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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A sexually transmitted disease is a disease transmitted by intimate contact between people; male and female, male and male, or female and female. Diseases are generally transmitted by vaginal, anal, and oral sex with an infected partner.
One either feels good about it or not. one is either pregnant or not. One has either picked up an STD or not.
In general, marmots are not used in medical production or research.However, depending upon the specific system under study, there maybe some lab marmots in medical research. Other that this, the only use for a marmot in medicine would be intraditional medicine; this use would be unsubstantiated...
You won't get syphilis from smoking with someone who has it. Syphilis won't be passed after smoking a cigarette.
Yes, because there are small pores on condoms (because of material)
But anyone infected with HIV can infect otherpeople, even if they have no symptoms. .... tofive times more likely to acquire HIV throughsexual contact with an HIV - positiveperson .
By helping to make recombinant proteins such as enzymes, vaccinesand therapeutics. Not only for HIV but for other diseases too.
it can but its not a good idea to wear a band aid the whole time you have a "boo boo" you have to let air get to it so it can form a scab and be able to heal:)
The 3 major divisions of the brain are: C erebrum - fills up most of your skull. It is involved in remembering, problem solving, thinking, and feeling. It also controls movement. Cerebellum - sits at the back of your head, under the cerebrum. It controls coordination and balance. Brain...
if you have sex with it, touch it, or humps your leg
Yes, in most cases AIDS can be treated with a mixture of drugs
AIDS occur when HIV virus is transmitted from one person to otherby any means of bodily fluids.
If exposed to the virus, yes anyone can be infected with HIV.
Not a thing. I'm sorry but you really need to see a physician.
Pubmed is the database where one can find the references of any research based findings and reviews about diseases, pathogens, molecules etc. It is maintained by NCBI in USA. In addition, WHO also publishes the latest data about AIDS patients in different countries and related statistics.
Viruses are mostly made of proteins, but they are living organisms that metabolize, breathe (respiration), develop (grow), respond to a stimulus, reproduce, and require proper temperatures/environment. Viruses do not care who you are, they just take advantage of a susceptible host. In the case of...
Theoretically, yes, but they would be fraternal twins. They would not be identical. This would probably never happen, though. Two eggs would have to be released at once and the girl would have to have sex with two men in one to five days and the sperm from the two men would have to both be viable at...
Society's all over the world have rules regarding the intermarriage of close relatives (1) some reason that this can bring about birth defects (2) while in other society's it is done to spread the family's social and political influence. There are also an encreasing number of country's that...
The posterior pituitary secretes the hormones oxytocin andvasopressin. Vasopressin is also known as ADH (anti-diuretichormone). Both oxytocin and vasopressin are peptide hormones.
when HIV symptoms are appearing.
PID is treated in the hospital if a patient is unable to tolerate oral medications (for example, due to nausea); if she's pregnant; if she's not responding to oral medications; if the diagnosis is in doubt; and for some other reasons. When IV antibiotics are started in the hospital, the patient...
It could have been the use of hard drugs. This is a very easy way to spread the disease.
A virus, human papillomavirus, causes genital warts HPV or human papillomavirus causes genital warts. It is cannot be cured only treated. The best way to treat it is with Genital Wart Off. It works great! http://www.GenitalWartOff.com protozoa nova net answer!! Genital warts are caused by the...
Yes, HPV(human papilloma virus) can be contracted if you are a virgin. Because genital contact without penetration is possible, virgins are likely to get HpV. There is a slight chance; but it would be highly unlikely.
If you had chlamydia for a long period, you may have experienced complications of chlamydia such as pelvic inflammatory disease or epididymitis. Most people with chlamydia do not experience long-term complications. Talk to your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.
Yes, you can still get STDs if you're circumcised.
The position of the foramen magnum on the fossil Australopithecus africanus discovered by Raymond Dart suggested to him that the species had an upright posture and was bipedal .
If you mean blindness.... It could happen if you contract genital herpes at birth. But contracting herpes at birth is not common and there are ways to help prevent this from happening. If you contract it later in life then NO you're not going to go blind. All herpes does to adults is cause annoying...
Medicating yourself is risky; you really should see a doctor.
With no other symptoms, that would seem doubtful, but just having a sore throat for a year is reason enough for you to see a doctor. At once.
It means that you have either been having sex to hard or you've been scratching your vagina
Early signs for herpes are one or more blisters in the infected area and flu like symptoms (fever and swollen glands).
Chlamydia can cause damage to the fallopian tubes or tubes the carry sperm. It can cause inflammation and scarring that can affect future fertility.
Yes you can still get pregnant. More then likely she can still get pregnant is she had gonorrhea and was treated. Yes, there is still a possibility you can get pregnant after having gonorrhea. . Yes, normally. It is also entirely possible for gonorrhea to be treated in pregnant women. A lot of...
A graphic depicting the life cycle of chlamydia can be found at the related link.
Lack of education regarding the dangers of HIV/AIDS definitely promote the spread of disease. Persons are unaware of the dangers of certain sex practices (such as having sex without a condom) and other methods whereby this virus can be transmitted. Hence, since they lack the knowledge they can...
A pregnant woman can become infected with gonorrhea.
I would guess most kids become sexually active in their late teens to early twenties. By that I mean actually having sex. If you are asking about masturbation, some can start as early as 12-13 years old.
