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Questions about the game of Scrabble, the crossword-like word game. Super Scrabble questions are also appropriate. Questions about the electronic versions of Scrabble may be included here as a second category, but would be more appropriately be placed in a Video Games category.
There are no eight-letter words using LZNUEOT and another letter. Seven letter words made from 8 letters would be toluene or outline. There are 15 English words that contain all the letters LZNUEOTconceptualize conceptualized conceptualizes conceptualizing equalization institutionalize ...
There are two answers to this question: 1) worth the most points on the tile 2) get used in the best words Q (10) and Z(10) are the letters that are worth the most each, butS(1) and [Blank](0) are the most valuable tiles, because they lead to the best words.
no you cannot use foreign words or proper nouns in scrabble unless at the beginning everyone agrees that you can use foreign words and names. But the names can only be of someone widely known.
That's likely to be "tribute." See if the "I" works in place of the second "T."
5 nine letter words ending in FF:    Flagstaff  Foodstuff  Pikestaff  Plaintiff  Waitstaff  
ripe   pig   peg   rip   rig   grip   riper   prig   peg   prier   peri
candy   crafty   cry   carry
  == Answer ==   Can't tell you without a model. Stevens made tons of .22s, and their value depends on model, age and condition. Range is from well under $100 to several thousand.
There is no single word, or phrase, that use all of these letters.   The longest single word you could spell is "apace" with two A's  left over.   Shorter words that could be spelled are :   ace   ape   cap   cape   pa   pace   pea
Using only those letters, you can spell about 17 common English  words, none over 4 letters long.   They include:   rand (currency), darn   and, adz, nap, pad, pan, par, rad, ran, rap, van, zap,   ad, an, pa, a
4-letter words bogs, boos, boot, bots, gobo, gobs, goos, oots, soot, stob, togs 5-letter words boost, boots, gobos
  sub bub
Some six letter words ending in 'rse' are:aversecoarsecoursehearsesparse
Three-letter words (3): HAJ, RAJ, TAJ Four-letter words (4): HADJ, HAJJ, BENJ, MUNJ Five-letter words (5): AFLAJ, FALAJ Six-letter word (6): SVARAJ, SWARAJ *In North American competitive Scrabble play (OSPD4, OWL2) only the bold words are usable. In European play (Collins) all of the words are...
hi my name is DEANNA call me!! my number is 613-3065
Type your answer here... The sentence PROBABILITY IS FASCINATING is spelled out with Scrabble® tiles. The tiles are then scrambled and put into a box. You choose one at random. What is the probability that you'll draw out the letter A?
Naught, Knight, Violet, Piglet, Carpet, Relent, Talent, Teapot, Truant, Tyrant, Truest, Target, Taught, Tenant, Thwart, Threat, Thrift, Throat, Thrust, Ticket, Toilet, Tumult, Turret...
well its slang but ganj
The answer: new door = one word.
Some scrabble words that have Z in them are...
Downlaod the file and run the software, when it is finshed run it and it will take you to the game where you can log in and enjoy the game.
"DANGER" rearranges to GANDER that refers to a male goose, which is considered a farm animal.
4-letter words aits, baht, bait, bash, bask, bast, bath, bats, bias, bisk, bits, haik, hast, hats, hist, hits, ibis, isba, kabs, kats, khat, khis, kist, kith, kits, saki, sati, sith, skat, skit, stab, tabs, task, this, tiki 5-letter words bahts, baith, baits, baths, batik, habit, haiks,...
aircrew, beshrew, bestrew, fitchew, flyblew, misdrew, misgrew, misknew, outdrew, outflew, outgrew, overnew, oversew, preview, purview, unscrew, upthrew 17 words
· wackiness· waitress· wastefulness· watercress· waterless· weakness· weightless· wellness· wifeless· wilderness· windless· wineglass· wingless· winless· wireless· witless· witness· woodless· wordless· workless· worthless
There are no eight-letter English words that end in those letters. The only word that ends with "spew" is the word "spew." Here are the other words that include that letter combination: 5-letter words spews 6-letter words spewed, spewer 7-letter words spewers, spewing
· ebb· entomb· enwomb· exurb
4-letter words aahs, aces, ache, acre, acta, acts, aero, aper, apes, apse, arch, arco, arcs, area, ares, arts, asea, atap, ates, atop, cape, caph, capo, caps, care, carp, cars, cart, casa, case, cash, cast, cate, cats, ceps, cero, chao, chap, char, chat, chop, coat, cope, cops, core, cosh, cost,...
