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Kool-Aid is the brand name of a powdered drink mix. Available in sweetened and sugar-free, Kool-Aid comes in a large variety of flavors.
YES do not drink it you will die
What? fat people in a hot tub
there are kool aid in some local grocery stores
the purpose of kool-aid is for a refreshing drink made up of numerous acids and chemicals
Ask Kool-Aid.
Just follow the recipe multiplying the ingredients for 200 people.
ask this question in science to because this is a science questionbut the answer is like evaporation
0.16-Ounce Packets (Pack of 72)
no I do not think so
childrens tears Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar,...
many kids liked it,and they ran out
im guessing 7ft . not THAT tall , but yeah. he'll eat you.
the kool aid man was done by my old friends mother, it was an art contest that was run by the company. She received basically nothing in comparison to how much money that stupid pitcher has made the company. I no longer speak with my friend but i can tell you that his name is Chance Wenzel, we...
Don't know. what I know is that it is YUMMY
it is very safe to drink as long as you dont drink to much
No. Kool Aid is full of artificial sugars and sweetners which contain tons of fats in them. Kool Aid brings your health down from100% to 96%.
To my knowledge it is no longer being produced. Really sucks too, as it was my favorite. I've scoured Massachusetts, Georgia, and Alabama and haven't found it since 2006. Search eBay before they are completely gone. 7.30.08
water because it does not have any sugar in it! :)
No. Making Kool-Aid is a physical change because there has been no chemical change in its composition when added to water. It was just diluted into a solution by the addition of water.
The way I did mine(I did red) was, I took it straight out of bottle I mixed it in to drink, and I heated it up on the stove. I dipped my hair into it, and did it until it was even. It took ten minutes. My friend had to help me, but it shouldn't take too long. I did it in late December, and right now...
Kool Aid drink mix itself will not give you AID's nor make you HIV positive, despite the misleading name. Furthermore, if you prepare the drink mix into a beverage according to the manufacturer's instructions you should not come down with AID's. That being said, improper use of the Kool Aid mix...
Jacob Kool the III in 1971
Kool aid man is the giant pitcher of kool aid that bursts through kids walls and forces them to drink kool aid.
60 calories per 8 0zthat is for regular table sugar
Some people were allergic to some of the ingredients in,the kool-aid but only certain people with rare diseases
Kool-Aid contains citric acid, mysterious flavorings and color. It should never go bad as a powder in an intact container. Kept dry, (scientifically) it should over decades lose flavor and color. If mixed, it most certainly will become non-potable.
Kool-Aid was introduced in 1927.
It can make your tongue change colors and if your eat enough it can make you sick!:)
yes juice is the same thing as kool-aid but kool-aid has more sugar
Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, sodium, chlorine, nitrogen, sulfur.
First ask the store if they can order it. Some stores will order stuff in custom order if a customer wants it. There are 'extinct' flavors (not made anymore) and there are ones that are available just regionally or just in one country. If they are available in your country... (I know several of the...
Contact Harris Teeter, call Kraft, at 800-323-0768 they can locate the item in your area where the sku was sold last in the past 30 days. I found Cherry Sugar Free Kool Aid. I am so excited. thanks. Lee. Contact Harris Teeter, call Kraft, at 800-323-0768 they can locate the item in your area where...
1 ounce Asian laborer sweat 1 teaspoon child laborer's tears 1 cup of Kool-Aid CEO's blood. And all at 100 calories! Drink up!
I personally think that Kool- Aid is better.
packet of grape Kool-aid sugar and water... dumba$$.
Kool-Aid's main ingredient in a packet is citric acid.If you look on the back of a Kool-Aid packet they have a list of ingredients. The ingredients are listed from greatest to least. So, the main ingredient is always listed at the top, and the ingredient that there is not much of is listed at the...
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omg is it?!?!?!?!?!? maybe if you drink it all the time, everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner. only because it has so much sugar. it is better to make your own juice.
Kool aid will fade in the pool. If its a bright color it will fade. Wait til the hair is fully dried though.
It depends on you. It matters on how much you take a shower, how long you keep it soaked in the kool aid, and the color of your hair. If it is blond it will probable erase in a month but if it is brown probably 2 weeks but if black hair probably 2 days. I have kool aid in my hair right now and i...
