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How big are Bristol palin's breasts?

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Why is your breast big?

It grows because you are developing everyone develops different so some may have big breasts and others little in your case big. Sometimes you breast are big because you are f

Are breasts big?

some are, average bra sizes go AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F but the largest (natural) boobs in the world needs custom bras made size WWW!!! so YEAH BOOBS ARE BIG!!!!i like big boo

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Who has big breasts?

This is a subjective question, as everyone's threshold for bigness differs. But in general, a woman with a US C-cup (in the UK, a D-cup) or larger bra size -- meaning a bust t

How big can breast get?

Type your answer here... well, it depends. If u ever heard about a size i.thats big.but a size kk is bigger. well if u want to see how big they can get, go on youtube and ther

What to do to have big breasts?

i found out, that (this might sound a but weird, but it actually works) if you massage your breasts, it makes them more tense, so the muscular structure naterally creates more

Can my breast get big breast feeding?

i need big breast One of the "side benefits" of breast feeding is that the nursing mother will see her breasts grow by one or two cup sizes. Short of surgery, breast feeding

How big can your breasts get?

Breast size is largely determined by genetics, so they can get as  big as your genetics allow. Breast size can be altered through  augmentation or reduction sugery.
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How big can the breasts get?

This is hard to answer. With surgery now a days, they can make breasts extremely large! Plus, when a woman loses weight, her breasts shrink a little. When she gains weight, th

How can you have a big breast?

Breast size is determined by DNA. You can enlarge them through surgery. A large breast is not really much fun. Most tops don't fit right. If they are too small they gap or are