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Questions about the game of Scrabble, the crossword-like word game. Super Scrabble questions are also appropriate. Questions about the electronic versions of Scrabble may be included here as a second category, but would be more appropriately be placed in a Video Games category.
calcic, coccic, ipecac, zincic
There are no eight-letter words using LZNUEOT and another letter. Seven letter words made from 8 letters would be toluen e or outl i ne. There are 15 English words that contain all the letters LZNUEOT conceptualize conceptualized conceptualizes conceptualizing equalization ...
bibulous . callous . credulous . frivolous . fabulous . incredulous . jealous . libelous . libellous . meticulous . miraculous . nebulous . rebellious . ridiculous . scandalous
There are two answers to this question: 1) worth the most points on the tile 2) get used in the best words Q (10) and Z(10) are the letters that are worth the most each, but S(1) and [Blank](0) are the most valuable tiles, because they lead to the best words.
Tournament, tantamount, nationality, northernmost, penitentiary, penitent, partitioning, contrition, intuition, internment, transition, infatuation, abstinent, translation, naturalization, transubstantiation (3 Ns and 3 Ts!), tantalizing, tormenting, consternation, contamination, contraindicated...
"Ski" or "chi" both end in "i" and have three letters.
Answer . Unlike simple board games (tic-tac-toe and checkers, where the first player has an advantage over an equally skilled opponent) Scrabble depends on the random letters drawn from the pool and the word/language skills of the players. So, based on game theory the first player (of two) is...
no you cannot use foreign words or proper nouns in scrabble unless at the beginning everyone agrees that you can use foreign words and names. But the names can only be of someone widely known.
jack . jade . jail . jam . jar . java . jaw . jay . jazz . jazzy . jeans . jeep . jeer . jell . jet . jewel . jibe . jilt . jinx . job . jock . jog . join . joke . jolt . joy . judge . judo . jug . juice . jumbo . jump . junk . juror . jury . just
That's likely to be "tribute." See if the "I" works in place of the second "T."
4-letter words dope, epos, oped, opes, peds, peso, pods, pose, sped 5-letter words dopes, posed, spode
5 nine letter words ending in F F: . Flagstaff . Foodstuff . Pikestaff . Plaintiff . Waitstaff
ripe pig peg rip rig grip riper prig peg prier peri
There are no American English words that meet those rules, but here are some nine-letter words starting with N and ending with A: nanotesla, natatoria, naumachia, nemophila, neophilia, neoplasia, nephridia, neuralgia, neuroglia, neuromata, nicotiana, nostalgia
The word formed with the letters LLEMOW is MELLOW. 2 letter words: el em lo me mo oe ow we wo 3 letter words: ell elm low mew mow ole owe owl woe
Well, although I thought of many names right away, here are a few simple words--I know there are many more. To keep the list healthy, there is LUTEIN. For those that want to learn some cool moves, you might get a NOTION to get a MOTION POTION. Some folks just want to live UPTOWN, others have higher...
cuckoo . calico . condo . cello . cameo . casino . concerto . conto . curio . cilantro
partisan . pathogen . pentagon . plankton . plebeian . position . petition . positron . pressman
radii. torii. 5-letter words aalii, genii, medii, piing, radii, teiid, torii 6-letter words aaliis, congii, obiism, skiing, teiids 7-letter words bacchii, coniine, denarii, nauplii, obiisms, senarii, skiings, splenii, taxiing 8-letter words alibiing, coniines, filariid,...
groan, bedog, saggy, baggy, agree, ridge among anger argue badge being binge budge bring bagel cling dodge doing egret fudge flung fling foggy going hedge hinge image logic lodge ledge magic nudge organ pagan prong raged soggy saggy ...
caducity, candidly, caudally, cloudily, corduroy, cowardly, credibly, cussedly
Since the value of a blank tile is zero, there are no points awarded for a blank tile at the end of the game.
Answer . Can't tell you without a model. Stevens made tons of .22s, and their value depends on model, age and condition. Range is from well under $100 to several thousand.
Germ. I'm pretty sure that a virus can also be called a germ.
lifeless . loveless . loquacious . luxurious . luminous . lascivious . laborious . languorous
There is no single word, or phrase, that use all of these letters. The longest single word you could spell is "apace" with two A'sleft over. Shorter words that could be spelled are : ace ape cap cape pa pace pea
Queen, Quad, Qat, Quest, Quote, Quit, Quiz, Quilt.
halo . hello . polo . weirdo . silo . bravo . solo . piano . tattoo . zero . shampoo . bongo
quit quite quiet qi quo
Big, fig, twig, zig, trig
There are no six-letter English words that end in the letters "fay." In fact, there are no other English four-letter or more words that end in those letters.
bug . dug . drug . hug . jug . lug . mug . pug . plug . rug . shrug . slug . smug . snug . tug . thug
abreast . academy . acclaim . analogy . abasing . airmail . alfalfa . adamant . admiral . adulate . animate . anarchy . analyst . apatite . anapest . advance . angular . antacid . anthrax . antenna . amiable . analyze . airbase . algebra . already . arrange . amazing . amalgam . amateur . ammonia ....
