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Teen Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy is a major social issue across the world. Rates vary widely between developed and underdeveloped nations.
Because often people perceive teenagers as unable to properly care for a child when they are a child them self.
the ones who dont use protection tends to be about 1 in 20 according to studies however my bma was pregnant four times when she was 12 1 when she was 14 an never whilst she was 14 !
of course your stressed... just let some of your burdens go for a while and pretty soon , auntie flow will be knockin on your door.
  She might be pregnant. Get her to take a test
  the youngest ever person to get pregnant was in 1939 i think and it was a five year old girl, and her sone actually lived til he was 40
  Unlikely but still possible as the morning after pill is not 100% effective
  If you have your period, then I'm not sure how that could say you're pregnant. And for the dog thing, I only have one word: DOCTOR. Yes I mean go to the doctor!!
Write a letter or have someone with you when you tell. You can also get help from school if you are close to your teacher/schoolnurse/counselor etc.
Well if she is only young she probably will cry. But what you should do if your baby wont stop crying is see if she/he is hungry and if they went poop in the diaper check and change it if necessarily. And make sure they take naps during the day they can be really tired.
There are generally none different from adult mothers and their babies but babies to teen mothers have a higher risk for premature birth and low birth weight due to bad diet among other things.
no teens learn about birth control and everything in school so they  should know better
  Maybe in different countries but never in the USA!!!!
You can't become the legal guardians just based on the fact that she's a minor. If there are good reasons to remove her guardianship you have to go to court and if she wants to fight it she can do that at any age.
  You should wait until you have missed your period. If it is negative and you haven't gotten your period in a week, take another test.
  If you live in th US.... Child support and visitation are separate issues. IF Dad has court-ordered visitation, you have to allow it or you are in violation of a court order, and you can face consequences for that.
No! The only thing you will feel is the inside of the vaginal canal. Nothing to grab there.
with the police? no, with his and her parents? absolutely!
Depends on the person and their health but the risk for complications is higher for a pregnant young teen and they can lead to death.
Abstenance is number one, protection is second and not only one type of protection, the girl can be on the pill and the guy can use a condom. Speaking to people and letting them know that their virginity is something that is of value and there body is one of the only things in this world that they...
You bet it is! Lets look at what we call a person? Someone who can feel, respond, show the features of a living thing? An unborn child, in fact feels, he/she responds, and shows all features of living things. Ask mothers who are pregnant and they are in a position to even understand "the mood"...
Please specify the country.
Getting Pregnant at 15 Not a Good Idea   You will regret getting pregnant at 15. You not think so right now, but you will. But if you are determined to get pregnant...as soon as you have that child in your stomach..no matter what age you are...you are emancipated and can live whereever you want....
Teenagers are at the age where they know what they do is wrong.  Most of them try to be cool, and are rebels and they do steal and  do illegal things.
I'm guessing you mean Depo Provera, the contraception injection? There's no real evidence to suggest that Depo Provera increases the chance of birth defects, but I have heard that was a common factor in some premature births.Make a doctors appointment ASAP and talk to him about your concerns.
Yes, you can. Although, when you think about it, a missed period IS a symptom. I am about 6 months pregnant and have had absolutely NO symptoms. So, you should take a test just to make sure. Good luck.
  Women ........ because they get to say with who and when
It depends. If they were impregnated by a man 18 y/o or older, Thenthey would be prosecuted. Although, there is no real laws about theunderaged girl herself. It is pretty much just like if she were 18or older, but parent/guardian support is advised.
It depends on your country, or state.
No, but it would be pretty stupid not to tell them, otherwise they would eventually notice the pregnancy weight and begin to freak out. Also, if you are thinking of getting an abortion, you would have to tell your parents.
  == Pill While Pregnant ==      A doctor would tell you to stop taking them immediately if you want to protect the fetus.  Birth control pills can be harmful or can have abortive properties for the fetus.
Yes,as long as she has her period she will be able to concieve.
There's no reason to hid it, it's your decision what to do and they can not force you either way. This will change all of your lives so they deserve to know before hand and also help you so you get proper prenatal care. You will gain nothing in lying except losing their trust. Be honest and open,...
