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The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is the epic poem written by Homer. In the Odyssey, Odysseus, King of Ithaca and the main character, is on a quest to get home, however he must face many challenges the Gods of Olympus set before him.
There is storm and shipwreck. He ends up on an island.
He never does physical battle with any gods, but his main conflict is with Poseidon, God of the Sea. He does however do battle with several non-human creatures, such as the cyclops Polyphemus, the sea-serpent Scylla, and guards of the Underworld.
One of them was wandering around and caught her going to unravel her weaving and told the others, but in some stories they were waiting up for her to catch her.
Athena cursed him because he burned down one of her temples whilehis army was invading Troy. Poseidon cursed him because he poked out Polyphemus' eye.
Into the ocean both times. After his ship is destroyed by Zeus, he floats to Calypso's island of Ogygia . After his raft is destroyed by Poseidon's waves, he manages to escape to the island of Scheria , where the Phaecians live..
until at length she was obliged by the gods to allow him to continue his journey homeward if you want to improve my answer ASK me first at MarrisaJazzie@yahoo.com . got a problem with that asking me part to bad! . if you do well that will hurt my feelings i am only 10 seriously i got...
Odysseus and his crew went into the cyclop's cave. They drank his wine and ate his food. Then, they finally discovered that the cyclops (or Polyphemus) lived here. The cyclops was first angry, but Odysseus offered him some wine to lull him to sleep. Soon after, Polyphemus asked Odysseus what his...
Tall, Beautiful, Titan, Bossy, Clever, Smart
Lack of intelligence, one eye, and a hatred for greek heroes. Oh, and his Dad is poseidon
Yes, Odysseus' father is Laertes. However, in ancient Greece, all kings come from the line of Zeus. Therefore, in a sense, Zeus is also Odysseus' father. =)
It is a matter of opinion. I think she was.
The lotus fruits and flowers were their primary food and were narcotic and addictive, causing the people to sleep in peaceful apathy.
Odysseus dose not see Paris because he knows that Paris has went against the oath to stay away from her.
The Iliad and The Odyssey both detail man's relationship with the gods as well as with his fellow man .
It was a society that gave much thought to issues of hospitality There was a great emphasis on gaining fame and glory.
The Greek epic poems 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey' .
show her that she deserves you...spoil her...have sex withher...show her that you care
Most of Odysseus's men die in the land of Thrinacia, because of their hunger. On this land was the cattle of the gods, and Odysseus had warned his men not to touch the cattle. The men were however, too hungry and they ate the cattle, angering the gods. The gods then killed every man except for...
Just before the ship that helped Odysseus reaches shore, it is turned into a rock and sunk by Poseidon.
Because he has too much hubris and is way too curious about everything which gets him in trouble all the time.
Circe, the woman who turned all men that came to her island into pigs until Hermes warned Odysseus and protected him against her.. she was a nymph
Quite young. About the same age as Achilles when he started fighting in the Trojan war. Achilles was about 18 - 24 years old. Odysseus was perhaps a little older.
and this is basically what happens "After I defeated the Trojans, I headed home to the people, children and wives of Ithaca. Little did I know, I had been forsaken by Poseidon the mythical Greek god of the sea, whose anger knew no bounds! I met cyclopes and giant beasts who had the potential to...
It was not hard to hear the sirens. He just listened, and could hear their sweet enchanting song. Sirens do not destroy men directly by their song; they sing and if the victim hears the song, they then try to get to the source by swimming and die of drowning or by wrecking their ship. In order to...
Ajax. According to one version of the story, he loses the competition for Achilles' armor and falls on his own sword out of shame. Another version says that after the competition, Ajax falls to the ground in exhaustion and when he wakes up, he is under a spell from Athena. In this state he...
In the myths our chronology does not apply.
He at first does not believe it is actually his father.....then his father explains that Athena disguised him and then Telemachus is overjoyed of course!
*The Odyssey; Odysseus was the protagonist ;) Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods. He was sent to help Odysseus on his travel, he acts as a channel. #RandomInfo: He was the God written about the most, which could hint to him being the most popular, or important.
