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Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa (26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997), was an Albanian Roman Catholic nun with Indian citizenship who founded the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata (Calcutta), India in 1950. For over 45 years she ministered to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying, while guiding the Missionaries of Charity's expansion, first throughout India and then in other countries.
She started her work in India, in Calcutta. Her work became so wellknown throughout the world that she was awarded the Nobel PeacePrize, so to answer your question, she was popular world wide.
Mother Teresa influenced me by showing complete love to those sheworked with, that were ill. She did not concern herself withgetting sick. She dedicated her life to God and his children whocame to her. She is the ultimate example of "good works".
By giving her entire life to the service of others in need, mostlythose patients with Hanson's Disease (Leprosy) in India. MotherTeresa garnered a lot of attention and funding to care for thesepeople.
The choice of one's religious sect is mainly a factor of the familythe person is born into. For example a child born into a Muslimfamily will likely become a Muslim. So like wise the story ofMother Teresa.
An est. 190,000 USD. Mother Teresa was quoted after winning assaying "Thank God for his gift for the poor. God's blessings willbe with the people who have given the prize. I hope it will be areal means of bringing peace and happiness in the world of today."
Mother Teresa's father passed away when she was at the age of 8.
No, "Mother Teresa" had her Beatification in October of 2003. The Beatification process can take decades before Sainthood.
The only difference was that Jesus was God and Mother Teresa was not. Oh, and Jesus preached. I don't think Mother Teresa did.
She did not so much give up her life to serve other as use her life to aid those that needed her help, and did this out of a feeling of compassion and caring for others. Some are dedicated to mastering video games, while some are dedicated to helping others over come difficulty and pain. she devoted...
Her funeral was held at Netaji Stadium in Calcutta, India, and itwas filled to capacity. Thousands more lined the procession routefrom the stadium to the Mother House where she was buried.
\ndeep love among the poor, which mother Teressa respects also as the children of God, she was indeed more acquainted in preserving love because God had ultimately given it us....
She received it when she was 12 years old.
she had travelled around the world and she had travelled alot to India
A: Mother Teresa did not open hospitals, but opened hospices for thedying, starting in Calcutta in India. The difference is thathospices do not offer cures or treatment, but only palliative care.Even in this regard, Dr. Robin Fox, editor of the British medicaljournal The Lancet observed that her...
She was 87 years old when she died.
A: Mother Teresa was a Catholic, committed to spreading the faith.This influenced her to open missions for the propagation ofCatholic beliefs around the world, beginning in Calcutta. Sherealised that this objective required large sums of money thatcould only come from donations, so she opened a few...
Nobel peace prize is always received in Norway
At the time of her death, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity had over4,000 sisters, and an associated brotherhood of 300 members, operating 610missions in 123 countries. These included hospices and homes for peoplewith HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis, soup kitchens, children's andfamily...
One of Mother Teresa's volunteers in Calcutta described her "Home for the Dying" as resembling photos of concentration camps such as Belsen. No chairs, just stretcher beds. Virtually no medical care or painkillers beyond aspirin, and a refusal to take a 15-year-old boy to a hospital. Hitchens adds, ...
Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910. She was 87 yrs. old when she passed away September 5, 1997..
Mother Teresa taught catechism and geography.
loving kind caring helpful honest trustworthy unselfish tenderhearted and merciful
A: Mother Teresa was a much admired member of the Catholic Church, whobuilt hospices in Calcutta and elsewhere, so that poor people coulddie with dignity. However, she had her faults and was perhaps notthe truly great person portrayed by the Church publicity machine. Apart from her admirable work...
When Mother Teresa was 12 years old she felt God's calling and knewthat she was going to be a nun. She would walk in the town with hermother and give food and supplies to the poor people.
Mother Teresa dedicated her life for human suffering and helping the poor
Catholic Answer The answer is not obvious to modern people as they did not understand Mother Theresa, because they do not understand real Christianity. Mother Theresa, a Catholic nun who entered the Sisters of Loretto in Ireland to become a teaching nun, was sent to India to teach. Later, moved...