Answer . I'm sure you will love and care for your child very much but the reality of having a baby at 14 is this.... The father will end up in prison, you will end up stuck in your bedroom seriously depressed with a screaming, crying baby who will not shut up, day in day out for years and years,...
yes because in teen pregnancys you could have more complacations during the pregnancy and the birth because a teens body is still improving and they are still having unprotected sex and they are not using protection Yess it is way different. As an adult you can enjoy it without being scared. As...
You and if you want a person to hold your hand
Having a kid doesn't mean it's the end of the world. I had my son when I was 16 and now I'm 35 and I'm enjoying a very fruitful life in the I.T. Industry earning a decent amount of money. And upside of this is that he will be leaving home in the next few years and I'll be earning even more money!...
Having sex like everyone else is the main reason but there are also deeper reasons. Some feel it makes their relationship more serious having a baby and wants a family, not realizing very few stay together due to the strain of having a baby. Others have not got proper sex education and believe in...
Yes, it is possible. Some women do have break through bleeding after they conceive.
It depends on the 15 year old. If he or she is mature enough, then it may be OK for them to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, at this age, decisions are often made rashly, and any such relationships should be undertaken with caution.
Quite high    Answer 2If a full ejaculation occured INSIDE the vagina, then there is a definite risk. Ejaculating outside drasticly decreases that chance, altough people will bash your skull in by claiming it is equaly dangerous because of "precum" or preejaculatory fluid. Still, less sperm...
As long as they are minors, yes. It is still your child even though she is pregnant.
Most definitely. 'Pre-cum' still contains the necessary sperm to fertilise a uterus, so if this has happened I would recommend a pregnancy test!
Opinion   The best possible way for you to help her is to let her know, in a non-judgemental way, that whatever has happened and whatever she chooses to do, you are her steadfast and loyal friend. She may or may not be seeking advice or help, but what she does need is friendship.Without knowing...
Maci Bookout (of Teen Mom 2009) is 26 years old (born August 10, 1991).
  Yes, even if the sex was consensual she was a minor and at age 18 youe considered to be an adult. You could be charged with rape
Here you can get the brief info about raising a foster child.    <a  href="http://linkjacket.com/jk.cgi?i=j4F2gOS&d=www.nacac.org%2Fadoptionsubsidy%2Fstateprofiles%2Fgeorgia.html&n=30"  target="_self">cost for raising a foaster child</a>
Only a doctor can tell you that for sure after being tested. If you are under 30 years old and have been having unprotected sex (without becoming pregnant) for 2 years it is time to see your OB/GYN to look into fertility issues - it is possible you have just not been having sex at the right time of...
  == To make a new life and to have children ==
You need to be at least 14, with parental permission, and you needto present in front of a judge. Also with a child you need to beable to financially support you and the child.
Hi,There is always a chance you could conceive anytime you have unprotected intercourse.If it is still possible, you can take the morning after pill or emergency contraception pill within 3 days of intercourse and this will significantly decrease your chance of conceiving upto 97%. However, there is...
Never have a child because someone else want one. That is not fair to the child and it's the child that matters in this not the bf. If he can die any moment he will probably never even see it anyway. He can donate sperm if he wants.
yes. it happens often in some ladies during the thrid trimester. usually the cause is the baby being close to the bladder.
  Yes...Contrary to popular belief the hymen is not a solid membrane. In most cases it has a very small hole in the center, through which it is possible for semen to enter.
Just be patient they will beupset at first but they will get use tot the idea and be supportive after they still love you regardless and they will stay by you
Well your 17, your parents are going to find out sometime. You can right a letter to your parents while they aren't home and then go out with your friends while you parents are reading it here's what you can write Dear Mom and Dad, You are probably going to be very disappointed in me. A few weeks...
  Personally I would say wait a little bit.
Answer . Those points of view, real or perceived, help make for a more objective understanding of why specific population centers thrived or vanished. For example one major factor was the desire for European explorers to find a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean and the Far East for trade...
although birth control would help to prevent pregnancy further, as long as you are using a condom you should be safe (if it is being used the right way). just make sure he pulls out right after he cums and takes it off
Any girl can get pregnant as long as they have their period...but as for the age, there is no specific age women get pregnant.
