How can you beat up your little brother without getting in trouble?

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playfight with him...
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How do you get out of schoolwork without getting in trouble?

Schoolwork: Say you feel ever so sick and start moaning. If that doesnt work put on the fake tears, if that also fails... Run out of class and go into the toilet for about 2

How do you fight without getting in trouble?

Keep law enforcement out of it. Fighting (assault and battery) is illegal. Often, people agree to fight, and then the loser calls the police, wanting to press charges against

How do you get back at your brother without being beat up afterward?

When no one is looking, take your brother's toothbrush and use it to scrub the toilet bowl (preferably after you use it). Enjoy the satisfaction while looking at your brother

How do you prank your brother without getting in trouble?

put a cool aid packet in the shower head and have your brother take a shower wrap a frog in a dirty bandage and tie a string to it then when hes sleeping tie it to his foot an

What do you do when your little brother lies and gets you into trouble?

well if your little brother lies and then gets you introuble try and find out a way to catch him in his lie, then he will end up getting in trouble..... another thing you ca

Can you blow up a car without getting in trouble?

Impossible. Unless you want to be a criminal and do it yourself. An expanded more detailed answer. . Use of Bombs and explosives by persons not properly qualified and Lic
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How do you prank without getting in trouble?

You simply just shouldnt prank anyone its very rude and no matter what its stupid too ask because you will get in trouble at one point because someone will find out! so just t