A deadly STD, the human immunodeficiency virus causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a condition which causes the immune system to fail. A pandemic, AIDS kills millions every year.
Yes, because there are small pores on condoms (because of material)
But anyone infected with HIV can infect otherpeople, even if they have no symptoms. .... tofive times more likely to acquire HIV throughsexual contact with an HIV - positiveperson .
By helping to make recombinant proteins such as enzymes, vaccinesand therapeutics. Not only for HIV but for other diseases too.
it can but its not a good idea to wear a band aid the whole time you have a "boo boo" you have to let air get to it so it can form a scab and be able to heal:)
Yes, in most cases AIDS can be treated with a mixture of drugs
AIDS occur when HIV virus is transmitted from one person to otherby any means of bodily fluids.
If exposed to the virus, yes anyone can be infected with HIV.
Pubmed is the database where one can find the references of any research based findings and reviews about diseases, pathogens, molecules etc. It is maintained by NCBI in USA. In addition, WHO also publishes the latest data about AIDS patients in different countries and related statistics.
Viruses are mostly made of proteins, but they are living organisms that metabolize, breathe (respiration), develop (grow), respond to a stimulus, reproduce, and require proper temperatures/environment. Viruses do not care who you are, they just take advantage of a susceptible host. In the case of...
when HIV symptoms are appearing.
It could have been the use of hard drugs. This is a very easy way to spread the disease.
Lack of education regarding the dangers of HIV/AIDS definitely promote the spread of disease. Persons are unaware of the dangers of certain sex practices (such as having sex without a condom) and other methods whereby this virus can be transmitted. Hence, since they lack the knowledge they can...
Earle Dickson invented Band-Aids while working for Johnson andJohnson in 1920. It seems Earle's wife, Josephine, often cutherself while cooking, so Earle invented the Band-Aid with her inmind.
Of course not. Being that the membranes are thinner in the males anal region and thicker in the female does not mean you can't give a female HIV. I believe a lot of it depends on behaviour and how it's practiced. Remember that Magic Johnson contracted HIV from a female. With all due respect and no...
== no T.I. does not have is just a rumor because some people don't like T.I. == . NO
HPV is spread by direct contact and are not spread via body fluids.
Yes. If you have unprotected sex or share bodily fluids with your work colleagues.
An ear infection can definitely be a sign of HIV. However, it isnot common. When people get ear infections, it usually is notbecause they are suffering from HIV.
yes they can adopt but they have to be careful when taking care ofbaby
It is called a Redoubt.
If the woman is infected with HIV, there is a good risk of passing the virus sexually.
\nYes. HIV is not only transmitted through sex. Anyone can catch HIV through drug use, or tainted blood.
This is a difficult statistic to provide, as some African countries to not track or do not provide HIV and AIDS statistics. According to UNICEF, South Africa was home to 280,000 children under 14 years of age living with AIDS in South Africa in 2007. That is one country out of dozens. The...
Good question! It is still unclear how HIV packages exactly twocopies of their RNA genome in the particle. But what know is theseRNA interact to form dimers, and these dimers may be well enough tobe accommodated in the the capsids or gag molecules prior tobudding.
You can not conform the presence of HIv with the blood test, you need to go with ELISA, tridot and also western blotting.
BeCouse it keeps changing in terms of characteristics, They can cure it if stays still without changing. Also because it stays hidden for long period of time, it first takes over the victims body then appears, but that's too late :(
Yes the apt age to know about the hiv and aids. Moralism is very much essential to live the life in the right way as the purpose of human birth is to know the secret of the whole creation.
Due to the close genetic relationship between nonhuman primatesand humans, disease causing organisms are easily exchanged betweenthem. The pathogens that can be passed from nonhuman primates tohumans and vice versa include bacteria, fungi, parasites, andviruses. . They may be spread by bites,...
2 people have aids danny mills and oliver ledger from withernsea high school
you didnt where a condom
Tis a sexual orientation.People are gay because they are born gay.Epigenetic it give some explanation why people are gay.Gay and hetero people have same genes but some of them are not expressed to gay men.This can explain why identical twin can have different sexuall preferences.
Sure, why not? of course just because u got aids dont mean u should stop living go ahead and get a car
No, it's most likely just a rumor you've heard.
HIV is a virus,as its full form is human immuno virus.
they probably could but i never heard nor meet anyone who has but uprobably could u heard of that famous track runner who got hiv andlived with it 4 30 years so i say why not it could happen Answer-True
You will not get STDs from a pillow. no but you should stop having sex with your pillow anyway. it just ain't right. THATS MEAN^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SOME PEPS DO NOT DO IT ON PORPUSE
yes we learnt about in class so dont do it with some one who has it
Cultural sensitivity shows an unusual amount of compassion in humanbeings. A person is not naturally inclined to accept people thatare different from them.
if you have aids, then you have aids, game over
No the queen has forked phillip threw out her lifetime she even has a quicky every morning
Because having a STI (or STD) compromises the immune system, an infected persons chances are increased for any type of infection, including HIV.
