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Pubic Hair

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Questions of hair that develops within the region of the pubis or the pubes. A sensitive category for a sensitive area. From how to maintain it to how to remove it. Get all your personal grooming information here.
Yes, but only the womens kind. Try Dove soap instead. It moisturises the skin, minimizing razor bumps.
Why do u shave your pubic hair places? Well anyway put lotion on it and don't sheave too much.
His testicles, or as people sometimes call testes.
Do NOT. use hair removal cream for "down there" area... It will STINGG, and catch red bumps... It's better to wax... Veet is only for your legs or armpits.... not that area D:
The ones i used were just some Gilette disposable ones.
When you get reallly really acient and old, your pubes turn grey from lack of sex, if your bald on the head then most likely your bald down there tooo. You seriously need sex or else you will die. or you wil be balless. I think i will go with haveing sex. but if your old you'll brake your bones in...
It will probably take as long as it would if you hurt your arm, it is more painful though. If the swelling doesn't go down, you should see a doctor
Its there to cover up their ass acne and to give them something to comb.
Perhaps shaving cream for sensitive skin or Nair Bikini Line for  sensitive skin. Your skin gets easily irritated and you have to  take the less evasive method. The Nair would be a good way to go  because it dissolves hair and all you need to do is leave it on and  wipe the hair away. Be sure to...
  == Answer ==     shaving is easist. be very careful with electric trimmers, nicks really hurt. you can use hair removal creams but they may irritate the area.The best way to remove hair would be a bikini wax or you can get all the hair waxed off. Don't use a razor! This makes razor...
yes because your old and that's what you get for being old
It's all part of Puberty and growing up. Nothing to worry about as it will happen in time.
you shave them    My answer:I don't do anything, it would look pretty weird for a Sasquatch to have clean shaven arms.But seriously, it is just hair, it can be removed or dealt with as any other hair on a persons body.
  So far, so good. I've used OTC creams for months at a time over the years, but it wasn't until I started using prescription strength progesterone cream that my hair really stopped falling out. For the past two months I've been on this cream, and my hair loss is like it was when I was much much...
yaaa i love itt :) its like sex on legs!
  ==answer==   My mother called them carbunkles (I believe). They are sort of like a large pimple that never comes to a head but is re-absorbed into your body. They do get sore but are nothing to worry about as long as they go away after a few days.
The best way to stop ingrown hairs it is not to do anything that gives you ingrown hairs. Save your money on all the treatments AFTER you get ingrown hairs.If you wet shave with any straight edge razor blade or you rip the hair out by waxing, sugaring, threading or by using an epilator, you stand a...
Shaving your pubic hair can make the area very itchy. After a few days, when the hair begins to grow back, it itches like crazy. This is one reason why many women prefer to wax the area, instead of shaving.
The best answer that I have seen is that the hair provides a little separation between opposing moist, warm skin surfaces. The hair provides protection from chafing.There are other theories . . .
I guess it depends on if you want to risk getting nicked or not.If you want to have sex, then yes.
By shaving it that should it make come in thicker
NO!Of course NOT! Only your armpits, pubic hairs don't sweat, no worries.
Yep, it usually starts about this time, some later. It's nothing to be concerned about.
No, the pubic hair is not shaved before birthing.
  == Answer ==   You don't have to, the doctor can examine you effectively no matter how much or how little hair you have. Just come as you are :)
  Depends on how vain they are. Many don't, but some do.
It depends on the woman. Some do and some do not like it shaved.
  == Answer ==   Either Dandruff from your head, of dead skin from sun-burned skin. It all depends on your environment. If you stay out in the sun and have fair skin, you may experience burned skin. When this outer layer peels, it may come off in flakes. 
absolutely not a doctor would be able to do that
Pubic hair growth is different for everyone. It is normal for puberty to begin at age 10 for girls, and age 12 for boys, although there seems to be a trend for people, especially girls, to begin at an earlier age. Typically girls complete puberty by age 17 and boys by age 18. Pubic hair growth...
yes becuz their pooch or balls are hairy ;)
In there vigina area
Pubic hair is a lubricant. It prevents skin to skin rubbing and irritation during sexual intercourse.   Pros: Pubic hair helps keep the female scent in their body. It also reduces friction to the area from the clothes preventing arousal at the unwanted times. It prevents dirt and insects from...
It depends on the guy. As long as it's cut even a little, you should be okay. no no no, this dude is wrong... definitely shaved, pubes on a girl is disgusting!
    == Answer ==     You may have a skin fungus. This can easily and naturaly be taken care of by applying Tea Tree oil to the area. Use tea tree oil externally only! You can get this at any health food store. You may also be sensitive to the chlorine in your water. It is very drying...
There is no need to say anything. it is to be expected when you are old enough & armpit hair will be hard to hide when that happens & hair other areas will be assumed.
Perfectly normal
Many people have made claims that applying deodorant to areas that have just been shaved prevent razor burn. Just as many people claim that deodorant only irritates the area in question. I would especially NOT recommend using Right Guard, Secret, or spray deodorants, they are most frequently cited...
well, it all depends on your hair! if you have wavy hair... stick with styles that are easy on-the-go and DON'T plan to "straighten your hair everyday so that the style will work on me" bcuz, trust me, u wont. also, avoid bangs, cuz well, it just wont end well. instead, try a side part with your...
