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How badly was Hitler beaten as a child and how did it affect the Holocaust?

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Hitler's childhood Adolf Hitler had been occasionally beaten as a child by his father and most were very intense. However, there are many other domestic (home related) issues that contributed to his adulthood behavior. His father's absense, his mother's illness, are two very important structures of behavioral outcomes. Before he became 18, his parents both were dead. There are also records of unusual(unstable) activities and acts of Adolf as a young child. The abuse that Hitler suffered from his father was only minor compared to other situations in his childhood. However, he was often beaten very viciously. As for the Holocaust; among Hitler's disturbing actions as a youth included torture and inhumane treatment of animals. These things are a major factor related to the Holocaust. Basically, he was already mentally unstable--in reference to his abuse affecting the Holocaust.

However, there is no way of reconstructing now what happened to Hitler as a child. If a child is ill treated now it is often difficult to discover what really happened.

Adolf and his father disagreed with each other when Adolf was merely of the age of 12. It was then that he began to develop his own ideas about his political views and sense of 'euphoric patriotism'. Because of this and his burning passion to become an artist, his father and Adolf's arguments became more intense, often resulting in violent outbreaks from his father.

The abuse often consisted of beating him constantly and as a result, Adolf became more stubborn and more... 'introverted', let's say?

References in 'Mein Kampf' in the opening chapter refer to the abuse being down to alcohol on his father's account. This, however is an assumption because it is not entirely clear.
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