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General format of synopsis of vb project?

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introduction of the topic chosen. review of study objective of study research methodology.
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Synopsis for project of chat server?

ABSTRACT   This report details the work done towards the project "Chat Server". This particular project is a solution developed to communicate between the users across wo

In VB 6 what is the definition of a project and application?

  Answer   An application is code that is written and then compiled into an executable. A project on the other hand may be considered as as an overall application tha

What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is the summary of the plot of another work. It tends to  list the events in the order in which they were written, and is  much shorter than the work it is summari

Make minor project in vb?

vb6.0: > Calculator > Clock > Alarm clock > the rocket landing on moon game (a little more advance) And in vb.net (console application) > binary to denary / hexide

Synopsis of online test project in vb and access?

About the project: The project entitled "ONLINE QUIZ" has been designed and developed for to take a quiz. The system has different modules for various activities. Each mo

BCA mini project on VB Topic?

travel agency ticket booking system library mgt system blood bank mgt system and many more.... here i can also make project for u..... 1gagan3.com@gmail.com

What is the vbs generic virus?

It is the most dangerous virus from the top 10 web viruses and Trojans according to the Symantec Clouds MessageLabs. See the related link for further information.

Format of synopsis of computer science in PhD?

The Synopsis is a brief overview of your research topic, research interest research area and methodology of research. In some extent you have to precise about your aim and obj