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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A sexually transmitted disease is a disease transmitted by intimate contact between people; male and female, male and male, or female and female. Diseases are generally transmitted by vaginal, anal, and oral sex with an infected partner.
  One either feels good about it or not. one is either pregnant or not. One has either picked up an STD or not.
You won't get syphilis from smoking with someone who has it.Syphilis won't be passed after smoking a cigarette.
Yes, because there are small pores on condoms (because of material)
But anyone infected with HIV can infect other  people, even if they have no symptoms. .... to  five times more likely to acquire HIV through  sexual contact with an HIV-positive  person.
Nucleosides and Nucleotide Analogues are the main antiviral drugs  developed for the herpes simplex virus.
if you have sex with it, touch it, or humps your leg
Yes, in most cases AIDS can be treated with a mixture of drugs
If exposed to the virus, yes anyone can be infected with HIV.
  Society's all over the world have rules regarding the intermarriage of close relatives (1) some reason that this can bring about birth defects (2) while in other society's it is done to spread the family's social and political influence. There are also an encreasing number of country's that...
The posterior pituitary secretes the hormones oxytocin andvasopressin. Vasopressin is also known as ADH (anti-diuretichormone). Both oxytocin and vasopressin are peptide hormones.
when HIV symptoms are appearing.
PID is treated in the hospital if a patient is unable to tolerate oral medications (for example, due to nausea); if she's pregnant; if she's not responding to oral medications; if the diagnosis is in doubt; and for some other reasons. When IV antibiotics are started in the hospital, the patient...
It could have been the use of hard drugs. This is a very easy way to spread the disease.
A virus, human papillomavirus, causes genital wartsHPV or human papillomavirus causes genital warts. It is cannot be cured only treated. The best way to treat it is with Genital Wart Off. It works great! http://www.GenitalWartOff.comprotozoa nova net answer!!Genital warts are caused by the human...
Yes, HPV(human papilloma virus) can be contracted if you are a virgin. Because genital contact without penetration is possible, virgins are likely to get HpV.There is a slight chance; but it would be highly unlikely.
If you mean blindness....It could happen if you contract genital herpes at birth. But contracting herpes at birth is not common and there are ways to help prevent this from happening.If you contract it later in life then NO you're not going to go blind. All herpes does to adults is cause annoying...
Medicating yourself is risky; you really should see a doctor.
With no other symptoms, that would seem doubtful, but just having a sore throat for a year is reason enough for you to see a doctor. At once.
Lack of education regarding the dangers of HIV/AIDS definitely promote the spread of disease. Persons are unaware of the dangers of certain sex practices (such as having sex without a condom) and other methods whereby this virus can be transmitted. Hence, since they lack the knowledge they can...
  I would guess most kids become sexually active in their late teens to early twenties. By that I mean actually having sex. If you are asking about masturbation, some can start as early as 12-13 years old.
Many, including   Anaemia (of many times - iron deficiency anaemia, anaemia of chronic disease, megaloblastic anaemia)  Luekaemias  Lymphoma  Viral infections such as infectious mononucleosis  Bordatella pertussis infection (whooping cough)  Overwhelming bacterial infection (sepsis) 
  Find out what he likes and learn to like it as well. so long as it's not harmful.
Of course not. Being that the membranes are thinner in the males anal region and thicker in the female does not mean you can't give a female HIV. I believe a lot of it depends on behaviour and how it's practiced. Remember that Magic Johnson contracted HIV from a female. With all due respect and no...
  == no T.I. does not have HIV.it is just a rumor because some people don't like T.I. ==   NO
  No, if it keeps happening seek medical advice.
No; taking a sample from the sores or visual inspection is the only sure method of diagnosing genital herpes. A blood test can tell you if you've been exposed to the herpes virus, but can't tell you if the infection is genital, oral, or elsewhere.The statement is false.
Chlamydia is a bacterial infection. You can only get chlamydia if you're infected with chlamydia bacteria. Other bacterial infections will not cause or lead to chlamydia, no matter how often you have them.
Yes you can but they have to be delivered by c-section.
Penicillin is the antibiotic most commonly used to treatsyphilis . ... If you are allergic to penicillin , yourdoctor may prescribe another antibiotic in early stages of syphilis , such as doxycycline, tetracycline, ceftriaxone, orazithromycin. Or he or she may desensitize you so that you can ...
HPV is spread by direct contact and are not spread via body fluids.
Herpes is not present in pneumonia.
Genital herpes looks the same on males and females. It starts asblisters, then may look like whiteheads. Then the blisters ruptureand leave sores. The blisters are small, about the size of a letterO on a newspaper page.
An ear infection can definitely be a sign of HIV. However, it is  not common. When people get ear infections, it usually is not  because they are suffering from HIV.
yes they can adopt but they have to be careful when taking care of  baby
STDs are a subset of infectious diseases.STD's are more specific, referring to an infection in a particular part of the body, the reproductive system.
If the woman is infected with HIV, there is a good risk of passing the virus sexually.
    Yes. HIV is not only transmitted through sex. Anyone can catch HIV through drug use, or tainted blood.
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Stress will not cause herpes; but if you have the herpes infection stress may cause an outbreak.
