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Hemp is a relative of the cannabis sativa plant - more specifically, the male plant. Hemp is known for its useful fibers and seeds, capable of creating thousands of products including tea, rope, paper, and clothing.
Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world, so yes, they are.
Hemp has an insane amount of uses. One of them just so happens to be in the creation of paper. So instead of messing up an entire forest and cause ecological damage, simply grow a hemp farm and you have a renewable source of paper that has no drawbacks.
if you smoke hemp as if it was maraijuana yes it CAN be toxic only because the stuff they put into it when making it into paper, shirts, pants, but if you where to eat the foods it is very good for you because of the high fatty acids
Check the inside tag in your sweater and look for the washing instructions. If it says dry clean, or hang dry and you put it in the dryer most likely it will shrink. Just be aware of your washing directions to keep expensive clothing like Eileen fisher to be in good condition for years to come.
These fatty acids have to be absorbed from food because the bodydoes not produce them. Nutritional benefits of hemp oil areaccompanied by topical benefits when it is used to cleanse andmoisturize the skin. It also adds a protective layer to the skin,helps prevent rashes and provides relief for acne...
Dawn, bit of bleach, bake it on the grass in the sun, baking soda, put in dryer with a few fabric softener sheets for 10-15 minutes. Saw all these on other web sites. Not sure what would work the best.
More change came with the introduction of the sulfite and chlorine processes used to turn trees into paper.
Give more detail, are you talking about the strain of hemp or are you talking about classification to other plants in herbology?
it opens up a cave area that you can then use to plant more
Hemp (from Old English hænep ) is mostly used as a name for low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) strains of the plant Cannabis sativa , of fiber and/or oilseed varieties. In modern times, hemp has been used for industrial purposes including paper, textiles , biodegradable plastics , ...
Hemp is completely naturally. It is grown like any other plant, with sunlight and water. We can make man-made things with hemp, like rope, biofuel, paper, clothing, and a lot more!
No. Flax is a completely different plant from Hemp. Flax seeds donot contain Hemp oil.
Hemp is used for a wide variety of applications. Perhaps the most common is textiles and rope, as the plant fibers are very strong. Other uses include paper, plastics, construction, bio fuel, oils, wax, body products and even health food. Hemp is the umbrella name for the variety of Cannabis plants....
You can find more information about hemp seeds online at the Wikipedia website. Once on the page, type "Hemp" into the search field in the top right corner of the page and press enter to bring up the information.
One can purchase a hemp bracelet from various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also visit a local accessories store and ask if they have one for sale.
An individual can purchase hemp seeds through the internet by the Vitamin Shoppe and My Seed Weed. One can also find health benefits on the Organic Jar or Clean Cuisine and More websites.
There are many places one might go to purchase hemp oil. In addition to the official brand website, one might also try purchasing from the Amazon website.
One can purchase hemp proteins from a variety of natural and organic retailers, such as Living Harvest or GNC. They can also been found online on sites such as Amazon and vitamin supplement stores such as GNC.
There are several benefits of hemp protein powder. This powder is one of the richest sources of protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids. The Vitamin Shoppe carries this product.
One could purchase hemp necklaces at Aardvarx in Columbia, Missouri. Aardvarx is a shop that sells jewelry, pipes, tobacco, clothing, incense, and more.
There are many different possible places to purchase a pair of hemp shoes all over the internet. One of the best and most trusted places to buy these however would probably be Amazon.
A hemp refers to a certain fiber from certain plants, usually areed plant. It is sometimes called jute or mourning cloth.
Planet Hemp ended in 2001.
Meinhard Hemp was born in 1942.
Hemp seed are the seeds from plants in the Hemp plant family. Hemphas played an important role in the making of cloth, ropes, basketsand other useful objects for thousands of years.
David Hemp was born in 1970.
Hemp for Victory was created in 1942.
Santa Cruz Hemp Allstars was created in 2001.
Hemp is a naturally grown plant with the power to be a moreeco-friendly alternative to many things we use in today's world,including clothing, paper, rope, and even food! It is better forthe environment, especially on the paper side, hemp grows everyseason (which is a lot quicker than trees!), it...
Hemp is derived from the different species of Marijuana/Cannabisplant. Cannabis is believed to be one of the oldest domesticated crops.Throughout history, humans have grown different varieties ofcannabis for industrial and medical uses. Tall, sturdy plants were grown by early civilizations to make...
What kind of items do you mean? I know that my cat's collar is made of hemp and I bought it from a company that sells hemp dog and cat toys, collars, and leashes? You can check it out if you want http://www.w4petproducts.com. Good luck
There are thousands upon thousands of items that are possible to bemade from hemp. A couple include tea, clothing, rope, paper,biofuel (fuel for your car), foods (including milk), soap, shampoo,lotions, cosmetics (possibly used for acne, this is still beingresearched), denim, fabrics, newsprint,...
Answer . Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant. There are over 400 strains of the plant. Hemp, or actually Industrial Hemp contains to little THC to get high. Hemp contains around .03% while Marijuana contains 5-25%. You can't get high with less than 3%.. Industrial Hemp is one of the most...
If you are looking to get a THC-high off of smoking a hempnecklace, this is the equivalent of swallowing mouthwash thatcontains alcohol in it for the miniscule amount of alcohol it has.The effects will be minimal to nothing, you most likely will feelnothing.
Hemp is not man-made. Hemp is a naturally grown plant, thatrequires sunlight and water just like every other plant. However,we can make many man-made things from hemp.