How big is Michael Jackson?

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He was 5'10 and 136 pounds.
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How is Michael Jackson a big influence?

He was a big influence in dancing, singing, and other things too. a lot of people fore say want his dancing skills And his voice is beautiful. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan.

Does Michael Jackson have big hands?

Michael's mother, Katherine, has commented (I'm going from memory from reading her book 'My Family' and interviews etc) that when Michael was born the first thing she noticed

Did Michael Jackson get abused because he was his nose was big?

not exactly his dad was strict and if he got a move wrong in a dance number his dad would lift him off the floor hold him upside down and slap him . Michael Jackson was so scr

Why did Joseph Jackson say that Michael Jackson had a big nose?

In my opinion he was jealous of his talent and wanted to pull him down. Joe always wanted 2 be famous but when Kathrine and him were dating she got pregnant, with Rebbie, and

What did Michael Jackson do to get in big trouble?

That depends. When Michael was 5, he would disrespect his father and get punished. In 1993, he was accused of child molestation. Just remember that Michael was a pure geniu

How big is Michael Jackson mansion?

I am not positive about how many square feet the house is completely, but you can get an idea of how large the house is in size at the following links: Outside: http://www.
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How can you be a big Michael Jackson fan?

You can be a big fan of Michael by loving him for him and ignoring all the lies and rumors. That's how I show all my l.o.v.e for Michael
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Was the movie moonwalker by Michael Jackson a big success?

It sold 800,000 copies in America and Canada. It was never really intended to be a smash hit movie, it was just something that was released to coincide with the release of the