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Yaks are long-haired bovines found across the Tibetan Plateau, the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, Mongolia and Russia. A member of the genus Bos, a Yak is closely related to cattle. Wild yaks are one of the largest bovids.
It gives them milk,fur,meat and carries heavy loads
The yak are domesticated in Central Asia and there are still somestill living.
Yaks prefer grassy plains, they cannot survive in coniferous forests
it depends if u want to semi afk go to crabs if not yaks
nobody. the only way to obtain it is to kill yaks on neitzinot for their hide, then bring them to the tanner on neitzinot, he is the only person who can tan tak-hide, then, assuming you have the reqired crafting level, use a needle on the tanned yak hide with some thread in your inventory at the...
Yes. Male yaks have testes between their legs whereas female yaks have an udder. They (the females) also have a vulva below the anus which is underneath the tail. It's no different from domestic cattle, except there's a lot more hair to go through to see which is which.
Female yaks and their young calves travel in herds of hundreds of animals. The herd protects the young from predators, like wolves.
A yak typically weighs around 700 to 800 lbs.
Perfectly, they are the right body mass and they have the right external protection to survive the extreme weather conditions in the area where they exist. They are part of a evolutionary movement that has developed. Over many many years their genes have interacted with the environment and these...
They are herd amimals, between 20 and 30 in a herd
If you mean by consumer, what the Yak eats, then grasses, lichens, mosses
The same word in French as in English - Yak
Grasses, sedges, shrubs and mosses
i guess because it has fur
a Yak is a herbivore no,or at least I don't think it is
what is the benefit for the Tibetan plateau
NO,it is its own animal !!
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You find Yaks in Tibet .
They are used in self defense
The word Yak comes from the Tibetan language. It is simple to pronounce and thus has been adopted into other languages in its original state
Your yak should have the same general care that a cow has - annual exams, vaccinations for brucellosis and rabies, testing for tuberculosis as needed. There are medications that can be used if your yak gets sick.
They are known to be vulnerable
Yaks are primarily in the Mountains, and Grasslands.
yaks weigh about 2400 pounds
f you mean Jackals, they are wide spread, Northern, Central and Southern Africa. Southeast Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South Asia. There is an American Jackal also known as the Coyote
The difference is that a yak is essentially a wilder, shaggier ox.Yaks are a specific type of oxen that differ mainly in scientificclassification.
The milk may be 'pinkish' just after Yak calves are born. Otherwise it is white
In the Ladakh region of the Himalayan mountain or go on a search engine for a picture as you asked for.
Lots of them at the related link.
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The Yak is a high altitude dweller and can survive at altitudes of 20,000 feet
Yaks are bovines and eat grass and lichen..which is composed of fungus.
A Himalayan yak lives in Himalayan mountains.
They are herbivores, grass, herbs and lichens
Yaks do not 'say' very mush at all, they may grunt occasionally
he answers a call of nature
A group of tibetan wolves or a hunter with a gun usually kills yaks.
The same teeth as cattle to whom they are related they dont have teetgh
i will tell u what to say yak in bengali yak=yak (a respected word) from STACEY
A Yak is a vertebrate
no they are not
milk, meat, fibres and beast of burden
for traveling from North Africa , Asia, and Europe .
A word that describes a yak is: Big. Here it is as an example sentence: The big yak ate the grass.
if the term is the bovine term, Germany does not have the habitat for the yak. If the term applies the aircraft, the yaks were made in russia.
sheep = بھیڑ goat = بکری yak = قریب
Domesticated for centuries, the yak is still found living wild in some parts of its mountain range. With its long, shaggy coat, a yak can survive temperatures as low as - 40"aC (40"af). It grazes on whatever plants are available, including mosses and lichens and can use snow as a source of water....
Yaks live in the himalayans. Domesticated for centuries, the yak is still found living wild in some parts of its mountain range. With its long, shaggy coat, a yak can survive temperatures as low as - 40"aC (40"af). It grazes on whatever plants are available, including mosses and lichens and can use...
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No Yaks in Alaska
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Yak's meat in edible, the are almost extinct in China, being hunted for the skin and the meat
Wild Yaks and endangered, domestic Yaks are not threatened
hairless double humped yaks live in the desert. I know because my fifth grade teacher Mizz Susie told me. The Tibetan Plateau, South Central Asia, the Himalayan Region, Mongolia and into Russia
Its when people sell yaks
Wild Yaks are classed as vunerable
On the Tibetan Plateau
The Himalayan region of Central Asia, Tibet, Mongolia and into Russia
Long shaggy hair with a dense woolly undercoat
Wild yaks live in the Tibetian plateau in Tibet and in theHimalayan mountain region of Central Asia. Yaks are similar tooxen, but they are not domesticated animals.
Yaks are herbivores
no effects , it is very advantageous . i think we must poach more .
The yak or Bos grunniens - population is declining sharply. Yaksare being gradually pushed up the Himalayas, with scientistsfearing that the time is not far away when there will be no more"comfort zone" left for it to survive. Only four states in Indiahave yaks - Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Himachal...
um mabe don't kill them?
Yakety yak is a song and it rhymes to me and it is from 1958
It is normally white, but may look a little pink after the Yak has given birth
you can help keep yaks safe by not hunting them down and keeping their environment safe from any danger or harm
Many wild Yaks are killed for food in China so they are now a vunerable species
Do just like with the American bison: treat them as a wild animal and yet raise them on a farm or ranch. Preserve them by only breeding yaks to yaks, never cross-breeding them. And, create a movement to have a sanctuary or national park to keep these animals in the wild. They are also raised and...
Yaks are animals with life, and as such, should be respected.
Red squirrel, 15 to 20 centimeters, larger squirrels 20 to 33 cms
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most yaks are killed for their fur and others are killed because people actually eat them and use all of the yak most people are very inconsiderate of animals and our population is increasing rapidly and soon we won't have enough food for everyone because the way we treat species now and yaks are...
ecological balance will be hampered.
They cost 100,000 per year.
Yaks lay eggs: rainbow colored. Moma Yak lays about 1000-5000 eggs per litter, but many Bearenstein Bears get to them and kill the baby yaks for food.
Yaks are only endangered because the species of Bearenstein Bears have wiped them out to a low number. People now are trying to keep all yak away from these vicious bears, but is tough. Yak are quickly decreasing in number.
A yak is a mammal, so they give birth to live young. After agestation period of about 9 months, they give birth to a singlecalf.
Humans and wolves
Yaks can come in just about any colour: black, white, brown, tan,or a mix of these colours. Theey are normally shades of brown, but domesticated yaks can bewhite or mixed colors.