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France is bigger than brazil. True of false?

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Is India bigger than Brazil?

India is smaller than Brazil Brazil is 2.6 times BIGGER than India.

Australia is bigger than Brazil?

  On the contrary, Brazil is bigger than Australia. Brazil: 8,511,965 square kilometers (or 5,289,090 sq mi) Australia: 7,617,930 square kilometers (or 2,941,300 sq mi

Is Brazil bigger than Canada?

No, the area of Canada is 3,851,809 square miles and the area of Brazil is 3,284,426 square miles.

Is Brazil bigger than England?

Brazil is much bigger than England, About the size of Europe and just one of its states (Sao Paulo) has more population than the British Isles
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Is US bigger than Brazil?

US is bigger than Brazil only if you consider to be part of the  American territory lands that are not actually within the  boundaries of the United States, such as Alaska a