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Fahrenheit 451

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“Fahrenheit 451” was a novel written by Ray Bradbury, originally published as “The Fireman” (“Galaxy Science Fiction,” vol. 1, no. 5, February 1951). It shows a future American society where people are hedonistic, and critical thinking is illegal.
Montag has to keep the book of ecclesiates in his memory.
Captain Beatty visits Montag because he is trying to tell him to get ride of the books before his house gets burnt down.
Cerberus the 3 headed dog that Guards Hell for Hades
its related to spiders which have 8 legs.... and throughout this book of Ray Bradbury's, he used insect and aracnid relations in a lot of things he talked about.. such as when he says: "the words crawled all over the book as if insects" or something like that, he used the relation of insects.. he...
If this question is asking what season does Fahrenheit 451 take place in, then it takes place in the season of autumn. Proof: "The autumn leaves blew..." (pg. 5).
He doesn't. His grandfather and his father were firefighters so he has to and is expected to be a fireman
They get 24 hours to look at it then they have to burn it.
The people, society is to blame for the banishment of books. Each individual or group would want to ban the book that offended him/it or portrayed them in an unflattering light. Since all books can be seen to offend someone unless it has no real content, eventually all of the books were found to be...
Because it's a symbol showing how humans are becoming dehumanized (robotic) so the technicians are more for repairing the machines as they are referring to Mildred.
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I think one was David Copperfield? Sorry I need to see it again...
Joby goes to a military camp in which at dark crashes with a sweat, tobacco smelling general.
The external factors which influence Guy Montag are the very ones he and the society of which he is a part are forbidden to utilize--literature, art, really anything which can bring about diversity and culture within the confines of the country's overarching tyrannical dictatorship. Early in the...
Symbolism Fahrenheit 451: Blood Ø In the book blood appears as the human being's repressed soul Ø It represents the inner self . Ø Montag often "feels" his most rebellious thoughts circulating in his blood. Mildred, whose primal self has been irretrievably lost, remains unchanged...
eight legged man made creature. capable of memorizing the scents of over 10,000 people.
1) That Knowledge is power and without it we are savages 2) People should learn to like learning (My personal quote)
First of all, it is Fahrenheit. 451 deg F is the temperature of paper (as in books) burning.
Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan.
Fahrenheit 451 is a fictional reality while night is non-fiction fahrenheit 451 is worse than night Night sucks
the middle of part one! btw in the end of the book mildread dies!
The Sand and the Sieve refers to Montag's childhood memory of trying to fill a sieve with sand. It also symbolizes Montag trying to take in the knowledge from the Bible he is reading. Montag tried to read the Bible, to understand it. He didn't understand it so he sped up and read more and more,...
He fantasizes about sleeping on a bed of warm, dry hay in a barn loft
After leaving the hound, Montag's leg starts to get numb.
1.Fire suppression 2.medical emergencies(I could give you a more complicated answer about why firefighters are handling medical emergencies. Just post and I will answer. 3.Rescue(Traffic accidents,rope rescue,water rescue,rope rescue,mountain rescue and urban rescue,ditch rescue and misc calls...
He returnes a book to beatty then he sits down and plays card with the otheres then they all responed to an alarm call.
Montag burns it along with Capt. Beatty
In Fahrenheit 451, the radio transmitter has been put place in Montag's ear, and then had been later snatched away from Montag by Captain Beatty and smashed between Beatty's fingers.
There are several points that separate the movie from the novel,The main ones have to do with clarisse. In the movie, she is 22 anda school teacher who is fired from her job for mainly the samereason as the book's version was dismissed from school, an apparent"antisocialism". She takes Faber's role ...
In Fahrenheit 541, he main theme is censorship and how far it cango. Freedom of expression and thought and control are evident inthe theme of the book.
98 degrees Fahrenheit .
you sort of have to read into it more but the technology is taking away from face-to-face, personal interactions (much like texting and teenagers today). This in turn is taking emotions out of life. Clarrise is, in my opinion, a symbol of the old times when everyone lived life with other people...
Depends what part your meaning by. If it's the part when Faber has just shown him the ear piece then Faber is telling him to go the fire station to hear the voices of the firemen. But if it's when Montag is being hunted down by the Hound, then Faber is telling him to "follow the railroad tracks" in...
Montag tries to keep his book reading hidden. He also participates in the burning of other books.
The importance of the dentifrice commercial is that it shows how the society or government is trying to control and manipulated the people in it, it bombards Montag with trivial information when he is trying desperatley to concentrate on the bible. It shows how society/government is in control and...
\n"Number One: quality of information. \nNumber Two: leisure to digest it.\nNumber Three: the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two."
ok, for the person that said that this person was rude and immature about the answer to this, well guess what? They were actually right, society did become nothingness because all anyone did in that society anymore was sit in their houses all day and watch t.v., no one ever did anything. I mean...
She started the fire herself.
