Pubic Hair

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Questions of hair that develops within the region of the pubis or the pubes. A sensitive category for a sensitive area. From how to maintain it to how to remove it. Get all your personal grooming information here.
Yes, it will grow back just like the hair on your head.
When skin got burned due to waxing or applying hair removal cream you can get rid of it by doing the following: 1. Putting an ice into a towel then leave it on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. Continue the process for about 1-2 hours. 2. Milk and aloe Vera gel may also help. Pour the milk on...
Yes, if you use conditioner. But, it will grow a very odd itchy beard and your mom won't itch it. Tony Arce Gerardo Martinez Carlos Arce
well its what you believe in i guess i cut my hair when i was pregnant and it took alot of stressing away an i got less headaces
Far to many to count,but my guess, perhaps about a 1000!!
ALL hair- pubic, legs, armpits, eyebrows, head, beard- can turn grey as you age. Men and women. Or, as I call it- "Antique Blonde".
If you mean above your penis on your abdomen, it is probably your pubic bone.
Pubic hair is much coarser than Asian or caucasian hair. For some reason, coarse hair is a little bit flat when compared to head hair. The coarseness and slightly flat shape makes it curl around some.
I can only answer that by asking you WHY you do it.
the hair below ur stomach
yes you can i have white hair but i can sperm im 11
Women can choose to shave any body part where it grows and since women are mammals, hair grows pretty much everywhere except your eyeballs! Shaving is a cultural tradition. In most parts of the world women do not shave their body hair. In the western world, specifically western Europe and the...
Hey its really best tp shave your pussy because nobody would want to lick you out if you have a hairy pussy TAKE MY ADVICE SHAVEEEEEE
To cure, one also need to know the cause. These days a lot of people shave their pubic hairs away. The shavers pull the hairs up/out slightly before cutting them, this to leave a very smooth surface. When hairs carry on growing after this, they might get "stuck" below skin level and this is...
Yes. Everyone, at some point at least, grows pubic hair.
Young girls had ponytails and women had short hair that was curled.
Don't think it's possible to make any hair transparent.
yep it's normal, some guys have little to no armpit hair even as adults
Pubic hair starts growing during puberty. Most people go through puberty some time between the ages of 12 and 15. During puberty you will usually have a growth spurt, that is, you will grow taller rather quickly. Your body will develop and you will grow pubic and armpit hair. Boys may start...
Yes! What do u think this is, of course it's painful! If you want gorgeous legs then you're going to have to suffer the pain!
\nfrankly I dont know I think you should start within 40 days the time they start growing or are more than a or two lenght ...and not before prubery.......thats what i think....
well you can try some hair removing cream if you are allowed. they sell it at most drugstores
FALSE Traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking and waxing, provide only temporary hair removal. Until now, the only long-lasting hair removal solution has been electrolysis, which is time-consuming and is usually limited to small areas as each hair is treated individually. ...
Most people refer to dead ends and split ends as the same. Split ends occur when the hair follicle splits usually due to dryness or damage from dye or heat appliances so the ends of the hair can feel "dead".
because rashes can usually occur.
Armpits, legs (usually shaved off) and genitalia.
No. They serve two different purposes. Hair in 'joint' areas, such as pubic area and under the arms are designed to be a sort of lubricant, to prevent chaffing of skin on skin. These hairs are flatter and tend to be curly to provide that protection. Facial hair like most of the hair on body is...
No, they have lice on pubic hair. Don't go near dirty Mexican women. And they call you a puta sometimes.
Yes, girls can but it can be painful depending on what you do. I would not recommend you to shave because it will cause spots to from and it will irritate you. It's probably best to wax.
yes. It will definitely grow back. but it will take some time. About 6-8 weeks in fact at the least. Sorry!
very normal, almost every male tries shaving at lest once, some guys like the look and feel of a shave some do it for the ladies, ether way it's very normal.
Most likely from a medical condition. Like PCOS.
Some will, Some wont, it Depends on the person.
There really is no "set" timeline. Those are good signs that it won't be long, but you could have those signs for over a year before you get your period. I know I started to get those in 7th grade, and I didn't have my first period until the summer going into 8th. Every person's body is different...
really just use mizaini and you have bunch of chest hair belive me i tried it
You can't. Pubic hair is designed to fall out before it gets too long. It is not like hair on your head.
Only if you let your man cum inside it
It happens for different people at different times and at different speeds, good news if you have pubic hair it means you're in puberty, also you're friends are wrong about having finished puberty, puberty doesn't end till you're about 21 so they have a lot of body changes ahead of them as well,...
COMPLAIN! Write a letter to the company; they might even send you free stuff!
