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How can satellites help people study earth?

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What helps people study?

Well, I would recommend Cornell notes. Those are much more organized than traditional note-taking. It also includes a summary at the end. Colors also help because it stimulate

What is the satellite of the earth?

Earth has only one natural satellite, the Moon. Butthousands of small artificial satellites have also been placed in orbit around the Earth.Asteroids 3753 Cruithne and 2002 AA

How do weather satellites help people study hurricanes?

Tropical cyclones, the generic term for hurricanes, typically form over large bodies of water where there are very little to no surface observations. Satellites help fill in g

How can people help the earth on Earth Day?

  People can help the earth on earth day by going outside, and picking up all the litter that is on the ground, or by conserving energy by turning off all the things that

How can space satellite help the people on earth?

  Answer   Without the space shuttle and space exploration in general, PC's, Microchips, PDA'S and all sorts of electronic, Hospital, Meterology and astrology equipm

How many satellites are located around the Earth to help determine ones location?

There are exactly 24 operational GPS satellites around earth  to determine one's location, but the Air Force usually tries to  maintain 6 working but idle spares, for a tota