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Old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, help for the handicapped
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When are Social Security benefits paid?

If you're talking about retirement benefits, you should receive your first check or deposit in the month following your first month of eligibility; benefits are always paid in

How can you find out how much you have paid into your own Social Security account?

That information is classified as personal. You may request YOUR SS statement on line. Your Social Security statement shows what earnings were taxed. To start and see if you c

Are there organizations to help you apply for social security disability?

Yes, in order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits you must have worked and paid into the program through mandatory payroll taxes for five of the last 10 years.

How does Social Security help retired people?

It is a supplement, along with other savings and assets to provide the retiree with sufficient funds to live comparatively comfortably after their working years, when they are

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What is social Administration?

SA refers to the sturdy of social services that respond to human  needs and social problems.