Not for everyone, but for many people it does.
hairless but with one long hair, or failing that, interesting pubic topiary. preferrably a portrait of their mother
For Women: Prior to shaving your pubic hair there are a few things to note: Pubic hair serves a purpose! It acts as a protective barrier against infection from bacteria, ie the ones that cause bladder infections and UTIs. If you are fully shaven and your partner has not thoroughly cleansed his pubic...
because that area is very sensitive, you have to be careful, maybe you shouldn't shave but use wax instead, then it will stay VERY red only the day you actually wax. use a gentle aftershave etc
yes. the genes involved may "express" in a different way, it is rare though
Yes, that's perfectly normal.
No not at all there will be many cases of this out there, even in men but mainly in women - it is your body protecting your vagina pubic hair is for genital protection.   AnswerIt's not weird, but if the hair seems unpleasant to you it can be removed. There are gentle methods for removing hair...
its very dangerous! it can become needle like and go inside the skin...so remove them promptly
Yes. Thai Women have less Public Hair. I watched some Thai porn movies and even they don't have any pubic hair.
I've never stopped to count..if it was up to me, none.
It just grows naturally!:)
Rash is red, sometimes itches and seems damp/wet. after applying powder with corn starch, rash will be dry for a short time. then will begin to itch and seem wet/damp. Any suggestions?
== Answer ==   This not a normal occurrence but it does happen in some women. It is best to have the hair removed by laser. As you have found out, the other alternatives can be painful.   Yes it is normal to have hair growing on your Labia Majora, The best way to take it all off is by Bikini...
It's up to the preference of each woman.
I think most Korean girls will appreciate if you keep things tamed… in places where the sun don't shine…. down there… Korean beacon said...so im guessing they don't want it to be a farm in there...so i yea to answer your question
  never. you dont ever have to shave just make sure the hairs dont cover your shaft so it doesnt look smaller. just trim them, or do nothing, most girls expect to see pubic hair on men.
Nope! Think of your leg hair shaped like an upside down "V."When you shave off the top, you're left with the thicker and darker bottom part of the hair. It could give the appearance of thicker and darker leg hair, but in reality it isn't.Thats also why it is rougher, you're left with the sharper...
There is no exact answer for this because every child is different. Some children devolop pubic hair as young as 7 or 8 or as old as 17 or 18. At 10 years old, you shouldn't worry if you have no pubic hair or lots of pubic hair. It could be long and thick, short and thin but it doesn't matter...
Answer : I have heard of this happening before. I think the best thing to do is take her to the doctor and see what they say.    Answer my daughter is 15 months old and I have noticed pubic hair covering her vagina area. My 6 year old has none. Is this normal?
It totally depends on the girl. Some do, and some don't. If you want to know of a particular girl, it may be embarrassing, but the only way to really know is to ask her.
Because it's coming back and you have stubble.
if u wear one in the first place.
I ll ask sharapova tomorrow and let u know
Not a silly question to ask at all, but the answer is yes its normal you just hit puberty very young anywhere from 8 to 19 you can start now if you were 5 i would be worried if i were you but your not you're 12 so yes its normal.
Cornrows look like braid sort of things and are "in" right now...
yes it is very normal   i started getting a couple of strands at 6
Easy...You don't.
The best way to stop the irritation would be to stop shaving and get sugaring done, it is similar to wax but with less irritation. Or electrolysis. (see link)But second best is to make the area very clean, using a good moisturizing shaving cream and always start with a new razor. Once done rinse...
From my past experience i believe that the only safest way to slow down facial hair growth is through waxing and threading. After threading your face or waxing for a couple of months you will begin to notice the regrowth process slowing down and your hair becoming thinner. However, you must not...
Answer . \nI know this must be extremely worrisome to you and you probably feel very embarrassed by it (if someone should see you in gym class while having a shower.) This is not unheard of. You are quite young and usually, in time, this will rectify itself, but it's a very good idea to see your...
Some do and many don't. It's all your choice. I wouldn't recommend it, though if you try it, use one of the "micro" type trimmers. Razors and shavers can cause nicks and cuts, and are much more prone to leaving you with ingrown hairs and terrible itching! "Micros" aren't perfect, but the best I've...
I don't think it is. Pubic hair is very natural. I don't understand why people feel the need to remove it all. Who would wanna have sex with a 10-year-old boy or girl. Pubic hair is a sign of maturity.
No. Nothing helps the smell.
  Pubic hair on girls at that age can have several causes. It can be a sign of early puberty, or of something called premature adrenarche (a benign condition that doesn't need any treatment). Generally, when pubic hair is present at that age, it is worth doing some blood tests to sort out the...
Yes, you can it depends on how strong the tape sticks.
If you are 12 and does not have pubic hair, don't worry, you will get it, maybe you just haven't gone through puberty yet, you will get it, and don't worry
No, it is set to the length it will grow. Once it reaches that length it dies off and falls out. More hair is growing to replace it all the time.