Most people have nothing but love and respect for Mother Teresa. As withany person of celebrity status, she has her detractors, most of them quiteanti-Catholic who dig up half truths and, in many cases, pure fabricationsto denigrate her and her work. Many say she did little to help the suffering...
If she has reaped the rewards she has sown.
Mother Teresa grew up in Albania, today known as Macedonia.
Yes, and her birth name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.
To be the best she could be to be specific. She has done many wonderful things that everyone should be doing, but if I named them all, I would run out of room.
A: Mother Teresa began her career as a young nun teaching at theCatholic school of St Marys. She soon felt she could do more tospread the Catholic faith by opening missions in poor countriessuch as India. Mother Teresa realised that her objective required large sums ofmoney that could only come...
Mother Teresa never attended school as girls were not allowed to goto school in Albania at the time. She was home schooled by hermother.
we remember her by the way she helped the poorest of the poor people of calcutta we remember her as the face of God reaching out to humanity in COMPASSIONATE LOVE
A: Mother Teresa began her career as a young nun teaching at theCatholic school of St Marys. She soon felt she could do more tospread the Catholic faith by opening missions in poor countriessuch as India. Mother Teresa realised that her objective required large sums ofmoney that could only come...
A: The donations raised by Mother Teresa and the Missionaries ofCharity are not disclosed, but have been estimated as at least $100million per year, for a great many years. However, these estimatesseem excessive, based on the expenditure by the order, which seemsunable to spend anywhere near this...
Aga was the oldest of Mother Teresa's siblings.
Teresa of Calcutta, M.C, the famous Mother Teresa was born the 26thof August of 1910 in the town of Skopje, which today is the capitalof the Republic of Macedonia, the younger daughter of Nikollë andDranafile Bojaxhiu. Her mother raised her in the Catholic faith,and according to his...
Mother Teresa, in brief, is remembered for helping those who were less fortunate than her. She is known to be a saint and is highly respected by the Pope and others. Mother Teresa lived her life to serve God's message and to live for those in need. And for dedicating a proportion of her life with...
A: Mother Teresa was a really great communicator who brought in vastsums in donations for the work she reported being done in Calcutta.Of course this money did not belong to her personally, but she wasat liberty to spend the donations on priorities determined byherself. Her major priority was the...
because she helped people
This is because she decided to become a nun and entered into the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland, 1928.
She taught us that all must die a dignified death. Roman Catholic Answer Mother Teresa loved God above everything in this life. She taught us that to love God, we must show respect to every human being around us, no matter what condition they are in. And that to show that respect, we must help...
She took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. When she formedthe Missionaries of Charity she added another vow of "wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor."
She promised to sacrifice all she had for God . They believe Christ to be their husband, so they promise never to marry and have children. . They take a vow of poverty, which means they live very simply with few possessions. . The third vow is obedience, where they promise to obey the rules of...
mother Teresa was a nun because she helped out with churches and gods people........ and she did want to because she was a strong believer in god !
St. Teresa of Avila had many illness later in life, at one pointshe was so ill that she couldn't get out of bed. She askedintercession from St. Joseph and was healed well enough to continueto work. A lot of our modern devotion to St. Joseph dates to thistime.
because she believed that that was her destiny
A: It is important to look behind the publicity surrounding her lifeand realise that Mother Teresa was a complex person, capable ofgood works but was also capable of bad. Actually knowing aboutMother Teresa, rather than just accepting a generalised reputationwill help us put her life in perspective...
Deceased now but with no death record, Aga Bojaxhiu was born in1905, the older sister of Mother Teresa (1910-1997).
The key events of Mother Teresa's life was her being granted, by Pope Pious XII, so she could be and independent nun. Also about the vocation God sent to Mother Teresa. She became a loving, caring woman to the poor, starving and dying people of this world.
Mother Teresa worked with the poor, sick and dying in Calcutta, India.
