Have you ever danced with a devil by the pale of moonlight?

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Qouted by the Joker (Villian) in Batman 1989.
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Does Jesus ever mention the devil?

Yes he does because when he is in the desert for forty days and forty nights the devil is tempting him and Jesus tells him to go away!!!! : ) Answer Jesus called Peter (the rock where he will build his church) SATAN. Why would Jesus choose Satan to be the first leader of his church, is beyond (MORE)

How can you ever dance on Broadway?

Well first you need to get a talent agent. Then you can go to Broadway to try out for dancing parts in different musicals. I tried out but didn't make it but now im on Disney channel! Love, Miley

Was the devil ever good?

Yes, he was created good but also had the ability to choose right from wrong. He was the most beautiful of God's creatures, but vanity and pride brought him down. Isaiah 14:12-14 . 12How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which did (MORE)

What villain is known for saying Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?

The Joker (Jack Nicholson), also known as Jack Napier, in the 1989 batman movie. The line was first used in a flashback scene as Jack Napier shot both Bruce Wayne's (Michael Keaton) parents.. It was later asked in Vicky Vale's (Kim Bassinger) apartment when The Joker shot Bruce Wayne, then using a (MORE)

How do you beat hitman blood money level a dance with the devil?

Use the front door to enter. The camera will get you, but it doesn't matter. Approach the desk and talk to the clerk. Follow him to the back room and sedate him, then take his uniform.. A videotape.. Go outside the building and go to the garage entrance. Enter the security room and grab a videotap (MORE)

What is a pale?

a wooden stake or post used as an upright along with others to forma fence.

Will the devil ever be killed?

Will the devil be kill? the devil will be kill .according to the sying of ALMAIGHTY GOD: HE is the only one that is going to remain everything both living and non livingthing is going to be die exept HIM. before the day of judgement. According to the Bible the devil will finally be thrown into th (MORE)

Will Devil May Cry ever come out?

I'm not quite sure what you mean will it ever come out? There are 4 video games on it so far that have come out. I've heard rumors of a 5th, but it took capcom quite a while to get the 4th out so I don't expect it any time soon. If you are talking about a movie.. I've heard nothing of one.

What is moonlight?

Sunlight that hits the moon. This light makes the moon visible and is reflected to Earth producing a silvery light in the evenings.

How do you get pale?

you don't sit out in the sun alot or you are just pale because you were born pale

Was the devil ever alive?

Yes because angels are alive because they watch over you. The devil (Lucifer) had turned into the devil after he was an angel. Yes, the devil was alive when he was an angel.

Was the devil ever friends with god?

God created the devil as an angel before earth was created and the devil wanted to dethrone god. So the devil gathered up a bunch of other angels and fought god but god won and sent them all down to earth. WRONG lol. With careful analysis (wierd cuz im an aethiest, sorta. I'll explain later), thi (MORE)

Is dance with the devil a true story?

Well in a concert he said " everyone is asking me if it true or not and he said it is true is happened every where in the world all the time . Search up immortal technique explains dance with the devil , on YouTube

How can you get pale?

Well, you can get sick. Or I found this awesome white powder that makes you look as white as EC. you can get pale by not going in the sun and using sun block. And use sunblock when its cloudy you can still get sun.

Is the song dance with the devil true?

The song Dance With the Devil was recorded by Immortal Technique.It was released off of the album titled Revolutionary Vol. 1 in2001. Some people believe the song is true since the singer hasclaimed it is. The song is about a teen who must rape a woman to beinitiated into the gang. When he does, he (MORE)

What Atari game has a devil dancing in it?

I'm not really sure, but the scenario of the game is a guy in jail with a gun. The walls are closing in on him and he must shoot back the walls to survive. When the wall gets to him. He dies and the devil appears dancing to a scary tune. I still have nightmares to that game.

Was Jesus ever tempted by the devil?

Yes. After he was baptised by John the baptst, he went out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, without any food. There the devil tempted him. Here is the part of the Bibe that talks about it: The Temptation of Jesus 1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the de (MORE)

Did the devil ever tempt God?

Not so much ' tempted ' , but Satan ' challenged ' God's sovereignty. In the Garden of Eden , Satan convinced Eve that God was withholding good from her and that she would be better off without his direction (Genesis 3:1-6)(Revelation 12:9). By so doing, many feel that Satan challenged not God' (MORE)

Were Tasmanian Devils ever hunted?

Yes. Tasmanian devils were hunted during Australia's colonial years and into the 20th century because it was feared they were a threat to the livestock of farmers. This continued up until 1941, when they were officially protected.

What are the names of all artists who recorded dancing in the moonlight?

Depends. There have been at least three songs which share that title: Thin Lizzy had a big hit with it in 1977, and Men Without Hats also recorded a song of the same name in 2003. However, a completely different song of that title has been recorded by many people. These include: The High Broom, K (MORE)

What is moonlighting?

moonlighting is when you work (and so make money ) without declaring this to the tax administration.

Will the Tasmanian devil ever attack a man?

Unlikely. Tasmanian devils do not attack people. They are shy and reclusive creatures which would much rather avoid people. If they felt threatened by a person, they would be more likely to use another of their means of defence, such as emitting a pungent odour.

What is the easiest dance ever?

The easiest dance (move) has to take the least practice of all dance styles and be easy to learn for most people. The moonwalk doesn't require much coordination or strength, so it's probably one of the easiest moves to learn.

Is moonlight dance Salem OR safe to go too?

yes moonlights safe. and all teenagers enjoy it. its a great way to meet new people and have fun. my daughter goes every time its open and the only thing I've noticed wrong with it is the clothing. its very revealing.

Has dancing ever been in the Olympics?

It is not considered an athletic sport. do you see score cards in newspapers- Roseland versus Waldorf-Astoria? On the other hand Ice Dancing, which is a sub-species of figure skating does figure in the winter Olympiads!

What actors and actresses appeared in Dance with the Devil - 2006?

The cast of Dance with the Devil - 2006 includes: Kristin Brooks as Herself - Dancer Mindy Cantu as Herself - Dancer Cevin Clark as himself Kiva Dawson as herself Toledo Diamond as Himself - Vocals Meredith Harper as Herself - Dancer Dan Harper as himself The Heartmender as himself Roxanne Jitomir a (MORE)