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Has bob barker had cosmetic surgery?

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If recent pictures are to go by, then no, I would say he has not had cosmetic surgery. Even with the millions of dollars he earned from hosting The Price is Right, I doubt he would want to get cosmetic surgery. After all, he let his hair go white instead of dyeing it in the 1980s.
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Who is Bob Barker?

Answer   Bob Barker is an American gameshow host to the longest running gameshow in history. It's called "The Price Is Right". He's also been featured on the comedy film

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Is Bob Barker a billionare?

No. According to Forbes Magazine, which tracks the nation's billionaires, Bob Barker is not a billionaire.

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When was Bob Barker born?

Bob Barker was born on December 12, 1923.

Has Bob Barker had plastic surgery?

Yes. You can see it really obviously on the state farm commercial. Looks like he got some eye work done--same disastrous result as Kenny Rogers.

Did bob barker died?

No, he hasn't died. Good ole' Bob Barker (born December 12, 1923) hasn't died yet! His last appearance on The Price is Right (after his retirement in 2007) was to promote his

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