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How Many People in America have ADHD?

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About 5% of the adult population has ADHD.
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Can people with ADHD be organized?

Yes, we bloody well can. Adhd makes us no different from anyone else. Just because we are more active, imaginative and overall easier to get on with I find, can cause us to fo

How do people know if they have ADD or ADHD?

ADD is a term no longer used in medical literature. ADHD is now the international abbreviation for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder which has three subtypes. Predomina

How many people in America are atheist?

Depending on whose stats are correct, there are about 547,000 who  admit to being atheist. I am happy to say more and more of us are  coming out each year to avow our atheis

Do people with ADHD have to take medication?

You don't have to take medication, but, depending on the severity, I would highly recommend it. Medication helps so much, with everything from remembering to brush one's hair

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Why are people with ADHD so mean?

ADHD is not associated with being more "mean" than the average person. It could be your personal experience, but there are many different types of individuals with ADHD. Some

Do people get ADHD?

General consensus is no--It's something you're born with or develop very early in life. Recent studies are linking ADHD to a conjunction of genes and prenatal pesticide exposu

How many people are in America?

in average about 365,534,456,354. If you don't count newborns. The population of the USA is over 311 800 000 people It means that by population the United States is the third

Why do people have ADHD?

-They are Born with it -They Lived through it before birth There are two main forms of ADD/ADHD. One is genetically induce, the other induced culturally. While many people

Does Vicodin work for people with ADHD?

Well I does for me in a big way. I never take medicine maybe once every few years... however i noticed that after i had some dental work years back the doc prescribed vicodin

What is so annoying about ADHD people?

Anyone can be annoying, but waht may be found exasperating about people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is how they don't focus as well as others, lose co

How many people died from ADHD?

ADHD is not a fatal disease. It is a learning disability. Of course, it is possible that a person could die from an accident caused by not paying attention, but there are no k