How big should your penis be you are overweight you smoke and almost 15 I'm uncircumcised and when not erect its 2 inches and erect about 3?

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There's no REAL standard on penis size that I know of, but you need to lose weight and STOP SMOKING NOW!
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If you erect and you smoke can you still have a big penis?

Smoking has serious health issues, such as links to lung cancer, mouth and throat cancers, heart disease and more. One other thing that it has also been linked to is impotence

How big should my penis be since I am overweight and almost 15 and I think I'm uncircumcised and it's 2 inches and it's about 3 inches when erect?

The age of puberty varies widely. Some boys will have fully grown penises by age 13 while other boys' penises might not start to grow until they are 16 years old. It would be

15 with an inch penis when erected how do you get it bigger?

You might be affected with a micropenis, which should've been diagnosed at birth. Ask your parents.. A; . If you are growing in all other ways through puberty and you have

Your 15 your penis is 1.5 inch on flaccid 2 on erection and you dont sperm what is wrong with you?

It sounds as though you either haven't started puberty yet or have only just started it. Do you have any pubic hairs yet? Boys can start puberty at different ages and 15 is a

If the penis should be 3-4 inches long during first stages of Puberty mine happens to be 6 erect I'm 13 and just starting but there is no show in growth?

Ok you are starting puberty at 13-years-old with a penis measuring 6 erect and you are worrying about no growth.. First of all your penis is above average erect for your age

You are 15 years old with a 4.5 inch penis erect im only 5feet 3 in height and am a late developer should you be worried?

No, as you have said you are a "late developer" and now that you have begun to develop you should find that your height and penis length will increase as part of the process o
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Is 4.5 inches erect and 2 in soft big for a 15 year old?

Hi there, I have just turned 15, and my penis is about the same size, I have not got laid yet, but have had other oral sex, no girl has laughed at it. So I would say this 4.5