Tide. Tide is the absolute BEST!!!
No. Kool-Aid is a mixture.
i think Micheal Jordan umm.... no way , it was invented by Edwin perkin, in Hastings Nebraska in 1927.
I used Koolaid as well but I regret it because it's almost permanent. Here's some things you can try to get it out: Put koolaided area in lemon juice for 15-20 mins. Put it in Boiling hot water for 15 minutes, wash it out with what you use to wash your clothes in a washer. If none of this works do...
not for ameteurs or the faint of heart.. best to call in a pro, check the yellow pages & ask them if they can remove Kool aid
It's not always possible to remove kool aid stains from carpet. All "red stains" are difficult to get out. Red coloring used in pop, candy, and other foods generally doesn't flush out with water. However, if you try the methods used by professional carpet cleaners, you may get that stain out. ...
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Where can i buy watermelon flavor kool-aid i live in a town call statesboro ga
I've never heard of anyone actually doing this, come to think of it, I don't know if it would even work. But I'm sure it can be no worse than bleaching it. I've seen people try to lighten their hair with lemon juice and staying in the sun, but I'm assuming you want to colour your hair a wacky colour...
good question. i would think not...because i think it would stain the skin. but you might as well give it a try! hey...at least you would smell yummy (:
In a really deep fast voice yell "oh yeah!"
1920's \nAround 1972, by a guy named Edwin Perkin, i think
Kool-Aid is an American invention dating back to circa 1927. It is a flavoured powder, when mixed with sugar and water becomes a popular drink. There are many varieties of flavours. Most often, packets are designed to make approximately 2 litres. Some packets are sold already containing sugar, or a...
cool-aid because it dose not have any caffeine in it
it's red sweet liquid and it takes the shape of it's container.
Yes, but don't use Kool-Aid if you can actually get hold of proper hair-dye products, it can be very damaging, it can smell quite strongly of the flavor used, and the colour is likely to transfer onto fabrics and other surfaces, especiallly when you take a shower.
Kool-aid water is neither solute or solvent. It is actually a solution. Water, a solvent, was mixed with kool-aid crystals, a solute, to create a solution, which is the kool-aid water.
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Not sure exactly (i'm from the uk) but you can get a sugar free unsweetened version, and add sugar yourself.
NO It is fake ............
When I put a flower in Kool-Aid for an experiment, all it did was wilt the flower. The flower buds never opened.
I put red kool-aid in my hair back in September it is now February. If you straighten,curl,etc. your hair it probably will not come out. This is exactly what happened to me. I suggest that you don't dye your hair but if you already did then i would try dish washing soap or tomato juice. If not then...
that is because they want to create the image that he cant be hurt by walls and that hes really cool for that, that's why so many little kids scream for kool-aid.
You soak your hair in Kool Aid for a while
yes it is, there is just sugar and water in it. :)
Kool-Aid, like other sweetened drinks, is fine in moderation. It does not cause any medical conditions in and of itself, but it does have empty calories.
i think u can get it in your loachal stores i also found out u can use it for your hair and turn it a hole diffrent cloure if your from Australia u cant get it
Kool-Aid consists of chemical flavoring, color and sugar mixed intowater. Because they do not separate readily into their individualparts it is a homogenous mixture, not heterogeneous.
None, you have to add a cup of sugar to it when you make it.
yes you can.....just use different colors and then BAM you have a t-shirt
Yes, but not permanently.
Easy. You don't. Well. At least that is my opinion.
It is a heterogeneous substance if the powder is the only thing you have. It is a homogeneous substance if the powder is mixed in with the water and it is dissolved where you can't see the powder anymore.
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Yup! It does not work on brown or dark hair colors. It only works on blonde and maybe red. It's better to use a darker color. Make the kool-aid as if you were to drink it. Dip your hair in and keep it in the kool-aid for 6-10 minutes. Dry with a blowdryer. Wash at least 3 hours AFTER dying. YOU...
Step 1: You will want to use the right chemical to get the stain out. We use a product called Kool-Aid, Juice and Dye Stain Remover that is specifically designed to get out Kool-Aid, juice and red beverage stains. It does a fast and easier job than other methods. We use it everyday. Step 2: ...