When Montag confronts Mildred about her suicide attempt, she does not let him speak but instead, she continues dismissing him. Mildred seems to have skeletons in the closet. However, she chooses to be self-contained and does not share her problems.She seems to mask her pain with her technology and...
Montag believed that those in the world should be educated by other book keepers in the hopes that the previous errors made by human society could be avoided .
I never saw the former. In To Kill a Mockingbird, the whole town experienced a form of xenophobia with their racism and fear of blacks.
Because each man represented the something lost when all the books in the world were burned. Each man called himself by a famous author or piece of literature to preserve literature for the future.
Guy Montags weaknesses is losing his wife and losing Clarisse too. He wants to have kids but his wife doesn't.
Its the only remaining book he has left. Guy Montag memorizes the book of Ecclesiastes so that no one can take it away from him, it will stay in his memory forever.
Montag is a fireman, and in Fahrenheit 451 firemen start fires instead of putting them out. The only reason the firemen burn the houses is if books are in them, because it is illegal to read books. Most houses dont catch on fire though, because most are made fireproof.
They memorized books so they could pass them down throught the generations and books wouldn't be forgotten.
The men Montag met were trying to memorize books so they wouldn't be forgotten. They identified themselves as an author or piece of literature because that was the book or author of the book they had memorized.
because mildred was having an affair with beatty
It is the advertisement that keeps playing over and over so that the people can not think -- akin to our modern advertising blitz that puts the idea into our minds to buy, buy, buy without thinking.
Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns. If Bradbury hadn't put book burning in the book it wouldn't have any subject matter, there wouldn't be a book at all - you would have effectively burnt 'Fahrenheit 451'. Basically Ray Bradbury loves books and he's making a point about how...
As Mildred runs out the front door, she mutters 'Poor family, poor family, oh everything gone, everything, everything gone now…' Obviously, her main concern as she runs out is of her 'family', or the parlor walls, burning down.
The book never says how, but they meet in Chicago.
She made him rethink his life by telling him he was not happy
He uses the seashells and the parlor walls to completely surround the characters and portray them as mindless and absorbed in technology.
Neither Mildred nor Captain Beatty says exactly how Clarisse was killed. We just don't know.
I believe that Montag is white, because there are several mentions in the story about how "blacks" don't like something, such as when Beatty is decribing how the book burning started and he mentions Little Black Sambo.
Most likely because Mildred has never wanted to take the burden of having a child.
She is hit by a car and killed. It was not an accident because the kids who killed her hit people for the enjoyment of it, as described later in the book.
She Remembered that she had forgotten to tell Montag that Clarisse's family had moved away because Clarisse had gotten run over by a car and killed.
It is a mechanical dog type thing that can hunt down anybody that has books.
The characters in the T.V. shows
The style of that novel is autobiography/memoir mixed with a little action. CAN BE FOUND AT BORDERS.COM.AU
Montag dropped the poetry book into his kitchen incinerator.
The Suction Snake works as a stomach pump and stops Mildred from dying.
Fahrenheit 451 occurs in the 24th century and is in Chicago, Illinois.
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Part Three: Burning Bright •Beatty taunts Montag for a bit and Mildred runs out of the house, a suitcase in her hand, to a taxi waiting at the curb. Montag realizes that she is the one who called the alarm. •Faber, through the earpiece, tries to...
Montag's reading of "Dover Beach" stirs Mrs. Phelp's emotions which have long been blocked by the city's culture, mass media, etc.
He grabbed hold of the pole and it automatically lifted him upstairs.
In the first section of the book(The Hearth and the Salamander), Montag notices the mechanical house acting very hostile toward him. Montag fears the mechanical beast. As the story progresses, the hound grows more and more hostile toward him. This is strange because it is almost like Beatty(Montag's...
Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920.
She talked about it like it was nothing out of the ordinary.
Guy Montag worked from dawn until dusk as a fireman burning books, his wife Mildred however, only watched TV or had seashells in her ears. They rarely talk but only about useless silly things or they fought. She had no cares for him and he later on in the book, realized he did not care for her....
"burn em' to ashes, then burn the ashes"
no it is not alegal to burn a bok
Alrighy ya'll heres the answer. Montag wanted some cash from faber. WHO DOESN'T? LOL. but no the answer is montag wanted faber to take some books and read them. source: me,myself,and time lol jk im reading the book
He does not want his children to live the life that he has lived
It makes the book easier to read. It makes it more descriptive and it gives the reader a better picturization on what is happening during the story. this style of point of view also allows you to see what all the characters are seeing.
451 AD at the council of Chalcedon.
All of Ray's children were daughters. The oldest was Susan, followed by Ramona, Bettina, and Alexandria respectively.
He actually is the first fireman but not for the same purpose. The people in the book just assume that he burned books because that was how their firemen worked. The people I refer to are the people in the story.
Beatty was the fire captain, Montag's boss