Has Amy dumas siblings?

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Yes. She apparently has a brother.
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Where Amy Dumas has her tattoos?

she has two on her left arm the gargoyle and female swamp monster. i believe Mexican skulls on her right. the word "Punk" inside her lip. and one on the back of her neck

Where is Amy dumas staying?

\nShe now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She does to some traveling around the States. Look at her website would be the best bet for where she is and what she is doing. Remem

How did Amy dumas die?

She didn't, she is very much alive. She has retired from wrestling and now has her own punk rock band.

Does Amy dumas smoke?

No she does not. In her autobiography, she admits that she absolutely hates it.

How tall is Amy Dumas?

Amy Dumas (Lita) is quite tall for a girl at 5'7' (5 feet, 7 inches) or 5'8' (5 feet, 8 inches). Sometimes WWE has reported her as 5'6' althrough this is incorrect. WWE will o

Who does Amy dumas date?

Lita (Amy Dumas) formerly dated WWE Superstars Matt Hardy and Edge (Adam Copeland). She is currently dating WWE Star CM Punk.
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Does Amy Dumas have stinky feet?

Does this topic matter, cause stinky or not I, Lorenzo would lick her feet clean, lick beteewn the toes, give full pedicure, foot massage, suck her toes to the bone. I would b