieri is his name
The Divine Comedy was a political satire. We do not see the political elements the same way that Dante's contemporary readers did, because the specific people who were satirized by Dante, as well as their political factions and philosophies, are long gone and forgotten. So now it just reads like an...
He wrote the "Divine Comedy" best known for its' first part "Dante's Inferno".
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They both studied ancient classical writings, such as Roman and Greek.
the divine comedy la divina comedia
His greatest achievement was writing A Divine Comedy
The first Dante's poem is about his allegorical travel throughtHell
Apples and oranges. Shakespeare wrote English, Dante Italian. Shakespeare wrote plays, Dante wrote epic poetry. How can you compare them? They are both great in their own ways. (Comparing Dante to Milton would make more sense.)
Because he was a poet, and they didn't have pictures or videos back then.
Because his party was defeated. Then he was accused of"barattaggio" - embezzlement.
A dowry was recorded in 1277 but it is believed Dante married Gemmasometime around the year 1285.
\n. \n Dante Alighieri's masterpiece was his epic work, 'The Divine Comedy'.\nThat was a very educational book/poetry thingy and it was very cool and freakishly awesome!!!! :)
Durante Dante Alighieri also know as Dante was an Italian poet that lived from 1265 to 1321. His best known literary work was the Divine Comedy. This work is considered one of the greatest literary work of world literature.
Dante's epic poem "The Divine Comedy," is written in three canticas, each containing 33 cantos. The scheme used for the verses of these cantos is called "terza rima," and consists ot tercets (three lines) of 11 syllables each.
Dante Alighieri's birth name is Durante Degli Alighieri.
He died from a fever September 14, 1321
For starters, the Divine Comedy endorses an interest in the doings and honor of men. A good case in point is the fact that there are several denizens of Hell that Dante endorses either for their civic virtue(the Florentine Noblemen in the circle of the Sodomites, Farinata Degli Uberti) or for their...
He lived in Italy. Most of his life was spent in Florence, until he was about 35. After that he was in Rome as an exile.
he modernized literature
1265-1321 Dante Alighieri has written: 'Rime per la donna pietra' 'The trilogy' 'La Divina Commedia' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'De hel' 'The Divine comedy of Dante Alighieri Purgatorio' 'On world government (De monarchia)' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Church and state ...
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Brunetto Latini was Dante's mentor and teacher
He is famousbecause he almost highhandedly made Italy a literary language He Stands as one of the towering figures of EuropeanLiterature
Dante traveled around Italy and never settled in any one place.
I think your are referring to the middle ages classic, Dante'sInferno . It has nothing to do with biblical text, it is not referenced inthe bible. its a play, as a movie script if you will, of theauthors idea of what an eternal hell would be like based uponbelief in Philosopha doctrine, its 5...
He wanted to name his enemies so the truth would be told about themeven if he could not say it himself.
Dante Alighieri helped shape the modern Italian language.
The further Dante travels into Hell, the more severe the sinsbecome.
He is a well-respected poet who exhibits clear reason and logic ashe guides Dante through the Inferno..
To take revenge on the people in Florence who hurt him . To pass judgement on important religious leaders .
Those who did not sin but weren't baptized live in the First Circleof Limbo.
Those who commit suicide are confined to tree trunks and will neverbe reunited with their bodies.
Born 1st June 1265 and died 14th September 1321 and buried in the Basilica of San Fransesco in Ravenna, Italy
Passing judgement on sinners as they are punished . Accepting that the suffering of sinners is a part of God's plan .
They avoid the use of formal language, allowing readers toexperience the work on different emotional levels. They use conversational language and powerful images that allowreaders to have a multisensory experience.
Because people still wonder about the afterlife even today . Because many people still struggle with the age-old question ofwhat it means to be a good person.
Being a hypocritical person Betrayal of friends . Involvement in corrupt business practices .
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He was not influenced by Homer at all. Dante never had access to Homer's works due to it not being translated to Latin.
Dante was loyal to the Guelphs, who supported the popes, and in opposition to the Ghibellines, who supported the Holy Roman Emperors. These groups were not really political parties, but had existence based on family and power considerations.
because Comedy does not always mean humor, in early Lit, like Dante and Shakespeare, Comedy is thought of as a piece of writing that ends well; with everything in it's place, often in the form of a wedding.
Dante was exiled because he had been so involved in the whiteGuelph party.
Dante Alighieri had 3 sons and 1 daughter. IF you search dante alighieri for kids on Google you will probaly find their names on one of the links. .
The writings of St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Virgil influenced Dante and his writing.
him writing many story
no, he became famous for his poetry and writing- The Divine Comedy
Dante Alighieri was a Christian in the Roman Catholic church. (At the time he lived there were only two branches of the church: Roman Catholic in the west, and Eastern Orthodox in the east.) He is notable for his opposition to certain popes whom he believed corrupt and not faithful leaders of the...
yes, he had children, 16 Milllion in fact. The names were Damian Girouard, Gabrielle, Alighiero, Pietro, and Giovanni. He had these children with his wifes friends. The fmaous Beatirce is actually a woman he fell in love with when he was very young. He barely knew her in real life.
They are all famous for writing some of the greatest literature in the world.
Chaucer wrote in English, and Dante wrote in Italian, although both were working with older versions than we have now. Chaucer was writing in what they call "Middle English," which is often hard for modern speakers to understand. Dante's Divine Comedy was written in the Tuscan dialect, which was...
Dante Alighieri wrote in Italian.
Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy which had three parts toit. They were Hell (Inferno), Purgatory (Purgatorio), and Paradise(Paradiso). He wrote it to describe the journey he took throughthem in his imagination.
originally called comedian later called Dvina by Boccaccio
Dante is best known for his book entitled The Divine Comedy .
He was a famous philosopher.
Dante wrote the bulk of his work when he was exiled from Florence in Northern and Central Italy including Rome, Verona, Sarzana in Liguria, and Lucca where he lived.
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Died: September 14, 1321 (aged about 56)
Yes: What Dreams May Come (1998) with Robin Williams. It shows the Paradise (Heaven) and the Inferno (Hell). It's based on Dante's Divine Comedy. You can see that for example in the fact that a person that commits suicide goes to Hell and "can't be saved"... I can't remember if they show the...