4-letter words abet, abut, adit, airt, alit, aunt, baht, bait, bast, beat, beet, belt, bent, best, bhut, bint, blat, blet, blot, boat, bolt, boot, bort, bout, brat, brit, brut, bunt, bust, cant, cart, cast, celt, cent, chat, chit, cist, clot, coat, coft, colt, coot, cost, cult, curt, cyst, daft,...
ANTIgen CRYOgen HALOgen MUTAgen are 4 that I can think of, but I am sure there are at least a few more. Paul
The longest words with these letters are only 4 letters long: data and tidy.The 3-letter words are add, aid, dad, day, did, and tad.
It is a type of currency, but it is also a word, I don't see why not.
You can either find another player or end the game.
Jacke, Jagdgewehr, Jahrgang, Jemand, Jeder, Jochbein,Johannisbeere, Journalismus....
king, geek, kegler kedge
I think there is only one word: team.
No. There is no English word that contains all of those letters.
There are no six-letter English words that end in erd. Here are some five- and seven-letter words: 5-letter word: sherd 7-letter words: cowherd, donnerd, halberd
There are no seven-letter English words using those letters. However, here are some six-letter words: brayer, rarefy, rebury
The game has a timer for each player, the nudge and skip buttons are enabled once he/she exceeds the time allotted. then, you can nudge him/her or skip his/her turn.
* Blender  * Basting Brush  * Bread knife  * Browning tray  * Basting syringe  * Banneton  * Bench scraper  * Bread  * Baking products  * Bags  * Broom  * Bucket  * Bread maker  * Barbecue utensil set  * Bottle opener  * Bakeware  * Bowl  * Butter churn  * Butter keeper
Frog, fruit fly, frilled lizard andFrench bulldog are animals. Hawk, hippopotamus, hog, honeybee,horse, hummingbird and hyena are animals.
yellow, yelp, yolk, yoko ono, yak (the animal), yahoo...
one, set, not, nots, ton, tons, cone, son, nets, net, ten, tens, cot, snot, sent, none, nest, cost, cose, stone, notes, cent, cents, steno, con, on, so, no, to, note, eon, neo, est., ceo, toe, toes, soe, sone, nose, cote, toe, toes, sote, Eton, sot, Nen, none, Tenn., est., eso, etc.
4-letter words eons, erns, eros, meno, mono, mons, moon, moor, moos, more, morn, mors, noes, nome, noms, norm, nose, omen, omer, ones, ores, rems, roes, roms, room, rose, some, sone, soon, sore, sorn 5-letter words enorm, meson, monos, moons, moors, moose, mores, morns, moron, morse, nomes,...
agog, bang, berg, biog, blog, bong, brag, brig, bung, burg, chug, clag, clog, crag, dang, ding, dong, drag, dreg, drug, dung, fang, flag, flog, frag, frog, frug, gang, gleg, glug, gong, grig, grog, hang, hogg, hong, hung, jagg, king, lang, ling, long, lung, migg, mugg, nogg, pang, peag, ping, plug,...
4-letter word: ritz 5-letter word: fritz 6-letter word: spritz
· jacket · jagged · jaguar · jovial · joyful · joyous · juggle · junior
No such word exists in the English language.
There are thousands! As a mnemonic to help you find some, think of any Spanish or Italian-sounding words you know such as "Alfredo" or "Bandito". Here are a few other ideas: Flamenco Flamingo Ranchero Peekaboo Casino Momento
Yes you can. As in "The bottle containing the note was adrift for many years."
yogic, yonic, yttric, yashmac, ytterbic    
Some four letter words that end with "o" are: . zero . halo . hero . hobo . into . judo . kilo . also . alto . auto . echo . memo . onto . polo . silo . solo . taco . taro . trio . undo . veto