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This category is to explore the history of the legendary Barbie Doll. On this 50th anniversary of the doll, these questions pertain to the plastic fashion model and her adventures, her friends, and her various incarnations.
I saw this on their website, . I've got some other questions. Where can I go to find out more? Read the official Barbie Girls® Rules to learn about the best ways to have fun and stay safe on our site. Our Message to Parents tells parents about our safety features on the site and offers...
I would say that dolls are for the age of about 3-7 years olds
You can buy them at a toy store.
Well you first have to complete every thing else before looking forgiraffe. When I checked the website I did not find that safari gameyou speak of so, it depends on when you played the game. For rightnow I think they took the game away. Sorry all you Barbie lovers!=(
As of 1999, there had been more than 2,300 versions of the Barbie doll made since 1959. The number has probably doubled by now.
Barbie has many accessories. It varies from room to room. For example in the bedroom it will have a comb, nail polish ,many pairs of shoes etc.
Brad, Curtis, Steven and Jamal are four of his African-American friends.
Her name is Sarah Burge . She has spent more than $46,000 in surgeries for her quest to duplicate the appearance of the Barbie doll.
The International Barbie dolls were first sold in 1981.
The doll closest to a "plus-size" in Barbie's world is the 1999 Rosie O'Donnell doll. She was made with a unique body mold very different from Barbie and her friends.
The earliest outfits (from 1959 to 1972) were made in Japan. They were made in various Asian countries in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Since the late 1990s they have been made in China.
As a long-time adult collector, I can tell you what I have learned: 1. History of fashion for the past 50 years. Not just clothing, but hairstyles and even furniture. 2. Learning about other cultures and other countries, both through the dolls themselves and through other collectors outside the...
The importance of Barbie doll is a favorite toy for young girls and a collector's item for adults. Generations of young girls have played with several versions of the Barbie doll. Playing with the doll has challenged the imagination and creativity of youngsters who build their own doll houses and...
Well, the commercial says, "It's a Bus, a Hot Tub and a House , All In One." It has lights & sounds. You can addwater. Lots of accessories, but needs imagination. Ratings postedsince 2007 average around 7 to 8 stars. Oh, and it needs batteriesbut the commercial does not state what size/s.
before in lyk 2007 u can buy some stuff but then dey change it now u cant u need to be vip hope i helped... i was an old vip i hav da mp3 but it expire...
With most dolls, the head and legs are soft vinyl and the torso and arms are hard plastic. However, many of the posable dolls have both arms and legs made of hard plastic since the elbows and knees are jointed.
I believe that barbies are bad for children because they make children believe that they must have that great figure that a barbie doll has. Because of this perfection girls have become anorexic to fit their body into the size of a barbie dolls, in terms of skiny waist, perfect legs, etc. Besides...
If a Barbie arm pops out of the socket, it has a ball-like joint similar to a human arm and can be popped right back in.
You Cant But I hope someday you can.......
I'm assuming you are referring to Barbie's sister Stacie's friend Janet from the 1990s. She's the only doll that fits your description. Or do you have one the of Mattel African-American Sunshine Family dolls from the 1970s? They aren't considered Barbie dolls.
According to the book "Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Family & Friends Licensed Products 1961-1971," by Alva Christensen and Laural Schwing, copyright 2011, these are the 1964 watches and their prices: ponytail wristwatch $20-$60 mint condition; $125 NRFB pendant watch $225-$325 NRFB swirl ponytail...
These are the Barbie dolls that were sold in 1984. You will need to look them up individually to find their values. 1. Barbie & Ken Camping Out gift set 2. Crystal African-American (called Mille Luci Christie in Italy) 3. Crystal white, two different hairstyles (called Mille Luci in Italy) ...
Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson. The Barbie doll was manufactured in Japan and with her clothes hand-stitched by Japanese homeworkers. Around 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold during the first year of production.
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It's about Lia's mother(Barbie) being trapped in Oceanea. Lia is a half-human and half-mermaid. She must defeat Ares, her mom's sister who thrown Lia's mother in to the dungeon. Go to youtube and watch it!:)
Is this a trick question? The Ken doll was not on the market in 1967. The last of the original Kens were sold in 1966, and then the new more muscular Ken was reintroduced in 1969.
This is a photo of one:
No. Although they are both considered fashion dolls, Mattel makes Barbie dolls and MGA Entertainment made the Bratz dolls.
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Barbie dolls are still being sold.
Barbie is not for babies. There are small parts and the dolls cancome apart. Barbie dolls are more appropriate for older children, 6 to 12 yearsof age.
They are a doll that you are able to dress up and little girls can have fun with and be happy! They represent a toy or doll that looks like humans that they can express their inner liking for clothing and hair, or just because it is fun.
Which one? There have been five--the Country Camper and the Star Traveler Motor Home in the 1970s, the Rocker tour bus in the 1980s, and the Glamour Camper and the Glam N Jam tour bus from the 2000s. None of them are being made any more. You can check Amazon or eBay on the Internet, or doll shows...
She went to grade school and high school. university of denver Ruth Handler received her primary education in Denver. After leaving Denver, she relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she attended the Art Center School of Design. well according to his parents he went to Denver { collage} ...
At first she's called Roe, but by the end of the movie we find out her full name is Rosella.
