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How can satellites help people study earth?

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How is the space satellite helping life on Earth?

Answer . \nit's not a satellite, it's a space station. they're doing tons of research up there. go to nasa.gov for details.\n. \nso much of what we use today is spin-offs

How can space satellite help the people on earth?

Answer . Without the space shuttle and space exploration in general, PC's, Microchips, PDA'S and all sorts of electronic, Hospital, Meterology and astrology equipment and/

How do Satellites help people?

They don't help normal citizens, they help the government watch everyone's every movement

How do weather satellites help people study hurricanes?

Tropical cyclones, the generic term for hurricanes, typically form over large bodies of water where there are very little to no surface observations. Satellites help fill in g

What satellite helps astronomers in their study?

A space observatory. Its the Hubble space telescope which is one of the most well known space observatories, a large telescope satellite that is in orbit above the earth. The

Who were the first people to study earth?

That's not an easy question to answer since the history of science extends far beyond any written records. All we can say for sure is that prehistoric man must have studied th

How are satellite images helpful in studying environment degradation?

Satellites can be loaded with a number of remote sensing systems to measure aspects of the Earth such as temperature, atmospheric composition and distance to surface as well a