How I Met Your Mother when Ted died his hair blond?

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Ted dyed his hair blonde in season 5 episode 24 entitled "Dopplegangers"
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How do you get blonde hair?

well, one simple thing, just bleach it and put blonde dye or you keep bleaching it and it will become lighter

What color eyes and hair will a baby have if the father has blond hair and blue eyes and the mother has blond hair and green eyes?

Possible eye colors: blue or green Possible hair colors: blond, brown, strawberry blond, red my opinion eye colour could be green, blue, or even grey! (both parents can carry recessive genes that do not appear in their phenotype) hair color is believed to be determined by the combination (MORE)

Can a child have blonde hair if the mother father both have brown hair?

It depends on whether or not blond hair is a dominant gene or a recessive gene. For example: B= brown, b= blonde (in this case brown is dominant). You may have BB or Bb and your partner BB or Bb if one of you is heterozygous (BB) then no you can't but if both of you are homozygous dominant then yes (MORE)

What is blonde hair?

It is a pigmentation of hair.Usually described as the lightest hair color including white hair.

You have natural blonde hair but you died it black your hair is in really bad condition and you want to get it back to blonde what do you do?

People say just dye it over blonde. But this is the WRONG thing to do.. I also have natural blonde hair and i died it black and i now want it bleach blonde.. But what you have to do is grow the black out.. What im going to do is dye my hair LIGHT BROWN and then grow it out so your roots arnt as n (MORE)

A man has blond hair both of his parents have black hair he marries a woman with blond hair her father has blond hair and her mother has black hair they have a child with blond hair.explain?

You don't necessarily inherit every trait that a parent has. For instance, most men have considerably smaller breasts than their mothers. \n. \nYou normally inherit 23 pairs of chromosomes from your parents. If we simplify things - hair color is NOT found on a single gene - we could posit that the (MORE)

Mother has blonde hair and father has black why does child have blonde hair?

The answer lies in genetics. In this case, the gene for black hair is a recessive trait, and blonde hair is a dominant trait.. The blonde hair color is represented as the two capital I's, the dominant hair color. The black hair is represented by the two lower cased i's, the recessive hair color. Wh (MORE)

When does ted meet his wife in how i met your mother?

It might not be for a while. The kids are teenagers in 2030 meaning he has to have at least met the mother in the next couple years in real life. UPDATE In Season 7 Episode 20 "Trilogy Time," it is revealed that Ted (probably), has had his baby by 2015.

What color eyes and hair will a baby have if mother has blonde hair hazel eyes father has dark brown hair brown eyes grandmother has blonde hair green eyes and grandfather has blonde hair hazel eyes?

Two alleles are responsible for determining both eye color and hair color. The allele for brown hair is dominant over the allele for blonde hair. The allele for brown eyes is dominant over the allele for blue eyes. If the organism presents with the dominant allele it can either be homozygous or h (MORE)

Father red hair blue eyes mother blonde hair blue eyes?

the child will have blue eyes....but the hair color on this genetic cordination would be between brown, red, blonde, or even strawberry blonde. It runs in my family so I have seen these results instead of having to guess the possibilities here are a feew your baby may take. Don't freak out if the ch (MORE)

How do you spell blond as in blond hair?

Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper eg. The man has blond hair. Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometimes used in a sexist way or slang terms eg. That blonde is beautiful.

How do you get my hair blonde?

You colour your hair by the hairdressers it is only £55 or something like that, you can do it as well but it is much better by the hairdressers

Do ted meet his wife in the season 6 of how i met your mother?

No. The clips of Barney's wedding at the beginning and end of Season 6 and the beginning of Season 7 has Ted mentioning that he meets the mother at that wedding. The wedding takes place in the future and therefore it is not in Season 6. The wedding episode would likely take place sometime later in S (MORE)

Who will Ted marry in 'How I Met Your Mother'?

There are many theories about who the mother is, but so far, none of the fans know for certain. Check out the related links before for theories about who the mother is and facts that we do know about her!

What happened between ted and robin at the carosoul in how i met your mother?

Robin was desperate to find a locket that she had buried at the thecarousel when she was a teen. She had called Barney to help her buthe decided to play laser tag instead. She called Ted, and he helpedher find the empty box. As it rained, they held hands and had asentimental moment. Little did they (MORE)