The 1996 Baywatch Barbie doll came with a dolphin, but it didn'thave a name. In a Little Golden Book about Barbie called The Big Splash, byBarbara Slate, copyright 1992, the dolphin's name was Herman.
no, talking to barbies is not normal
Although she owns hundreds of wedding dresses , Barbie has never gotten married, and Matell wouldn't give her an out-of-wedlock baby! Skipper is Barbie's little sister.
guys like the way barbies look... if that's what you mean. but do they like to PLAY with barbies? idk unless they're gay... THATS UNTRUE! WHEN MY BROTHER WAS A BABY HE PLAYED WITH THEM! AND HES //FRIEKIN' GAY! if you want a boys appinion ask me ok boys don't like barbie they might like the look of...
Not in any substantive way. There have been numerous studies of the doll claiming that it warps a girl's image of themselves, but ultimately the thing is just a toy. A healthy child will not notice the exaggerated figure of the doll, simply because the child does not have a discrete body image...
Yes, they probably will. Little girls will always be growing up and needing dollies to play with.
I'd ban barbie dolls that you can take there clothe off, showing nudity, and its almost just as bad as showing little girls naked woman. like i did, get all the barbies bras and underwear, which are harder to find but safer.
The early Barbie dolls used a variation of Bakelite. It was hard, and the dolls were very durable. Because it was so hard, the dolls had holes in their feet to correspond to a "spike" in the high-heeled shoes that fit on their feet. It kept the dolls' shoes on.
Barbie doll hair is blonde.
Yes they do but if they are old clothes they might be a little lose. I would recommend for you to buy liv doll clothes because they have higher quality.
Many Barbie creators think it is much cuter when Barbies wear short mini skirts
Barbie was first introduced in the United States.
Skipper has never had a given name. In 1963 when Mattel wasplanning the doll it decided to just go with the nickname. Over the years she's had numerous swimsuits and outfits withnautical stripes or sailing themes to correspond with the name"Skipper." Some speculations over the years: A Baby Boomer...
Reuben, Lillian, Louis, Doris, Max, Joseph, Aaron and Maurice Ruth Handler had 10 siblings and she was the youngest of them all. When she was young, her parents left and her oldest sister, Sara, was left to take care of her. Yes, Ruth Handler had siblings. She was the youngest of tenchildren born to...
yes she told me she was late today so i guess little barbies r on their way
she is made by natural sorses and plastic, her clothing is made by rare plastic. her eyes are made from clear plastic with color inside.
Barbies will take over the world! Not really, maybe they will goout of style.
Yes, you can become a V.I.P. at when you get a Barbie Girl MP3. Just click on "Join" and put in your code.
if you are a v.i.p you can buy them if not you get nothing. .
well if you seen twilight you know what the outfits look like all you have to do is find there outfits and if you have a doll that looks like Bella or Edward or any character hair cuts or go to target or Walmart or toys r us OR: You don't have to buy the doll. You could just be creative and...
Start by learning how to spell "Designer".
you can have a dress or some cool t-shirts just wear what barbie wears when you buy a barbie doll. wear everything pink. see people mistaken barbie as the Queen of pink not. wear tacky cheesy kind of play dress up
Doll shows are a good place to start. Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Craig's List. You should sell them on Ebay. You can sell vintage barbie on Ebay. i think if you are going to sell your barbie you should list them on Ebay over 1,000,000 people get on that site a year.and starton about ...
You can purchase Barbie dolls at a variety of stores, since they are very popular among little girls. Of course, you can find many different types of Barbie dolls at any toy store, such as Toys R Us. You can also purchase Barbie dolls from Walmart, Target, or other stores which carry an array of...
You can't sorry the only way is to become a VIP sorry
i have one but can not find anything on it. mom bought it for me in 1959. can anyone give me some info Barbie with a heart with an arrown throught it on the back of her neck?
Do you mean in comparison with other fashion dolls? If so: Barbie was the first adult figure fashion doll. She's been sold for more than 50 years. The competing fashion dolls' lifetimes averages about five years. Since the Barbie doll has had such a long lifespan, her facial makeup, hairstyles,...
Considering that she is plastic, no i dont think so. Maybe her fame dies, but she is still and always be loved by little girls and collectors from all nation. Her fame may die, but she still lives on.
it's it changed and there's no possible way to get back to it.
It's possible that the 1984 Day to Night Barbie doll was a lawyer.
Barbie's friends and family are: Siblings . Skipper . Todd . Stacie . Kelly . Krissy Cousins and friends . Francie Fairchild . Jazzie . P.J. . Ken Carson . Midge Hadley . Christie . Stacey . Jamie . Steffie . Kelley . Cara . Tracy . Dana . Dee Dee . Diva . Derek . Miko Morrison . Whitney ....
Ponytail Barbie dolls were sold from 1959 to 1961. Bubblecut Barbies were sold from 1962 to 1967.
go onto dolls and games , type in barbie doll and say in album :)
i don't think so i think you have to buy the diamond castle barbie first to get it
The height of the Barbie doll's popularity during her 50-plus years of existence was in the late 1990s. It lessened after that because many collectors moved on to other items; the 2000s recession; and yes, electronic and computer toys.
It was founded by Elliot Handler and Harold Matson.