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How I Met Your Mother when Ted died his hair blond?

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Ted dyed his hair blonde in season 5 episode 24 entitled "Dopplegangers"
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You have natural blonde hair but you died it black your hair is in really bad condition and you want to get it back to blonde what do you do?

People say just dye it over blonde. But this is the WRONG thing to do.I also have natural blonde hair and i died it black and i now want it bleach blonde.But what you have to

IS it possible for brown eyed brown hair mother and hazel eyed brown hair father to have blue eyed blond hair child?

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How do you spell blond as in blond hair?

Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper eg. The man has blond hair. Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometim

Mother has blonde hair and father has black why does child have blonde hair?

  The answer lies in genetics. In this case, the gene for black hair is a recessive trait, and blonde hair is a dominant trait.   The blonde hair color is represented a

How can your baby have blonde hair and blue eyes when the mother has brown hair and hazel eyes and the father has brown hair air and brown eyes?

Genetics is quite tricky. Traits from family members many generations past can show up in the child of a mother with brown hair and eyes, and father having brown hair and haze

What happened between ted and robin at the carosoul in how i met your mother?

Robin was desperate to find a locket that she had buried at the the  carousel when she was a teen. She had called Barney to help her but  he decided to play laser tag instea