    I think the first thought in their head would be:RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or a good guy would start planning and thinking about what would happen and how to support the girl and the child. CAUTION. This opinion is only for like teenagers. Not for married people. Or else that...
...A baby would be on the way. They would have to prepare for it and make some tough choices at a very young age.
I believe that's a good sign and hope so cause I too am early in my pregnancy and my urine is very yellow. I think it is a sign of cleaning your system of all toxins? and that's a good thing.
  Be more specific... Are you responsible for this teen? If you are the teen's guardian, and you need to know the answer, just ask. You don't need to feel guilty for knowing something about a child in your care!
First off most young boys get scared and leave there girlfriend. But don't do that. Its your baby it has your blood and genes. But your that baby's dad that baby could go it's whole life wondering where its daddy is. But you must support her and help her with the child but adoption is another thing...
no. as long as the person you live with says its ok. he cant do anything. he can try but nothing can be done about it
yes you are an adult when you have a baby. you can do whatever you want.
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750000 teen girls get pregnant every year in usa only1/3 teen girls get pregnant before they turn 20
I'm sorry you decided to have sexual intercourse at 11, this is way too young. You have to tell your mom so she can help you with going o the doctor and take a proper test. If you are pregnant they will present you with your choices.
Even though you are 12 and may be freaked out by this, the one person in your life that can help you the most is your mother, you need to sit her down and tell her calmly about what has happened. Tell your father aswell at the same time, if your parents freak out don't worry, just tell them you need...
If you and your child are in danger contact the social workers so they can get you another place to stay. If you want to get emancipated you have to go to court.
well she obviously had intercourse.
The fact is, you can't. Teenage pregnancy wasn't created voluntarily, babies are made daily by teenagers 'having fun', and making the babies they call mistakes. Basically, most babies born to a teenage mother was unplanned, and a complete accident. Teenage pregnancy is always gonna be an issue, but...
at 14 you should have second thoughts about having a baby if your boyfriend wants to get you pregnant he should have his head read as this would be illegal and would end him up in big trouble. who would pay the expenses involved in having a child and would you be willing to give up nearly all your...
when i was 15 i got pregnant. i was 16 1/2 weeks along (4 1/2 months) and i had a miscarriage. i already new what my baby was. it was a girl we had a name picked out and everything. Hailey Lynn but i lost her. now im trying to get pregnant. and if i do im hoping its a girl. im going to name my first...
If you are not pregnant that's good just be more careful next time and use better quality condoms. because having a child is rarely as much fun as it is made out to be especially on your own.
  NO, most healthy babies take 9 months.
  He may be a little worried about being around to accept responsibility for his child.
  The parents are in trouble as well they cant change the law regarding age of consent.
Yes, but a penis of that size is extremely uncommon, and not desireable since it makes intercourse very difficult and painful for the receptive partner.
  You could be pregnant, but it is unlikely that your abdomen would go hard that quick - it normally happens around 4 months pregnant
== Answer ==   No, all birth control is a a hormone that blocks the onset of pregnacy. If your already prego then it cannot stop the natural order of things to happen. If you do not want to have a baby Im sure you know the one option you have, abortion, if you cant do that then your other option...
missed peroidbloatingvaginal dischargeBreast Sorenesslower back painheadaches
you can move out in less you with somebody over the age 18 but you will not get no were cause you a minor so just work it out with your family and try to came to a understand that you did wrong but don't put you out your family in you got to work threw this thank you Answer Being pregnant/having...
If you have started ovulating you can. That is what you do before you start to bleed in menstruation. At 11 you are too young to legally have sex though.
Having sexual intercourse and bodily fluids coming together to produce a baby.
yes, actually you can have your period in your first couple of months of your pregnancy.
The problem isn't that they are having sex, the problem is they have to unprotected. Lack of sex education teaching abstinence leads to teen pregnancies and STDs. Telling kids "Don't do it" is not realistic. Make sure they have contraceptives and are educated in the matter and knows what it's like...
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