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Telugu Language and Culture

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Telugu is the official language of the Andhra Pradesh state in India. Approximately 74 million people currently use this language, making it the world’s 13th most-spoken language in the Ethnologue list.


The Indus Valley people wore two pieces of cloth: an upper piece of cloth and a lower piece of cloth. The cloth pieces were made from cotton. The Indus People also wore ornaments with there attire. The rich wore ornaments made of copper, bronze and metal. The poor wore ornaments made of bone, shells...
225 in Telugu=143/141 in English ne nu ni nu pre mis thu nna nu 1 + 1 1 +1 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 2 2 5
Are you sick? - vantlo baagaaledha? వంట్లో బాగాలేదా?, aarogyam baagaaledhaa? 'ఆరోగ్యం బాగాలేదా?'
sesame - nuvvulu నువ్వులు sesame oil - nuvvula nuune నువ్వుల నూనె
After Hindi, the most spoken language in India is "Urdu" which iscommonly spoken by Muslims in India and it is obvious frommerapakistan.com that it is the most widely spoken language insub-continent as it is the national language of Pakistan also. Answer Telugu with an estimated 77 million...
the Telugu names for Mackerel : kanagarthalu Salmon : vanjuram Sardines : kavvallu
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Target - Guri, gamyam..
Yes both are same..Enjoy
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Guess (noun): ooha ఊహ, anchana అంచనా, ujjayimpu ఉజ్జాయింపు to guess (verb): anchana veyuta అంచనా వేయుట, ujjayimpuga cheppu ఉజ్జాయింపుగా చెప్పుట e.g. cheppuko చెప్పుకో, emito cheppuko ఏమ...
classical knowledge ,scholarship,pandithyam
gaalileka(i do not think its true just answered 4 fun[nijamo kado theliyadu uttine cheppaaanu])
ninnu chusi nappati nunchi naku Maya chesinattuga undhi
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You just start using the tags, here is an example of some tags to get you started. Text = Bold Text = Strikeout Text Text = Italicized Text = Underlined Text = A Link = an Image = Kind've like the enter key, it starts a new line on the page. Text = Colored Font To see more, I would suggest...
She is the heroine of the movie EM MAYAM CHESAVE
Neggalenu నెగ్గలేను means 'I can't win' గెలవజాలను
శంకరంబాడి సుందరాచార్యులు
"samachara darshani" It can also be called as the "Vishya Antarjaalamu"
nenu meeru lekunda jeevinchaleni
sooji is not a Telugu word. It may be a Hindi word. Hindi word sooji in Telugu means godhuma ravva.
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I think it means "he gave" but without context it's hard to say.
kaalushyamu కాలుష్యము
sanmaanam సన�మాన� - honor, respect Felicitation is the English word for sanmanam. It is an expressionof good wishes; congratulations.
the hero is ram charan teja, and heroine is genilia desouza. this film will release in September 17, 2010
Pilla in Telugu means "Young one" like kid, cub, calf etc. For kid in Tamil, pronounce it as "Kuzhandhai"
Sameer: Karan TackerRoshni: Simran Kaur
Jaruri is not originally Hindi (Hindi word for jaruri or Zaruri is Avashyak) Anyways... Its important or mandatory in English
perugu, majjiga, tene, pappu, ullipaya, beerkaya
Sakshi is the largest selling news paper in AP.
Tingari తింగరి means Crazy or Mad
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Pennies is plural of penny. penny: paisaa పైసా; paisa పైస pennies (also pence) : paisalu పైసలు, Any of various coins of small denomination.
dry fenugreek leaves means
Devudu దేవుడు Bhagavanthudu భగవంతుడు Bhagavaanudu భగవానుడు Paramaatma పరమాత్మ
nenu nennu premisthunnanu
Love is called as 'Prema' in Telugu. It can also be called as 'Pranayam'.Prema (ప్రేమ)
We can learn Tamil through a tamil-telugu guide !That's plain enough ...........................
lost(adj)----- poyina  lost(v)-------- poyindi
?????? : ????????? ???? ???? ????? ?? ??????? A person who is courteous or respectful or considerate
Cinnamon stick is a spice used in Asia. It is called as "dalchina chekka" in Telugu
Care means "jaagratha" జాగ్రత్త in Telugu.
mimmalni nenu telugulo pila-voh-chha? (Can I can you in telugu) Answer might be for this is " pilavandi, parvaledu"Next question may be " What to Call" ( Yeh-mani pilavali?) Brother( Annayyaa or Annayyagaru) , Brother-in- law (Baavaa or Baavagaru)Then he will call you as Sister (Chellemmaa) or...
Ulka ఉల్క (singular) Ulkalu ఉల్కలు (plural)
Dasaabdham దశాబ్దం
Nenu gurthu unnaana? నేను గుర్తు ఉన్నానా?
  What would be the date on 15,ashard
1) shanti 2) prashanthatha
If you are speaking of that caste 'telugu gowda' of karnataka whose people are concentrated in and around chikmagalore then it is not one of the obc of India or say a person from 'telugu gowda' community applies for a job under central govt then no reservation for him. But within the karnataka...
slap meaning in Telugu is "chempa debba"
computer is a electronic device it mean many calculation opetator
smart (adj) - telivaina తెలివైన For example : You are smart - meeru telivaina vaaru మీరు తెలివైన వారు
namaste by 7yr old jahnavi V
ప్రస్థానం prastahnam means Journey