How can someone be allergic to Gatorade?

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You can, because someone can be allergic to anything in the world.
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If someone is allergic to cat are they allergic to parakeets?

Not quite; unless the person has multiple allergies ; which is possible.. But when the people are allergic to cats most of the time is not the cat hair. What makes somebody t

Can someone be allergic to water?

no, the body is made up of water, you can be allergic to the toxins and chemicals that are put in water or that is traced through the water system.

How do you ask if someone is allergic to rubber?

Well, If you think somebody is allergic and they have hives, redness of skin, burning feeling or iching of skin and you think they're allergic, just ask. If you're nervous for

Can someone be allergic to amino acids?

Yes protein can cause allergic reaction to some people. Why i say this? because i am allergic to protein especially from milk, peanut, egg and chicken. Well Amino is made from

Can someone be allergic to sugar gliders?

No, it is impossible to be allergic to sugar gliders. They do not shed or give off any bit of dander. When people are allergic to animals that's what they are allergic too.

Is there someone in the world who is allergic to water?

Many someones. Having a sensitivity reaction, like gut cramps and the runs is very common, but to be truthful about it, those reactions are more from the minerals in the water

Can someone be allergic to drinking water?

This is less silly than it sounds. . Drinking water is NOT pure water, it canhave many trace "Contaminants" . It is VERY REMOTELY possible that aperson could be Aler