  If you mean the little chocolate kisses candy from Hersheys, just put them in the freezer. If you mean a physical contact kiss between two people, then practice, practice, practice.
BeCouse it keeps changing in terms of characteristics, They can cure it if stays still without changing. Also because it stays hidden for long period of time, it first takes over the victims body then appears, but that's too late :(
Yes the apt age to know about the hiv and aids. Moralism is very much essential to live the life in the right way as the purpose of human birth is to know the secret of the whole creation.
2 people have aids danny mills and oliver ledger from withernsea high school
you didnt where a condom
Yes you should get check and cleared until then so sexual  intercourse!
The short answer is yes. The person being treated for a bacterial sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, syphilis) must complete the medication and be sex free for 7 days. The viral infections are not curable and can be spread even when there are no symptoms, and...
  Syphilis first appeared in SpainThe disease origins are unknown but there are two hypotheses. One is that the disease came back from the New World with Columbus and the second says that it was already in the Old World but not recognized. Most believe that the first one is true.
Probably not. Genital Warts come from the HPVirus, and it doesn't live without a wet/most and heated place to grow. Hope that helped you, Good Luck.
Sure, why not? of course just because u got aids dont mean u should stop living go ahead and get a car
No, it's most likely just a rumor you've heard.
  No. The common cold is a virus which has nothing to do with a STD.Nasal congestion is not a symptom of any STD in adults. See your health care provider to get screened for STDs, since you're concerned.
they probably could but i never heard nor meet anyone who has but uprobably could u heard of that famous track runner who got hiv andlived with it 4 30 years so i say why not it could happen Answer-True
In the US, estimates of teens reported with the gonorrhea infection is around 1/4 million; 60% of which are women.
  yes we learnt about in class so dont do it with some one who has it
Herpes is not known to affect fertility; for both men and women. You ca still have kids with genital herpes. Your doctor can answer any questions you have; and there are help groups online for a support system.l
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Posibly a litle iritant or most likely a slight infection. The forekin can be a bit senitive at times. However it usualy gets over any litle problems very quickly. if there is redness and or iritatation then the first course of action is to make sure that it is kept clean and dry. perhaps a litle...
Several months. There are many stages to many STD's so if you know the stages you can recognize that something is wrong.   Definitively? Until someone he has had sex with gets tested and comes up positive as having an STD, or until he gets tested himself. Some STDs have few, minor, or no symptoms...
Genital Herpes in most contagious when herpes sores are open, but even if you do not have an outbreak or any other visible signs you can still spread herpes.
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It would be almost impossible to be infected and then transmit it in the same day. It will take several days in order to transmit the virus.
What you are discribing is called acanthosis nigricans. It is a symptom of insulin resistance which can lead to polycystic ovaries and diabetes. You can improve this by losing weight if overweight, or going to see your gynocologist who can prescribe something for you.
the body sends a message to your white blood cells and those cells try and receive whatever that virus is that is inside of you. T cells also help as a second defense.
No. Syphilis is caused by a bacterial infection. Treatments for HIV will have no effect on syphilis. Syphilis can generally be treated with antibiotics. If left untreated, syphilis can damage the heart, aorta, brain, eyes, and bones. In some cases these effects can be fatal.
Black death was worse because it was active for only a few years at a time during each outbreak and it wiped out 30-60% of the population. AIDS has been around since the late 1980s and it has caused around 40 million deaths (comparing it to the world population, its not so big). Although there is no...
You can't get genital herpes from sharing sheets. You can getgenital herpes from skin-to-skin contact with someone who isinfected.
No; herpes will not turn into HIV or AIDS.
well you should go to a Docter that's the best way and most accurate way to see if u have and STD'S
Yes you can because i f that used blood has a disease and interacts with the inside of you your body might not be able do fight that off
The lifespan of HIV+ individuals can vary widely depending on location, available treatment options and lifestyle. HIV positive individuals live an average of 28 years after infection. (Feedback note: this answer does not anwer the question, because it is talking about HIV+ people. The question was...
If it is STI related, it is likely chlamydia or gonorrhea.
No; you can't get AIDS (HIV) from a clean partner.
Yes men suffer from AIDS.
syphilis follows the lysogenic cycle. hope that helps
It is impossible to know how many people are truly infected with any given disease.Pubic Lice (Crabs) are parasites that are transmitted by close contact with a person who is infected. They are very common and are often found among younger people who are sexually active.Statistics show that 50% of...
That is sexual abuse, whatever age you and she are. The best I can say is to stop any activities that include her (or your) vagina.
The incubation period -- the time between getting infected and having symptoms -- is one to three weeks for chlamydia in those people who get symptoms. But 80-90% of females and half of males get no symptoms.
There is no commercially available test to tell someone they don't have HPV. An HPV test is sometimes done in conjunction with a Pap smear. This test looks for high-risk HPV subtypes on the cervix. It can't tell you that you don't have HPV.Most people contract HPV soon after becoming sexually active...
A urine test for chlamydia won't make you bleed. A cervical swab may cause a small amount of spotting if your cervix is severely infected. One of the signs of chlamydia in females can be cervical bleeding with minimal contact.
when you have hiv you can´t tell if you have HIV or not but when you get aids your whole body weakens and you like feel all lazy..
Aids was manufactured in the lab