Everything seems strange because Athena covers him in a mist.
Hermes' mission was to tell fly from Olympus to Ogygia to tell Calypso to release Odysseus so that he could finally return home to Ithaca as he was fated.
Odysseus being his son-in-law
She devised tricks to delay her suitors, one of which is to pretend to be weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus's elderly father Laertes claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has finished. Every night for three years, she undoes part of the shroud, until some unfaithful maidens discover her...
If he were to tell his crew about the dangers that awaited them they never would have sailed.
Odysseus was a hero in Homer's poem The Odyssey. He is known forhis cunning intelligence, his ranking in the Trojan War, andproviding peace to Ithaca.
They had to shoot through Twelve axe handles with Odysseus's bow.
The suitors encouraged the two to fight. They began wagering on the outcome, and shouted at the participants to beat each other down. They also swore not to give Odysseus a dirty blow while they were fighting. Antinous threatened Irus should he lose.
The wooers wooed.
he is ready for the begger (Odysseus) to leave Insulting is the tone
Athena was the Goddess with the most commitment and concern with odysseus.
The odds that he might be killed is pretty high, however he will eventually be killed if he does nothing.
Zeus gives his opinion of Odysseus when he says to Athena: " "My child, what a word to let out between your teeth! How could I forget that fine fellow Odysseus, after all! He is almost one of us. Wise beyond mortal men, ready beyond all to offer sacrifice to the lords of the broad heavens." (pg...
I believe this is Calypso.
Calypso. She kept him for a number of years (7, I think) and granted him immortality while he stayed with her. She then allowed him to leave on a massive raft she provisioned. She also sent a following wind to take him on his way home.
yes he beat the trojans and got back home.....in a very long, roundabout way.....
This depends on who she is. See related questions.
Well Odysseus was the General. He also helped the Greeks rescue Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, from Troy. That was the Trojan war, how do I put this, Odysseus helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. So yes I think he is a good leader.
Traits of an Epic Hero 1. Has 'larger than life' qualities 2. Is a natural leader of others
The events in the Iliad come before those in the Odyssey.
Poseidon is the God of the sea.
Once he and his surviving men are back on board his ship and have gone a short distance from the island of the Cyclops, he foolishly lets Polyphemus know that Odysseus is name of the one who tricked and blinded him. In a rage Polyphemus calls upon his father Poseidon to prevent Odysseus from going...
He was king of the island of Ithica.
After his men stabbed Polyphemus' (cyclops) eye in the cave, he ties each to the belly of 3 rams. Since everyone else was already tied up he had no one to tie him and had to hold on to the belly of the ram for over 16 hours.
Odysseus cries a tear, but wipes it from his eye. Argos perks up at the vistor and wags his tail. He asks the swineherd Eumaeus about the dog, who tells him about Argos. When Argos recognizes Odysseus, he dies.
cause in the story he had to go through SO many problems to get home Odysseus had to be twenty years away from his home for two reasons: A/ He participated in the ten years war between Greeks and Trojans and B/ His way back home on his ships lasted ten years. Both stories are given in the...
he and his crew hadprotected him his wife and his child
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Eumaeus, the swineherd was commanded to set the bow and iron axes for the contest.
telemachus got his weapons and stood by his father's side
Eurymachus is described as an arrogant, disrespectful man, who cunningly tries to arrange to have Telemachus killed. However, when Odysseus kills Antinous, it is he who pleads for the suitors' lives, when no one else will speak. He then tries to rally the suitors when he sees it is useless, but is...
Antinous laughed at him, but Penelope sayd that anyone can try, sohe just did it)
How Odysseus got back home to Ithaca.
She told them she would marry the one who could string Odysseus's bow and shoot it through twelve rings perfectly.
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She trusts him, because he reminds her subconsciously of her husband, especially after he is able to pass the tests she orders
The kind of qualities Odysseus has that makes him a good leader is that he is strong, brave, and the brains to get him through many things and also to get back his kingdom.
She doesn't want people to gossip about him being her future husband.
He offers him all of the food and wine that the suitors ate and drank in return for their lives.