She felt that god was calling her to become a nun at the age oftwelve so at 18 she became a nun and at 21 she made her vows to bea nun.
sometimes in my church, we sing Our Father insted of just saying it.
She eventually died. Date, place and cause of death not recorded in the biographies I have read.
Mother Teresa was born into a very devout Catholic family.
yes. that's why shes going to become a saint.
Mother Teresa fits that decription.
Catholic Answer The answer is not obvious to modern people as they did not understand Mother Theresa (as of 2013, she is Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, with another miracle, she will be St. Teresa of Calcutta) because they do not understand real Christianity. Blessed Theresa of Calcutta, a Catholic...
As with all good Christians, she worship God the father, Son and Holy Spirit.
mother Teresa believed in god and said that god had said to her to help others, the sick, the poor, or people that needed to be acompanied before dying. So this saying that she had helped her to help others throughout the country, she was also a nun, so she knew alot about god.thankyou
She left home at the age of 18 which was in the year 1928
since age 18 the rest of her life
No, she was born and raised in Albania.
well she is now a saint so we can pray to her.
She was a wonderful person because she went round the world helping all those in need and she was completely selfless. Nobody can match the miracles she has performed in her life and that is why she is remembered so greatly. I really admire her and she is such an inspiration for all to think of...
You have spelled it correctly in your question. Mother Teresa.
There are a number of excellent biographies available on line. Iwould suggest you start with a search. - Biography of Mother Teresa A good biography of Mother Teresa is a book entitled Mother Teresa: A Biography by Meg Greene. A more detailed first hand experience of working with MotherTeresa,...
Many people have been inspired by Jesus - I'm pretty sure Martin Luther King was as well....
She died in Calcutta, India on September 5, 1997. . \n .
Mother Teresa was in her own bed in the Mother House in Calcutta,India, when she died of heart failure on September 5, 1997.
She originally joined the Sisters of Loretto.
No, mother Teresa did not meet the spice girls... Why?
She was very clever and smart.
Type your answer here... a nun or a sister is a person who lives in a convent and who dosent marry.
She had malaria and TB (not quite shore about TB) and died of a heart attack and a stroke simultaneously.
A: This information is not divulged by the Missionaries of Charity,but the world-wide total number would be several thousand. Rememberthat the order only provides small-scale facilities for the poor,with most of its vast resources dedicated to the propagation of theCatholic religion. The famous...
Mother Theresa was born on August 26, 1910 and she died on the 5th of September, 1997
She was originally from Albania, today known as Macedonia.
Initially,no. Her family lived very well until the early death of her father. At this time her mother, older sister, and younger brother lived in poverty, all the while tending to the poor.
A: Yes. Mother Teresa, although protesting to live a life of utterhumility and suffering, frequently travelled around the world, byfirst class airline. The majority of her journeys were to overseethe vow taking of her nuns, and on most of her internationaltravels she would stop off at the Vatican...
A: Like many people, Mother Teresa wrote many letters, most of whichhave long since disappeared. Some have been collected and publishedin books, while at least two oare of particular public interest. In one publiclyreleased letter, Mother Teresa disclosed that she had no personalawareness of God:...
Girls were not allowed to attend school in Albania so Mother Teresawas home school by her parents.
Mother Teresa is a hero because of the dedication she put in to her work to help the poorest of the poor in India.
Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. ~ Mother Teresa . For some quotes from Mother Teresa see the link below.
Missionaries of Charity
She stayed with lepers and helped treat them while risking getting infected. She accepted them for who they were with their different looks while society rejected them. Here is more information on who and what lepers are. (link below)
A: Mother Teresa faced few personal hardships. She used first-classair travel when she travelled the world, as she frequently did.When Mother Teresa began to suffer heart problems and age-relatedillnesses, she sought medical treatment at renowned medical clinicsin the United States, Europe, and...
In the words of Mother Teresa,"Death with dignity is to die with grace, in the knowledge that [you] are loved.
Mother Teresa was 87 yr old when she died, Sep 5th 1997.