If they are infected with syphilis, and have HIV, yes they would have to be treated to eliminate the bacteria.
HIV is not transmitted airborne because the virus is not in the air droplets we breathe out. HIV is transmitted by direct or indirect contact with infected material.
If the fluid in the needle (I assume blood) does not contain the HIV virus, it is impossible to get HIV from the needle stick. If the blood in the needle is infected with HIV, then there is a fair chance the virus will be transmitted.
Yes, some STIs are detected via blood tests.
I'm guessing it's human immunodeficiency virus with pulmonary tuberculosis.
Most, if not all biologicals, including viruses and bacteria die after, at most, about five (5) minutes in rolling, (hard) boiling water. Hospitals and clinics sterilize their tools and equipment in an autoclave, which uses steam and pressure to kill viruses and bacteria. The syringe or equipment /...
Fluids will pass from a woman's under garments to whatever is underneath them.
the body sends a message to your white blood cells and those cells try and receive whatever that virus is that is inside of you. T cells also help as a second defense.
No. Syphilis is caused by a bacterial infection. Treatments for HIV will have no effect on syphilis. Syphilis can generally be treated with antibiotics. If left untreated, syphilis can damage the heart, aorta, brain, eyes, and bones. In some cases these effects can be fatal.
You will need to get tested for HIV in order to know for sure.
Black death was worse because it was active for only a few years at a time during each outbreak and it wiped out 30-60% of the population. AIDS has been around since the late 1980s and it has caused around 40 million deaths (comparing it to the world population, its not so big) . Although there is...
No; herpes will not turn into HIV or AIDS.
Yes you can because i f that used blood has a disease and interacts with the inside of you your body might not be able do fight that off
The lifespan of HIV+ individuals can vary widely depending on location, available treatment options and lifestyle. HIV positive individuals live an average of 28 years after infection. (Feedback note: this answer does not anwer the question, because it is talking about HIV+ people. The question was...
No; you can't get AIDS (HIV) from a clean partner.
No. An autopsy is performed to determine the cause of death. If a person's HIV status is unkown and they did not die from HIV related causes, the cadaver would most likely not be tested.
Yes men suffer from AIDS.
No she does not have HIV.
There are many private organizations and foundations that work with HIV infections worldwide. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is an example of this type of organization.
when you have hiv you can´t tell if you have HIV or not but when you get aids your whole body weakens and you like feel all lazy..
The tests most commonly used to detect HIV do not test for the virus itself. These types of tests detect antibodies the body produces in response to HIV infection. The body does not immediately start producing antibodies in enough concentration for the test to detect them. Depending on the test, it...
There are no primary symptoms that are accurate indicators of someone's HIV status. Generally, a person would have little, if any indication of infection within their first months after exposure. For more answers to your HIV related questions, I encourage you to read the articles and blogs on www...
Aids was manufactured in the lab
They eventually die. either after a long time or a short but a 100% chance they will die
you need to be more specific if you want an answer like what do you mean anyway the disease or supporting people if its the disease say HIV/AIDS n well you know what i mean...
Yes. A person infected with HIV is able to have children if their reproductive system is functioning properly. With proper treatment, mother-to-child transmission of HIV is very rare. HIV+ individuals who are considering pregnancy should consult their HIV specialty medical provider about the best...
It ends up destroying the bodies immune system.
It is highly unlikely .. but IF there is fresh blood on the plaster - AND you pick the plaster up, AND you have a cut on one of your fingers - then there is a remote theoretical risk of infection.
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a diagnosis, not a disease. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes someone to develop AIDS. HIV uses the cells that fight disease (T-lymphocytes, macrophages and dendritic) to replicate.
No. Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. HIV is a viral infection. While it is POSSIBLE to be infected with both HIV and Gonorrhea at the same time, having Gonorrhea does not mean that you have HIV.
HIV is spread through contact with infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk. Preventing the spread of HIV requires avoiding contact with infected body fluids.
What do you think about people who have HIV
The decision to get tested for HIV/STDs is a sexually responsible one. Three reasons for getting tested would be: 1. Personal Health Knowledge-It is important to be aware of your HIV status. Detecting the virus early can have great impact on an HIV+ person's quality of life. 2. Partner Health-...
\nNO. HIV travels through most body fluids.
Severe likelihood of death, among other things.
Genital warts are caused by HPV, or human papillomavirus. HIV, thevirus that causes AIDS, does not cause genital warts.
Tends to be more so amongst higher risks groups, but anyone can potentially get it without protection.
The answer to this question varies by circumstance and location. In the United States, the states make the specific laws that deal with HIV transmission. Some states have legislation in place while others have yet to address the topic. In states where HIV transmission is legislatively regulated,...
It would be nearly impossible to get HIV by sharing a spoon.
the main medicine/drug used to help HIV/AIDS is antireoviral treatment that keeps the HIV at a lower level, so there is nit as much in the body. This helps the immune system stay stronger and not weaken. This tablet/medication has a drug that needs to be taken for the rest of the persons life..........