Many, including . Anaemia (of many times - iron deficiency anaemia, anaemia of chronic disease, megaloblastic anaemia) . Luekaemias . Lymphoma . Viral infections such as infectious mononucleosis . Bordatella pertussis infection (whooping cough) . Overwhelming bacterial infection (sepsis)
Yes, pigs have a cerebral cortex.
It is possible to have a single genital herpes sore.
Earle Dickson invented Band-Aids while working for Johnson andJohnson in 1920. It seems Earle's wife, Josephine, often cutherself while cooking, so Earle invented the Band-Aid with her inmind.
Short Answer: The 4 atoms, O, C, H and N are about 96% of our mass, but with calcium added in the group of 5 represents more than 97% of the body mass of the average person. Accounting by Mass: The mass of the human body is provided mostly by oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen. Together...
Find out what he likes and learn to like it as well. so long as it's not harmful.
Of course not. Being that the membranes are thinner in the males anal region and thicker in the female does not mean you can't give a female HIV. I believe a lot of it depends on behaviour and how it's practiced. Remember that Magic Johnson contracted HIV from a female. With all due respect and no...
== no T.I. does not have HIV.it is just a rumor because some people don't like T.I. == . NO
No, if it keeps happening seek medical advice.
It is too early ! And is bad at any age.
Bone consists of osteocytes (bone cells) and extracellular matrix (minerals such as calcium and phosphorus).
No; taking a sample from the sores or visual inspection is the only sure method of diagnosing genital herpes. A blood test can tell you if you've been exposed to the herpes virus, but can't tell you if the infection is genital, oral, or elsewhere. The statement is false.
Herpes can take any where from 2-30 days (after being exposed to it) to show up, but if you have a really strong immune system you may not get break outs or very mild symptoms. If your partner didn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out at the time you had sex then you're less likely to get it....
the two types are herpes type one and type two..ie,HSV1 and HSV2...the difference is in the site of preference
Chlamydia is a bacterial infection. You can only get chlamydia if you're infected with chlamydia bacteria. Other bacterial infections will not cause or lead to chlamydia, no matter how often you have them.
Yes you can but they have to be delivered by c-section.
Penicillin is the antibiotic most commonly used to treatsyphilis . ... If you are allergic to penicillin , yourdoctor may prescribe another antibiotic in early stages of syphilis , such as doxycycline, tetracycline, ceftriaxone, orazithromycin. Or he or she may desensitize you so that you can ...
HPV is spread by direct contact and are not spread via body fluids.
Herpes is not present in pneumonia.
Genital herpes looks the same on males and females. It starts asblisters, then may look like whiteheads. Then the blisters ruptureand leave sores. The blisters are small, about the size of a letterO on a newspaper page.
Yes. If you have unprotected sex or share bodily fluids with your work colleagues.
An ear infection can definitely be a sign of HIV. However, it isnot common. When people get ear infections, it usually is notbecause they are suffering from HIV.
yes they can adopt but they have to be careful when taking care ofbaby
It is called a Redoubt.
STDs are a subset of infectious diseases. STD's are more specific, referring to an infection in a particular part of the body, the reproductive system.
If the woman is infected with HIV, there is a good risk of passing the virus sexually.
AIDS starts with the letter A. AIDS
\nYes. HIV is not only transmitted through sex. Anyone can catch HIV through drug use, or tainted blood.
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Stress will not cause herpes; but if you have the herpes infection stress may cause an outbreak.
This is a difficult statistic to provide, as some African countries to not track or do not provide HIV and AIDS statistics. According to UNICEF, South Africa was home to 280,000 children under 14 years of age living with AIDS in South Africa in 2007. That is one country out of dozens. The...
Good question! It is still unclear how HIV packages exactly twocopies of their RNA genome in the particle. But what know is theseRNA interact to form dimers, and these dimers may be well enough tobe accommodated in the the capsids or gag molecules prior tobudding.
HPV doesn't have any treatment. Abnormal cells on the cervix causedby HPV usually aren't treated during pregnancy. Some treatments forgenital warts are safe during pregnancy. Talk with your health careprovicer to clarify your exact diagnosis and options for treatment.
You can not conform the presence of HIv with the blood test, you need to go with ELISA, tridot and also western blotting.
You can have genital herpes for your entire life and not know it.Some people have such mild symptoms that they are unaware that theyare infected and contagious.
If you mean the little chocolate kisses candy from Hersheys, just put them in the freezer. If you mean a physical contact kiss between two people, then practice, practice, practice.
BeCouse it keeps changing in terms of characteristics, They can cure it if stays still without changing. Also because it stays hidden for long period of time, it first takes over the victims body then appears, but that's too late :(
Yes the apt age to know about the hiv and aids. Moralism is very much essential to live the life in the right way as the purpose of human birth is to know the secret of the whole creation.
Due to the close genetic relationship between nonhuman primatesand humans, disease causing organisms are easily exchanged betweenthem. The pathogens that can be passed from nonhuman primates tohumans and vice versa include bacteria, fungi, parasites, andviruses. . They may be spread by bites,...
In the cervix, rectum, urethra, or throat.
Usually, genital warts are diagnosed by physical exam alone. If amore definite diagnosis is needed, biopsy is an option.