Some words that end with the letter K are: . ark . attack . back . balk . bank . bark . beak . black . Blank. . bleak . Blink. . block . book . break . brick . brink . brook . buck . bunk . caulk . chalk . check . cheek . Chick, . chunk . clank . clink . clock . cluck . conk . cook . cork . crack ....
Using only those letters, you can spell about 17 common Englishwords, none over 4 letters long. They include: rand (currency), darn and, adz, nap, pad, pan, par, rad, ran, rap, van, zap, ad, an, pa, a
-War -Her -tar -bar
Some words with two Vs are velvet, vivid, vivacious, Volvo, and Vesuvius.
Underpay Understood Understand Underline
ball . bass . bell . bill . bull . butt . boss . buzz . call . cuss . cell . doll . dull . fizz . fall . fell . fill . full . fuss . flee . free . glee . gill . gaff . guff . gull . hall . huff . hill . hiss . jazz . kiss . kill . loss . lull . lass . less . loss . muff . mass . mess . miss . moss ....
Bartered, buttered, balanced, bordered, bantered, befriend, believed, bunkered, bannered, bickered, brokered, bestowed, barraged, beggared, buggered, badgered, beavered, bettered, bottomed...
A short addition to the end of a letter is called a postscript.ÊTo add this addition to a letter, the abbreviation, PS, is used.
4-letter words bogs, boos, boot, bots, gobo, gobs, goos, oots, soot, stob, togs 5-letter words boost, boots, gobos
Imitation, intuition, intoxication, detoxification, totalitarianism, transmogrification, titillation, intimating, intimidating/intimidation, replicating, statistician, distribution, vitiation, vindictive/vindication, infantilization, instigation, insinuation, initiation...
yes... non fat non alcoholic and many more... ******** Oh, nonsense!
babbling . bad . belligerent . berserk . boastful . boorish . boring . bossy . bratty . bully .
There is only one - 'SUQ'.
earthy, easily, eatery, echoey, edgily, eerily, effigy, eighty, embody, emboly, empery, employ, energy, enmity, entity, equity, estray, ethoxy, eulogy, euroky, eutaxy, evenly, evilly, exequy, expiry 25 words
carotins, ceratins, creatins, elastins, gelatins, hematins, keratins, kinetins, nicotins, quintins, volutins
zoo xray exact exactly adz ax ox hoax coax hoaxes hoaxed and so on
ajiva . ajuga . banjo . bijou . cajon . djinn . djins . dojos . eject . enjoy . fjeld . fjord . fujis . gadje . gadjo . ganja . hadji . hajes . hajis . hajji . hijab . hijra . jabot . jacal . jacks . jacky . jaded . jades . jager . jaggs . jaggy . jagra . jails . jakes . jalap . jalop . jambe ....
4-letter words aals, ails, ains, airn, airs, airt, aits, alan, alar, alas, alit, alts, anal, anas, anil, anis, ansa, anta, anti, ants, anus, aria, aril, arts, aunt, aura, lain, lair, lari, lars, last, lati, lats, liar, lins, lint, lira, list, lits, litu, luna, lunt, lust, nail, nils, nits, nurl,...
also dodo halo hero into limo logo polo pogo redo silo solo taco trio unto undo veto zero
Tastiest teleport thickest transmit twilight
Some six letter words ending in 'rse' are: . averse . coarse . course . hearse . sparse
The 10-letter anagram is "sandwiches." Shorter words include ace (s) ache(s) ached acid (s) acne ad (s) aid (s) aide (s) and anew anise ascend (s) ash (es) ashen aside (s) awe (s) awed cad (s) candies can (s) cane (s) caned case (s) cased casein cash (es) cashed cashew (s) casw (s) cawed chain (s)...
attack . struck . unlock . unpack
arouse . around . blouse . browse . cloudy . cooler . clothe . choose . closet . drowsy . frozen . fooled . flower . ground . groove . grouse . loosen . plowed . poorly . slowly . snooze . shower . reopen
The anagram is the proper noun Judaism. --- The letters do not spell any common English word. However, you can make words from some of the letters: 4-letter words aids, aims, amid, amis, amus, dais, dams, dims,duma, jams, mads, maid, maud, mids, muds, sadi, said, sima 5-letter words ...
Some five letter words that end in ZE are: . amaze . blaze . booze . craze . froze . gauze . glaze . graze . maize . prize
No English words contain all of those letters. Here are a few words you can make with some of the letters: 4-letter words anti, hant, hint, hwan, tain, than, thaw, thin, twin, wain, wait, want, what, whin, whit, with 5-letter words twain, witan
Three-letter words (3): HAJ , RAJ , TAJ Four-letter words (4): HADJ , HAJJ , BENJ, MUNJ Five-letter words (5): AFLAJ, FALAJ Six-letter word (6): SVARAJ , SWARAJ *In North American competitive Scrabble play (OSPD4, OWL2) only the bold words are usable. In European play ...
Anthem is a six letter word ending with them.
Only one word: smaragde (It is a green man-made gem, like an emerald.)
5-letter words civvy, divvy, navvy, savvy 6-letter words chivvy, revved, skivvy 7-letter words civvies, divvied, divvies, flivver, navvies, revving, savvied, savvier, savvies 8-letter words chivvied, chivvies, divvying, flivvers, savviest, savvying, skivvied, skivvies 9...