Has Facebook announced how many users have received access to Facebook Questions?

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Facebook is not disclosing information about users who have access to Questions. However according to Facebook's page regarding the Questions feature, those who live in the United States will receive Questions access within a few weeks (As of February 4th, 2011)
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What is the average age of Facebook users?

you have to be older than 13 to join facebook but sadly lots of people fake there age so then facebook mangers kick people of it they have tracked down there infomation.

How do you block a user on Facebook?

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the 'block' button.

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 (MORE)

Does Facebook spy on its users?

\nFacebook does get information on it's users but nothing personal. Facebook gets information such as age and location so they can better find their audience of members.

Can you delete your Facebook user?

You can deactivate your account which is bacsicly the same as deleting it. Your account will never be known as ever being made, and if you ever want you can reactivate it. If you want to completely remove your account you will have to email facebook a request.

Block facebook new user?

if u mean block a person click on their profile and scroll down on the left side there should be (if ur friends) Suggest friends Unfriend Share Profile Report/Block this person press delete then block if ur not friends it should look like this Share Profile report/block this person

How do you check user ID for Facebook?

1> Open 1 of your photo albrum 2> Your url will be like http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.######.####.XXXXXXX&type=1 3> XXXXXXX is your facebook id=100003968573010

How do you access Facebook in China?

There is an iOS app Facebook Anywhere which lets you access Facebook in China. It does not need any setup like you would if using a VPN service, but it does require that you log in from outside of China. So it's good for people traveling to China for a short time but is not an ideal solution for peo (MORE)

How do you report underage Facebook users?

There is no easy way to report Facebook users unless you are that user's parent or legal guardian or have some other connection to that user (such as being a teacher). You can see that Underage Users are 13 years of age here (as of December 2009) - http://www.facebook.com/terms.php If you beli (MORE)

Can you track Facebook user?

No. Any applications that are available for this are most likely trash, or viruses. You can track your top friends...the ones that "comment" and "like" the most of your activity on Facebook!

How do you access YouTube and Facebook in China?

If it is blocked, the best way is with an online proxy service. Choose a safe and reliable service. A good one requires no installation or downloading of any kind. You only need an Internet browser and connection.

Can you access Facebook with the dsi?

Yes you can, but first you gotta update the system settings, and then if you have the web browser its OK, but if not, Download it, its free, so it wont cost you anything. Then go into the web browser, and click on search, select your search engine, then type the website you want, then use your selec (MORE)

Can you access Facebook on an iPad?

Yes! the ipad will feature internet and all that other good stuff so yes you can get facebook on and ipad. You could also download the facebook app to your ipad. :)

Why is your facebook user expired?

your facebook will delete soon in a couple of year the most years 5 year s how do i know this because i am working on all sort of account such as myspace twiter and face from kardashain lover tea

How do you access your facebook credits?

If you go to Account in the top right corner, on mine there is a drop down option of Credit Balance and in parenthesis it tells me how many FBC (Facebook credits) i have. If this doesn't show you, go to the help center and choose the option credits.

Can strangers access your daughters Facebook?

well yeah, its possible that's how people add friends and such. you can look at anyones profile, but they can only see the info that you allow them to by adjusting your settings. But if they request her as a friend and she accepts then yeah.

When did Facebook start rolling out Facebook Questions to its users?

July 28, 2010 According to the official Facebook blog of Wednesday, July 28, 2010: Since we like to develop products carefully over time with your help, Facebook Questions is ... available to a limited number of people right now, and we'll be developing it rapidly based on their feedback. (MORE)

How do you announce pregnancy on facebook?

You can just do a post with photo of your baby bump. Personally, I wouldn't announce something as special as a pregnancy on facebook. Plus, there are privacy concerns - anything you post on facebook may get posted elsewhere without your permission and I wouldn't want anyone to be able to guess my ba (MORE)

How do you access old comments on Facebook?

You have to go on Ur wall & go to the bottom of Ur page and click older post's and it depends on how long ago it was and you just keep clicking that if you want to go back loads of pages!

What does facebook user mean?

Someone who either: blocked you or deleted their Facebook. But ifyou click their name in a message, you should be able to see thereprofile and re-friend-request then.

How do you unblock user on facebook?

In the right top corner, you'll see 'Account' , make sure you click it, and go down to where it says 'Privacy settings' . Click on it, and at the bottom you'll see 'Apps and Websites' , 'Block List' and 'Controlling how you share'. Make sure you click on 'Block List' when you do, you'll see a list (MORE)

Why do criminals have facebook access?

Facebook does not do background checks on individuals, so anyone, including criminals can gain access to Facebook. If they become aware that someone is using Facebook for criminal purposes, they will terminate the account but the criminal can just start up another account and continue using it. Conv (MORE)

How did your question get on Facebook?

This is how you can post a question on Facebook: . When you are on the homepage, look down on the 3rd column on the left side where your name and profile pic is (the 2nd column should mention what groups you belong to) . It should be below Photos (it says "Questions" with the sideways bar graph sy (MORE)

How many Facebook users in Pakistan?

Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 7965400 Facebook users in the Pakistan , which makes it # 28 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country .

Why i can't access my facebook?

Your internet probably isn't working right. You should take your computer or handheld devise in to a specialist that works in that sort of thing to make sure it is working right or just wait until the internet is working again. Facebook DOES require internet.

How many users liked Artistry Cosmetics on Facebook?

There seems to be two Artistry cosmetics on Facebook, one says 'Artistry US' which has 144,009 likes and 10,590 people are talking about it. And on the other one that just states Artistry|facebook, it has 35,322 likes, and 8,081 people are talking about it.

How many Facebook users are in russia?

In 2014, the number of social network users in Russia is expectedto be 65.5 million. It's just a casual statics report carried outwith some social surveys.