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How can satellites help people study earth?

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What helps people study?

Well, I would recommend Cornell notes. Those are much more organized than traditional note-taking. It also includes a summary at the end. Colors also help because it stimulate

How do weather satellites help people study hurricanes?

Tropical cyclones, the generic term for hurricanes, typically form over large bodies of water where there are very little to no surface observations. Satellites help fill in g

What are Atmospheric studies satellites used for?

Atmospheric studies satellites were some of the very first satellites launched into space. They generally have pretty low Earth orbits. they are used to study the Earth'satmos
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What is the study of earths surface and the two people who live on it?

If you think that there are only two people living on the surface of the Earth, you are seriously out of touch. In any event, not to deprive you of an answer, the study of th