Girls grow pubic hair when they are in puberty. There is no specific age for all of them. Some get it early and others later.
it's early, but not unheard of, most likely not a big deal.
no unless it becomes to sore to do the act of reproduction
Humanity survived just fine for ages w/o shaving their pubic hair.No one thought is was anything special about it before. It's justrecently that being shaved down below has become common.
usally about 5 months
i started puberty at 8
yeah, and he tries to shave them but doesn't work out. he would love Indy seeing them
answer . You use a normal shaver and use some shaving gel but be very careful you don't cut yourself it would be embarrassing having to get help. Don't use your dads razor though its unhygenic.
The ability to ejaculate can come at different ages. Most boys begin ejaculating between 12 and 14 years of age.
Most boys who are 12 can ejaculate, but depends from individual to individual beings you have pubic hair you are into puberty and usually comes hand and hand (no pun intended)
Can you give more detail? Your nuts are actually in your pubic area.
Yes, but only the womens kind. Try Dove soap instead. It moisturises the skin, minimizing razor bumps.
I suggest you consider waxing, laser or IPL. Any local beauty salon or day spa should provide waxing. Or if you want to spend more money for longer lasting results (and less pain apparently) You can go to certain medically trained people for laser treatment or IPL.
Why do u shave your pubic hair places? Well anyway put lotion on it and don't sheave too much.
Not all blondes. Often people find their eyebrows are a different colour than the hair on their head.
I'm a guy and I like a good bush. But it is up to you.
It varies by person and their genes. Sometimes with race.
His testicles, or as people sometimes call testes.
A razor. There are also certain preparation creams which are depilatory.
Do NOT. use hair removal cream for "down there" area... It will STINGG, and catch red bumps... It's better to wax... Veet is only for your legs or armpits.... not that area D:
The ones i used were just some Gilette disposable ones.
if you dont have any pubic hair whatsoever and your 16... you could either be a late bloomer or you might be having a problem with your growing
When you get reallly really acient and old, your pubes turn grey from lack of sex, if your bald on the head then most likely your bald down there tooo. You seriously need sex or else you will die. or you wil be balless. I think i will go with haveing sex. but if your old you'll brake your bones in...
Then it grows back all horrible
sometimes if you dont shave it, in the long run it can become itchy.. but i dont think pubic hair can hurt. yet it can itch. and yes it goes places it shouldn't go
It will probably take as long as it would if you hurt your arm, it is more painful though. If the swelling doesn't go down, you should see a doctor
Clip the hair close with scissors then lather and shave. Put some tension on the skin as you would your face. It's hair and skin the same as any other part of the body. And be careful, nicks can be painful.
They usually don't but there are always exceptions to the rule. If a 1yo has that there is something wrong with their hormones.
If you mean on your glans then no, hair doesn't grow on it. If you mean on the foreskin then yes you can get the odd hairs, although it is much less than near the base of the penis shaft.
well,it all depends on who you are if you like pubic hair then sure if you dont then no! Hair in your private areas is a sign of maturity. Shaving it off would only make you look like a little boy.
there is no Brazilian waxing in Malta
The answer is hormones! When your pubic hairs first start coming in, they are just like the hairs on your head, but when your sex hormones "kick in," the hair follicles in your pubic area, underarms, and on the male's face tighten up and twist, which makes the hairs come out curly and coarse instead...
Completely grow? your hair constantly grows, as far as getting pubic hair you usually start at the onset of puberty, 11 year old boys commonly have pubic hair or the first signs of such.
Some boys develop the secondary sexual characteristics and different rates. From your description, you have developed a lot for your age. Many boys at 13 are just starting developing pubic hair and may not have grown much yet. For most boys, puberty continues through to their late teens, so it is...
At your age there is a likelihood that there may still be some growth in it. Although you sound like you started your puberty quite early having reached average length by now already.
Perhaps shaving cream for sensitive skin or Nair Bikini Line forsensitive skin. Your skin gets easily irritated and you have totake the less evasive method. The Nair would be a good way to gobecause it dissolves hair and all you need to do is leave it on andwipe the hair away. Be sure to get Nair...
Yes, that should not happen until puberty. Get a check up since there must be excessive hormones in the body & possibly some gland issue(s).
Most of time they don't. if u saw any guys armpit that wasn't hairy they would probably be gay or a swimmer.
11 i would say best would be appropriate. but really its depends on how hairy you get and weather it is dark hair of light. if your hair grows dark u should shave but if it grows light then u dont really ned to.
no it means your starting puberty after a while you will grow black ones those are the actually pubs
No it is not this is what we call discharge it is one sign of getting your period. Actually no I think this is what some other people have its normal hair.