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Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Mission Santa Clara de Asis was founded on January 12, 1777 and named for Clare of Assisi, the founder of the order of the Poor Clares. Although ruined and rebuilt six times, the settlement was never abandoned.
The mission was named for St. Clare of Assisi
The mission was found January 12, 1777 and found by Father Juniperro Serra.
It is located at the El Camino Real Rd
they traded colorful beads and clothes.
The county seat is San Jose
It has a university and its famous adobe bricks are still there. It is still a lively mission.
it trade for diffrent things like foods and more things with the Indians so they could live better
the daily chores on the mission santa clara de asis?
it does not have a nickname and they have the second biggest livestock
it took 54 years to build 21 missions
Santa Clara was built on January 12, 1777
Ines is Spanish for Agnes. It was named for St. Agnes.
how was life in mission santa clara
Mission Indians and priests lived at this mission. the Indians were bay miwoks, yokuts and tamyuats:
mission santa Clara did not face any problems. Santa Clara de Asis was the 8th mission found
the mission santa clara has four bells
Some people may say that the Santa Clara Mission was built in a garden where the spanish attacked so they built it there to represent that Mexico won.
The number of Santa Clara de Asis is #8
The mission was named for St. Clare of Assisi.
Mission Santa Clara was found on January 12, 1777.
500 EL Camino Real Santa Clara,California 95053
According to the mission's home page, all original buildings were of upright logs with dirt roofs. Destroyed and rebuilt six times, the 1928 version's construction materials are not noted.
Wheat, corn, and sometimes olives are the food they grew.Cattle, sheep, swine, horses, and mules are the animal the raised in this mission.
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it looks like a big garden with dead flowers
you build it with bricks
there was wheat, corn, and sometimes olives
Santa Clara was built on January 12, 1774
The nuns choose their names by taking the names of their parents.
Catholicism was the religion of the mission.
the people there slept on blankets that were put on the ground
There are four statues at Santa Clara de Asis.
santa clara burned down6 times and was moved 5
A padre doesn't found missions , a missionary does. But the founder was Padres de la Pena and Murguia (under the direction of Junipero Serra).
yes, mission Santa Clara was relocated 5 times because it kept on getting destroyed.
They ate Atole, a thick soup made from barley and wheat.
the people who did the jobs on Santa Clara were the Indians, missionaries,explorers and other people that fallowed Gaspar De Portola and Junipero Serra.
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The Mission Santa Clara de Asis was built in 1777 on January 12.
The unique things about Santa Clara is that it is the first mission in California to be honored by a woman. It was also so the only mission build in a university in California. And was build in the oldest university in California.
native Americans did ALL the work, sometimes the padres would help (but it was all up to native Americans (Indian people)
I think the Spanish people and the Native Americans,
They got up at 5:00 am at the missions.
The Ohlone was the Indian tribe at the mission Santa Clara de Asis.
Yes, Mission Santa Clara got destroyed 5 times twice by an earthquake, once by a fire and twice by a flood.
Yes, Santa Clara is the 8th mission
they pooped and made shapes out of it
yes they do sleep at the mission
S anta C lara de A sis had only one patio. The patio is located nextto the workshops and the Church. Santa Clara de Asis is the eighthmission built in the chain of 21 missions. Santa Clara (mission)had the second largest livestock! Oh yeah back to the point....Ihope this helped you on your 4th...
Of course many had bells like the San Francisco de Asis had bells P.S. NOT ALL DID.
There was a flood, a fire, and an earthquake.
they worked on the mission like the men had to do farmwork the woomen had to clean and cook and the children went to school
The mission was named after a person, not the other way around. It was named for St. Clare of Assisi. I am not sure if this is the case, but many missions were named after the saint whose feast day fell on the day the mission was established.
Adobe bricks, titles, and white wash, wooden beams.
because it was a perfect location fot the mission
it has 4 statues because to remember the people who were special at Santa Clara de Asis
I did not know that someone could just take history and move it to a new location.
First of all, the Indians were only looking for shelter and food. The Spanish tricked them and led them in. They made the Indians believe in their religion, their cultures. The houses the Spanish built for the Indians were made of wet moss, only the size of a couch. Every day, the Spanish gloated...
mission Santa Clara de Asis is the 8th mission